Sunday, May 17, 2009

Slumber Party

Kimberly spent her first whole night with me on Saturday night. I will admit, I was a little nervous about how she would sleep: Would she stay a sleep all night? Would she wake up in the middle of the night and want to go home? Would she cry? But actually she passed out by 9:00 and I woke her up this morning at 8:30 to get ready for church. I figured she would be up by 6ish or so. I thought all little kids woke up early, thank goodness she didn't. She did really good!!! She was trying to stay up late to see Wes when he came home from playing but she couldn't make it...ha! This is what she looked like this morning while she was having her chocolate milk and breakfast bar, pretty cute! Then I had Wes help me dry her hair while I could continue to get ready. We made a pretty good team getting us all ready and out the door on time. (Even a little early) I tried to get her to go to Sunday School class but, yeah right that was not happening today! She cried, so I let her sit with us in big church. I knew she could sit quietly because she had a few weeks earlier. She sat all church and listened very quietly. We ate lunch at Market Place with dad and headed to Sams for our weekly Sunday afternoon trip!

Girls Night with the Kiddos

Mom and I went wedding dress shopping again on Saturday! This time it was A LOT of fun!!! Afterwards I went to pick up Kimberly and we ran some errands! We went to the mall to do some exchanging, bought Kimberly a new swimsuit and coverup for this summer and don't forget the new flip flops too! Then we went to Target, WalMart, & Hobby Lobby! whhheeeeewww....I wore her out, she slept all the way home and then all the way to dinner. Kimberly and I had dinner with Shannon & Adriel and Lindsey, Logan, & Bentley! All the guys were at Jason's and Shannon's playing games for Jason's birthday! (Happy Birthday Jason) So us girls snuck out to a nice dinner plus kids :) We had a lot of fun, thanks for the invite guys! Then we were on our way home!! Notice the pictures below, it's everyone enjoying their dinner. Adriel had alredo pasta, Kimberly stuck to original Italian chicken fingers that is, Bentley had well you can see by looking SPAGHETTI and Logan had some table cloth. Logan is teething really bad so she wasn't feeling the greatest, but she did great!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bye Bye Hogs

YEAH...for nice weather and good times with good friends! Wes and I went with Allison & Bert to the Razorback game lastnight and met up with Jen. We couldn't asked for better weather, it was soooo nice outside, finally! We have had so much rain lately. It's kinda freaking me out since I want to get married in May o.u.t.s.i.d.e. What am I thinking, right? So far the plans are the same! Bert brought Al's favorite hat to the game and guess who found it. Yep, Westley Don't you think it looks so nice on him....HA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Homerun Honey

Well here he is, my little homerun honey!!! He was pumped about hitting a homerun lastnight. Our team played really well, we were behind 14 to 6 and came back and kicked their butt! We won 16 to 14!!! GO JOHNSON!

Monday, May 11, 2009

So we had a PARTY!!!

We had a great time Saturday night! Thanks for everyone coming over to celebrate my graduation. That's sooo weird to say! But I finally did it! Now I have to start the job searching part. OH BOY! (I don't want to grow up) Wes and I have less than 2 weeks before we will be laying on the beaches of Mazatlan, I'm so ready! Wes is getting really excited too! 11 days on the beach....WHOOOO HOOOOOO!

I DID IT!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dress Shopping

Mom and I ran errands all day yesterday! We looked at some chapels, shopped, ate, shopped some more, ate some more, and tried on wedding dresses! OMG...I thought this was supposed to be fun??? :) It was so hard to decide which dress I liked the most. I tried on probably 10, I couldn't try on anymore. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. It was my first day but it was fun!!! I thought I had some kind of idea of what style I wanted and what style I knew I wouldn't like. HAHA....that was a joke! I tried on dresses that I thought I would hate and ended up falling in love with and the ones I thought I loved I hated on! WEIRD I want to look a few more places before I decide on the one! I had a dream lastnight that I couldn't make up my mind on my wedding day so....I wore 1 to the wedding, 1 to the reception, 1 to get pictures, well you get it! That was more like a nightmare, yikes. And wedding dresses are soooo darn expensive, geeze!
These dresses are a few of my favorite that I have found online, I haven't tried them on yet!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To Allison!!!

Happy Birthday To Brittany!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bye Bye College

Well I must say goodbye to good ole college, can you believe it? I'm done with school forever!!! OMG, I must say I'm very sad! I took my last final this afternoon and graduation is Saturday! These were the best years of my life!!! I met some really great people that will be friends forever while I was here: Allison, Courtney, Brittany, Sarah, just to name a few! And I met my wonderful husband to be, WES!!! Technically I didn't meet him at school but I was in college. We met at the gym! We had soooo many great memories that were made in my college years. Angela & Brittany were the best roommates EVER! So many great parties and friends and oh the Patricia house with our awesome neighbors.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Wes and I went to eat mexican food tonight with mom and Earon to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!!! The margaritas were.....STRONG!!! Wow! But they were good, only 1 for me! :) I like this 'holiday' because it gives us an excuse to eat mexican food. YUMMY!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding Ideas

Wouldn't this be the cutest engagement photo??? I love the old car with all the buildings in the background. Very old, vintage, & fun...Just what I'm going for! Mom is off all this week so I'm finally going to look at dresses and a couple of other options to get married! WooooHoooo, now I'm getting excited, not that I wasn't before. It's just now I'm actually starting the whole process! I can't wait!
And aren't these "Save The Dates" really cute! The only thing is, it would take so many for all my guest! But these are a great idea if you are having a small wedding. I love old vintage hankies, so I will definately use some but it will
have to be for something else.!

Last Day of Soccer

Well today was Westley's last soccer game! Don't worry though, the next season starts in 2 or 3 weeks. He's going to play on an indoor team and outdoor team, OH BOY! Can you tell I'm very excited. At least today it gave us something to do. I'm soooo tired of all the rain. YUCK!!! Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands and spent the whole day together. Lastnight my friend Sarah got married...CONGRATS! So Wes and I went to her reception!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Powerhouse Night

Happy (early) Birthday to Allison!!! We had a great dinner with friends to celebrate Big Al's birthday which isn't until Wednesday. Hey, who doesn't need more than 1 celebration! :) Bert got in trouble because he didn't get her a cake for tonight. (He got her 1 for her real b-day) See you tomorrow to go shopping Al!

One of Our First Dates

This was one of our first dates, I know romantic right? Wes thought it would be a good idea for me to learn how to shoot his pistol. I was scared to death at first, but I got used to it. If you can see, I'm a pretty good shot. I wouldn't mess with me if I were you! :) It took me forever to shoot the first shot, I was shaking!