Thursday, February 26, 2015

One year wellness check

Yesterday I took Mav to his one year check up. Poor baby had to get two shots. He weighed 26 pounds and was 31 1/2 inches tall. His head was 19 inch circumference. Dr. said he's a big healthy baby and I am one proud mama. He was in the 90 and above percentiles. Dr. Oz says that he's above average for development. He was shocked when I said he like sthis scribble with pencil and paper. Here we are waiting to go in our room.  
Wait a minute mom I remember this place. Taking it all in and looking around at everything. 

So proud to be this boys mama. He is loved like crazy. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday's are best days

Full belly and full heart from lunch and church. 
Getting ready to paint done frames for our family photos. 
Mom and I shopped at target with Mav while the boys built stairs on the deck. Then we grilled sliders at their house for dinner. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Saturday

We spent the night celebrating Silas turning TWO!!! These girls have lots of fun together. Dress up with capes. 
Maverick loved this little kitchen. 

Wild Birthday Boy
All the kiddos ready to bust open the piƱata. 
Go Joss Go
He loves that little bench. Just his size. 
I mustache you a question. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's the weekend

Woooo Hoooo, it's Friday!!! Love this boy in some overalls. 
Selfies with momma before school
Toast with jelly please 
Went to JJ's to eat tonight and Mav got his very own dinner basket for the first time. He ate a lot of his sandwich and fries too. He also big time flirted with the waitress and even shared his grilled cheese. 
Playing before bed 

Play date

Worn out after going back to memas on Wednesday!!! He didn't nap for her at all, thought he would miss something. 
I love my cuddle time 
Bath time is always his favorite. 
We picked sissy up from school yesterday for a play date. Snack time. They ate cookies, gold fish, muffins, puffs and more cookies. 
Trying on her new outfit. 
Love heir bunny shirts I made iny snow day. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday snow day #1

We slept in til 7:45!!!! Sooooo nice and love my little snuggle bug. 
Maverick loves snow days!!!
He knows he's not supposed to be up there. He will get up there and look at me and say "aha Aaaghg"
Got a new scratch on his sweet little face. 
We got back in bed and napped for 2 1/2 hours!!! Didn't get out of our pjs all day!!!

Snow day #2 today

We've done lots of playing. 
Choo Choo racing
I've done some crafting for Bub and sis my arms of course ;)
High stepping aka walking 
Napping some more. 
And napping some more. 
We've also snacked and danced to Mickey Mouse. I love snow days. 
We needed to catch up on our sleep. 
Ate lots of snacks including chocolate. 
And played some more. 

Family time on Sunday's

Helping momma get ready for church. 
Loving on sis!!!
Such little cuties!
Nap time...passed out sitting up in daddys lap. Hard life. 
I crafted some new bibs while the boys slept. 

Happy Lovers Day

We started the morning off three deep in the bed while bubby opened his goodies. 
Trying to eat his wart chocolate but the paper was still on it. 
Lunch date at Jason's deli with Mr. Cool. 
Long morning nap with daddy on the couch first!!!
Sword fighting at Joanns while momma got some new fabric!
After lunch and shopping we came home to play outside. Daddy trimmed bushes and bubby went on a wagon ride. 
Mommas little lover boy!!!
We had some friends over for dinner and cooked out since it was so nice outside.