Sunday, June 28, 2009

Floatin Trailer Park

We spent another Saturday at the LAKE, so much fun! We had 3 boats full of people. "Floatin Trailer Park" like Allison calls it. We had a lot of fun. Some friends just bought a new pontoon boat so we had a little shade. Thank goodness because it was VERY hot. We also had 2 ski boats to tube and ski from. The lake was very crowded, I don't like it when there are tons of people out, it makes me nervous. No telling what next weekend will be like. Andrew was the only one brave enough (or maybe I should say stupid enough) to jump off the cliffs.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lastnight Wes & David finished up the softball season, thank goodness. I'm pretty glad that is over, it's toooooo HOT and the other teams are a lot better. Some of the teams like the one we played lastnight shouldn't be in our league. After the game we went to the movies to watch Transformers, it wasn't as good as I expected or heard. David wanted to look like me lastnight so he also sported the braided headband.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where does the time go???

I can't believe Wes and I have been dating for 3 doesn't seem like that long to me! Happy Anniversay Babe!!! Lastnight we went out to the farm, we haven't been out in forever. Wes helped Terry and the other guys do whatever they do to the new cows. I think they tagged them, shots, a fly stuff. They were a rowdy bunch, kinda scary. I stayed at the pool the most time. Then we all headed to the house to cook burgers and hang out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lake Dayzzzzz

Wes and I went with David and his son to the lake on Saturday. Bert and Allison came along too. I was kinda nervous about the boat since it just got worked on. Luckily it started great and ran great. First thing the guys did was drop Allison and I off at the doc with all the coolers so they could run it really fast without the weight. hmmmmm....thanks guys, but I don't think Al and I are your problem! We were out all day but I didn't near as much sun as last week. We went over to Sean and Danille's doc and met up with them and Laci and David.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yummy Dinner

We made some yummy porkchops, twice baked potatoes, and salad for dinner! Allison and Bert came over to eat with us on the back deck and hang out! Now all the guys are at the lake while Al and I hang out and watch the game! Hopefully the boat will be ready to go tomorrow because we have already made plans to go out!

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

We celebrated mom's birthday at Bone Fish lastnight, I'm pretty sure they had a lot of fun! (They were wild) If you are single man and over 40 you should have been there lastnight. HA
Some man in the restaurant picked up all of our appetizers, thanks! We were shocked and everyone wanted to know who it was. Come to find out: it was a really young guy, probably late twenties and the waiter made a mistake. He was supposed to buy his parties appetizers and not ours.....oooopps! Hey, thanks anyway! Then a few of them were off to the show. Cookie, Lynn, and I opted for some retail therapy, fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Kimberly went to her first Naturals Baseball game Saturday night with Wes and I. She LOVED the chicken that was visiting, she kept asking "where did the duck go?" The whole game was all about the 'duck.' Oh and the icecream, it is really good!

Saturday at the Lake

We had a fun day at the lake on Saturday! Kimberly stayed the night on Friday night, we ate at Shogun for dinner. It was soooo much fun, we love taking her places that are new to her. She was sooo proud to say she ate suuuuuu shi, and a bunch of chicken and rice. Saturday morning we got up ate breakfast at Chik fil A, ran to get her a life jacket, and got Hemi one too. Off to the lake we went! She was loving the boat and wanted to ride in it from the house (very disappointed when I told her we had to wait til we got there) I got her a new bathing suit, coverup, towel, beach bag, & cooler for her birthday in a few weeks. I let her pick out some snacks to take, she chose: peanuts, chips, m&m's, skittles, crackers, breakfast bars, pretzels, & more. I let her eat whatever because I knew she would be going home that night, HA! (Don't tell her mom) She didn't like the water at first but by the end of the day she was jumping off the back of the boat right in along with Hemi. We met up with Sean, Danielle, Laci, David, Stacy, & Marshall since we were having boat problems. So we hung out at their dock for a while til it was nap time. Kimberly passed out as soon as the truck started moving. Got home, took a nap, got baths, and off to dinner at Market Place.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mazatlan Scenery

Wes and I had a FABULOUS time in Mazatlan, It's soooo beautiful there! Here are a few pictures for now. I'll post all about it later. I think I took over 700 pictures while we were gone.
This picture is of old mazatlan from our sail boat looking on shore.

This is also from our sail boat looking towards bird island, the sky was amazing this night!
The sunset while we were eating dinner at the resort.

Here are the infamous 'cliff divers' they are nuts! They have to time their jump just right in the wake so they wont hit the bottom, crazy.

This is from our resort pool, we were laying out watching the sunset.