Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fun school day

Working on building animals. 
You're looking at the prettiest elephant you've ever seen. 
Now working on s giraffe. 
His neck is down. Must be eating grass. 
Strumming Mr. Troy's guitar in music class. His favorite time of day. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sneak peek at Mason

My outside baby boy. Pre haircut
Cheers to pink Popsicles. 
Enjoying another Popsicle after a haircut. Mr. Handsome 
Early birthday present...sneak peek at my baby boy!!! He wasn't being too corporative at first but finally got some good pictures. Look at that angel face! He looks just like maverick did, it's so crazy! And I'm one blessed momma. He has a little dimple in his chin too ;)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun afternoon outside

This boy could live outside!!! He's pretending to blow using his vacuum. 
Mowing is up next 
Learned to pedal his tricycle 
Cutting down the tree with his chainsaw 
Ice cream for dessert 
Momma got him a new construction book and he LOVES it so much. 

Back at it

We had a great spring break together but back at it today. Bubba didn't want momma to leave him this morning ;( but he cheered up really fast. Playing in the sensory tubs during centers. 
Popsicles with moms outside after school. We stopped by to see Mimi and papa and the progress on the pool. They have the tile work done and a lot of dirt work left to do. We threw rocks in their pond and bub thought that was the best thing ever. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Hopping Easter

Bubba's Easter basket!!! Waiting for him to wake up to get the day started. 
Had to wake that sleepy head up. 
Checking out all of his goodies from the Easter bunny. 
We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and headed to church with our family. 
Lunch at mom and Pauls house with the whole gang. 
Best picture we could get with wild boy on the go. 

Couldn't get gun to smile at all. Too busy watching everything going on. 
Keeping his eyes on the "chicken" he ate almost 3 slices. 
Yummy dirt cake. Pauls favorite so I took over the strawberry pie. ;)
Bubby's first taste and he approved. 
Balloon toss with Jojo. 
He loves to play that running game where he runs and someone catches him and throws him up. Today was Mimi's turn. 
Sitting with Jojo. Way past their nap times plus all that sugar. 
Roxi thinks that chair belongs to her but bub didn't want her up there. 
We had a great day. Stayed at Mimi and Papas all day. Came home and took quick naps and had tacos and strawberry pie for dinner. Back to school and the routine tomorrow, spring break is officially over. We've had a great week off hanging out together but it's going to be hard to get up early tomorrow. We've slept until 8 every single day this week. HE IS RISEN INDEED!!! And for that I'm so grateful. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Just like daddy

After a long nap we played outside. 
Still waking up and watching daddy work. 
Didn't take long before he was down there helping daddy. 

Oh what an eggstravagant day

We've had such a fun BUSY day!!!! This morning we loaded up to head to church for their annual Easter egg hunt. 
Bubby smiling with the Easter bunny. Ha
Whatcha doing bubby???
And the hunt is on!!!! He knew exactly what to do and took it to the house. 
Proud of all of his eggs
Our little family of three...for now. 
Planting jelly beans at Mimi's house to grow suckers. 
After lunch we headed to the safari for a fun filled afternoon. We all piled in the front seat for the best views. 
Snacking queen
My dudes
Let me hear you roar
Once we got back we checked the jelly beans and suckers had already grown. I guess all that nice sunshine we had today worked wonders. 
Ended the day with sandwiches in the front yard, a trip to lowes and then Walmart. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016