Thursday, October 27, 2011

hard workin' boy

the boys were hard at work while we were away for the wknd. westley's dad has been needing some help with an addition to their house so that was the perfect opportunity. he worked on it all day saturday and sunday.
i'm still not exactly sure what "it's" supposed to be but they made lots of progress!!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When we went to memas this last wknd I came home with this throw. It took some lady a very long time and lots of patience!!!

She knew I like milk glass so I added these to my collection.

Monday, October 24, 2011

road trippin' to senath

this past wknd us, mom, lynlea, & joss went to mema's house so she could meet joss. we left about 1:30 friday afternoon for our journey. joss wasn't a big fan of the carseat for that long. (i don't blame her). so we stopped a few times to let her stretch and potty breaks. she took 2 1hr naps so that helped a little. we got to j town around 6 so we had dinner at olive garden with aunt mae. first time joss sat in a high chair by herself. we didn't have her infant car seat b/c she rides more comfortable in her big seat.
she's like "seriously" back in this dang thing? poor baby...we only had ab a hour drive from here. she fell asleep the last 30 minutes. mema was excited to see her. joss would make the funniest face at her i've ever seen. she scrunches up her little nose, little stinker. i think i have her a little (LOT) spoiled.  
We visited and went to bed around midnight. joss slept from 10-7 so the next morning i heard her talking in the other room so i snuck in and stole her for some cuddle time. we played, cuddled, & had a bottle before everyone else got up. Lynlea slept until 9:30!!!! 
bath time was quite the experience...ha! she didn't mind it one bit.
saturday we headed to jonesboro to shop and meet pat for lunch at red lobster. we also got to watch part of the hog game. GO HOGS!!!! #8 baby!!!! made a full day of that and headed back to mema's for the night. then we decided we would just hit the road and drive thru the night so joss would do better. i drove until russelville and then mom took over. that was at ab 11ish. joss was really fussy for the first 30-45 minutes and then passed out for the rest of the way. THANK GOODNESS! we drove right thru a storm where you couldn't see the road or anything beside/behind/infront of you. pretty scary but we made it home just in time to hit the sack!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

double date

woooo hoooo. 1st double date dinner at our new place. we had so much fun. love them. we eat together once a week at one of our houses. i either cook at my house OR i cook at their house, ha.
this pic cracks me up. i don't think it looks like either boy. 
that's more like it. oh bert.  
i made bert's request....meat pot pie and salad. easy choc chip cookies for dessert. we're going to their house to eat tonight. i haven't figured out what i'm cooking yet. actually...i think allison (bert) is fixing bacon wrapped filets. yummo!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fall fun

Love this girl...she has overcome so much!!! We had to much fun at the benefit for Adrienne, Wes even won some big tool box thing full of guy stuff.
I helped this goober pick out some new glasses...what do you think? 
Of course I had to try on a pair. 
I think I could rock some glasses if I needed them, ha. 
gotcha...he ended up with these instead of the black frames. this little girl if you didn't know.  
Hayride at the Huffmaster farm!!! 
Linda insisted we get a pic with the pumpkin lantern. :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

"Catch Up"

I have so many pictures that I need to catch up on. We had Joss one Saturday out shopping and Wes took her to the HOG store and got her a cheerleader and also some stickers for her cheeks. So Sweet!!!
We celebrated L & D's birthdays out at the farm! 
Hudson was loving him some dress up shoes. Funny thing is...he and his big brother fought over the high heels. too cute 
Poor Jossy...this breaks my heart but it's sooo funny too. 
BBBBQ came and went. the same weekend we decided to move so we missed out on all the festivities, darn. 
I love this outfit so. I think it's a 9mo and she isn't going to be able to wear it much longer.  
This is Lyla's favorite spot in the bathroom. She waits on me while I take a shower.  
Getting ready for our first double dinner date at our new house. YIPPIE!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

get to sewing

One of our guest rooms is all complete...yippie!!!
I used our old furniture from our master and also the bedding we used for a few months. I love this bedding and knew I definitely wanted to keep it so I stuck it in the front room.  

I added the chain, ribbon, and brooch to the lamp shade. It used to be at mom's house but she ran out of room fast so I got it off her hands.  
We have gotten A LOT accomplished this last week. I have pics of the dinning room that I will post tomorrow :)
I'm working on a shower curtain for a guest bath, I purchased a rug for the living room, getting a mirror and end/coffee table this wknd for the LR, I'm going to sew my living room curtains & new pillows for the couch, and then i will be set! I'm still looking for that "right" piece for our entry!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

shabby chic love

I couldn't be happier with the way our room turned out. This is where I lay my head at night and I love it. I think the dogs like it O.K. too.
Burlap again...I needed a little touch in our room too. :) 
I love the little mirror table. I may get another one for our entry way...of course it will be a lot bigger. 
Peak into our bathroom 
One has bubble bath and the other will have bath salts when i get them. oops 
fleur de lis soap dispensers....definitely got the shabby chic look going on here. 
My side of the bed!!! Love that little mirror with french writing all over it. 
Westley's side of the bed. 
Our dresser (I'm adding something else TALL to it) 
I'm loving every single aspect of our new home. I never want to leave. I can't wait to get home after school so I can piddle around and do whatever. Wes even comes home for lunch. I think he loves it too! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


WE MOVED!!!! We closed on our new house Friday morning and moved in that whole day! I have lots to catch up on. I'm surely but slowly getting everything in place. Here is our eat in kitchen area. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out!
Kathy did a great job on my new furniture, I couldn't be happier!  
It's the small details that make up a room! 
LOVE my little birdie and crowns that I painted on burlap. 
Thanks to Wes for helping me get everything hung up today! 
The dog bed...matches perfectly!!! 
Details on my side baord and chairs. The seats are covered in burlap. SO CUTE!!! 
I enjoyed one of these tonight after working so hard! 
I have a ton left to do but I will get there....