Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

We had Thanksgiving at our new house this year, so that was exciting!!!
I didn't take many pictures...I've been terrible lately! 
After lunch we all piled up on the couch and chair to relax. The dogs had a little turkey since it was a holiday so they piled up too.
Our dogs haven't slept as good as they did that night in a LONG time. I told Wes we would have to start feeding them turkey more often. HA
(I promise to get better at blogging)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Westley's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my husband...Happy Birthday to him!!!
We enjoyed Mojitos tonight for dinner with a few friends!!! 
Then we all came back to our house for dessert. 
Did you guess what he picked??? "Not YO' Mamma's Banana Puddin'"  
This stuff is amazing!!! His little candle, I didn't have enough candles to put his actual age. :) 
Don't mind the Christmas cookies...that is all they had.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Saturday we ran into Petsmart to pick Roxi up from the groomer and I couldn't resist! This costume is hilarious, it was a basketball player. She wasn't his biggest fan, ha.
I had to do the clown costume, Paul is terrified of clowns. 
Batarina girl, pretty cute! 
Just because Josslyn looked so cute. I got her all dressed up to go to lunch with us Saturday! 
Friday night Wes and I ran to eat mexican food with the neighbors then everyone came over here to watch the game. The guys ended up in the garage and us girls stayed inside. I think Wes and I got in bed that night around 2am after everyone left. The guys were going to get up early to hunt but they didn't make it. :(
Saturday we ate lunch, ran some errands, watched the hogs @ Keegan & Justin's house, ran more errands, wedding, home, & bed for me. Wes ended up walking over to the neighbors to hang out around the fireplace. He came in around 1:30am and had to be up and ready to hunt by 5. I was passed out. Didn't hear a thing and didn't get out of bed until 9 the next morning. We had a busy but FUN filled weekend!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

wedding party

Saturday night we went to Adam Ruff & Allison's wedding! They got married at the methodist church on Dickson and reception was @ SCC. It's so fun to get all dressed up and go somewhere nice.
We had a big time @ the reception. We ate, ate, drank, & danced the night away. 
It was like a big SHS reunion, so that was fun getting to see everyone. They had a big wedding party and left the reception via helicopter. WHAT? Yes, it picked them up to fly them to James @ the Mill. so fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat

Cutest little lady bug i've ever seen. Joss looked so cute in her little costume and she didn't mind it one bit. Her and Lynlea came over to help Wes and I pass out candy.
Just chillin' on the couch like such a big girl. She is getting so big...makes me sad. One little Strawberry shortcake girl rang the door bell...said trick or treat...and then said "I like your baby" so sweet.
Joss got a new bouncer from mimi and she was lovin' it! She didn't really know what to think at first but got the hang of it as the night went on.  
She would get around to ever side and see what she could get her mouth on. lovely. 
crazy hair girl. She was sooo sweet the whole night!!! 
We had probably about 50-60 trick or treaters total...pretty good turnout. I figured we would have a lot in our subdivision. We had some cute little guys. Our little boy neighbors were a cowboy and a little cow and the other neighbor was a cute little dinosaur. SO CUTE!!! I passed out capri sun's this year along with candy. I was a big hit!!! I only had 30 of them and they were GONE early in the night. ole well, good thing I had candy to pass out too.