Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finn Matthew Pritchett

Introducing Finn Matthew Pritchett!!! My cousin and his wife had their little baby yesterday afternoon...5:13, 20", perfection!
 He looks just like what I expected, funny. Dark eyes, lots of dark hair, and those Pritchett lips, so handsome. CONGRATS Carrie, Dusty, & Finn!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Toms has gone above and beyond for the fall...I have always thought they were 'cute' but just not my style. (I do own the leopard flats and the black shiny ones...I have worn them each twice maybe) I love the little kids styles and have loved them on Joss! But this fall they have came up with so many cute ones. A little girl in my class has these pink/purple heart ones and they are adorable.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these little ballerina style for kids, this is a must have for Joss.
Think these are adorable too but she has the silver shiny and if she gets the ones above I will pas.

 NOW these she really really needs, so funky and sooooo stinky cute!!!
And I must have these for the fall!!!

Soon after my last post about the drought we had some good rain!!! yippie!!! Not enough but we will take whatever we're given right now ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

its a drought

This is one for the record books...we need RAIN so bad right now! This has been the absolute hottest summer I can ever remember having and the longest time period without rain. Everyone's yards, flowers, and most importantly animals are struggling. It's so sad...look at how dry this ground is.
 All the poor cattle is being feed hay because all the grass is dead.
We drove by a pond the other day where all the cows were standing in the middle and it was completely dried up :(

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

wild fire

We went to Silver Dollar City one day while they were here visiting and these are the only 2 pictures I got alllll day! We took turns riding all the coasters because someone had to stay with Willy. So I snapped this quick pic of the gang riding front row on Wild Fire. I rode it too but not in the very front, yikes! We spent the WHOLE day at the park, we left our house around 7:30 to get there early enough to beat the heat and the crowds, didn't leave until 4:30, spent some money at the malls, ate dinner at the Landing, so we didn't get home until after 11 that night! Fun but tired day :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wild Bill

Just a little night time sprinkler run
 This little boy is so FULL of energy
 Now I know why they call him "Wild Bill"

Friday, July 20, 2012

giddy up ya'll

it aint complete around here without a little rodeo folks.
i always love going to the rodeo every year, love to put on my cowgirl boots, love to see me some real cowboys, love to sweat, and love the show.

 first timers...they forgot their boots :)
 this is sibling love
 oh willy
 look at the size of that light tan one...wowzers
 in the heat of it...it was seriously SO HOT
 lovin' his first experience
 kinda blurry but...
 daivd nail (my boy) to wrap up the night

Thursday, July 19, 2012

boom boom POW

I know...I know...I'm SOOO behind! Honestly I never get my lap top out anymore so that's my excuse. Wes and I had some company come to town...His little sister (From Florida), her husband Christopher, & their 2 boys lil Christopher & Willy. It was so good to see them and entertain for 10 whole days. I started with our 4th of July fun.
 We all tagged along with Paul's family up in MO town and had a big cookout and firework show.
 Just the 4 of us...
 Paul and his brother, Herb.
 Thanks goodness for self time...group shot
We got to shoot off big fireworks and lots of them on the 4th. Yes, there is a burn ban but we were super careful and they live SO far out in the country there was no way anyone could find us.
Little Rebels, we know!!!