Friday, July 29, 2016

Mason's newborn pictures

Here are some of my favorites from Mason's newborn session. Maverick was fit to be tied while at mimis so I was shocked when I saw this first one. Ha
All he could think about was riding the 4-wheeler and didn't give a dang about pictures. Stinker. 


Joss and Mema brought Mav his very first snowcone today. I hadn't ever thought to get him a snowcone before but he LOVED it and ate every bite. It was strawberry banana and it was yummy. Thanks joss for thinking of Bub. 
She had rainbow so her tongue and while mouth was brown. Ha

My littlest love

This little boy has been smiling and trying to talk to momma a lot lately. and this momma loves it. Ha
Handsome little man wearing size 3 months like a champ...he's already outgrown all of his nb sleepers and I'm sad. 
The two of us slept until 9:30 today and he sat in his bouncer while momma showered and made cinnamon rolls. 
He likes to eat first thing when he wakes up and then take another nap. 
Laying under his toys on his playmat. He really started looking at them today. 
I had to document this. He always hold my finger or hand when he nurses. So sweet little honey. 
Love nursing my babies and they both loved it too. 

My biggest boy

This little boy has kept me on my toes today BIG TIME!!! When he woke up at 10:10 I realized he had slept in his underwear :0 so we changed sheets and took a shower to wash all the pee off. 
Then he dumped his RED snowcone all over the dining room table, peed all over the couch, spilled my huge cup of water on the rug and dumped Cheerios all over the living room. Wowzers!!! So now he's had two baths today and been in timeout about a dozen times. But we've enjoyed our summer together and I don't ever want to forget this age. 
He says the funniest things lately: I asked him to show me his tongue while he was eating his snowcone and he said "I too busy" I mean what??? 
He also loves to say "what's the deal man" "I'll put you in a headlock" he likes to stay up till 10:00 yikes!!!  But look at that sweet face! I'm so thankful that he loves his brother, loves his momma and is crazy about his daddy. 
He also loves to knock all the pillows off the couch (because he knows it drives me crazy), dumps all of his food and dishes out of his kitchen basket, still loves to weed eat and blow, lays on Mason's mat, terrorize the dogs, eat corn dogs (he asks for corndogs for lunch and dinner almost every day. We've eaten at sonic twice this week), loves applesauce and apple juice, likes to pretend to be a bull and head butt you, wrestle with his daddy, mock and repeat everything anyone says, loves his Mema, likes...yes likes Jojo but they fight non stop, enjoys swimming, still loves his black and white kitty Mimi got him from hobby lobby, always wants to help momma "spray@ aka clean with windex, climbs all over the couch and any furniture, loves to play baseball, likes to watch Molina play ball and just be a boy!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Date night

My 8:00 wake up call. Big brother got in bed with us at 5:30 this morning but luckily he fell back asleep until 7:45. 
Happy little nugget. Maverick had already gotten up to start his cartoon marathon. I seriously have to tell him to put the iPad down or turn the tv off so he will play something else a while. Ugh
Morning nap time for this little honey. 
Mimi ordered these shirts for the boys and I love them ;) we snapped a few pics to send her and papa as they head to Vegas. 
He was smiling bc I was tickling the side of his face. Love him. 
Love masons new birthstone ring. 
Wes and I headed to Chris Stapelton concert for date night. 
Allison and Bert got there early and saved us seats, good friends. 
Chris is soooo good in concert. Probably one of the best shows that I have ever seen. Loved it
Noes it's after 11:09 and I'm feeding one while patting the other. Wild man was still up and going strong. Lol night 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Three weeks old

My view full of boys while littlest one nursed.  
My little sonic date. He ran to school with momma and to Walgreens and the bank. We grabbed sonic for lunch and headed home to get baby Mason. Mema and Jojo babysat while we ran errands. 
Crazy town. Ha
Bed bug boys
My little snuggle buddy, he loves his momma. 
And his momma sure loves him. Awwww
Sweetest little face there ever has been. 
And today he turned three weeks old. 
Can't believe how fast time flies by. 

Bub and I enjoyed some ice cream after our diner and then when Wes got home and ate they enjoyed ice cream too. :0
Sweet dreams angel face. 


Look at my little sweet maverick at the beach. He was about three months old here and now mason wears the same gown. 
Sweet mornings snuggles
Maverick said he would get in daddy's spot since he was already at work. Ha
Still casting that new fishing pole. 
Tried to do my hair until little boy needed me. This is real life. Ha
He passed out and took a good long nap this afternoon so I took a shower, dried my hair and painted my nails. 
Swinging and snoozing. 
My two favorite boys

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Big catch

Morning kisses between my two sweet boys. Never thought I would have two in diapers...we're trying hard with big boy. 
Morning nap first thing in the morning. 
Then we all got up and dressed to go to lunch at Jason's deli and then to find maverick a fishing pole. 
Learning how to cast it and he's really good.