Sunday, February 27, 2011

a saturday in tulsa

long time no blog! I've been really bad about taking pictures lately and I need to get better FAST! Yesterday Wes and I went to Tulsa with mom and Paul to shop, eat, and drop her car off to get serviced. Our first stop was Stein Mart...I think we were there for somewhere around 2 hours, ooopppss! The boys actually did REALLY well!
By then they were starving (and so were we) so we hit up Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I have never eaten at one before but it was delicious! 
We also had to visit Garden Ridge before we headed back home. Mom needed new outdoor cushions and they have the best and BIGGEST selection. 
That wrapped up our Saturday. Today we did church, PF Changs, laundry, shopping, found Wes a suit (YIPPIE), and had steaks at mom's.
I took this picture of Lynlea today while we were at Belks...29 weeks down! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

it's been a run around kind of day

oopppsss...been a while. Wes and I had date night lastnight so we hit up Blu Fin and rented a movie. We stayed up super late...til midnight. (That's really late for us, ha) Then today I got up at the crack dawn, like always. So I worked out and took Hemi on a walk. Then I cleaned and did all the laundry while Wes slept in. He finally woke up just in time for homemade pizza. geesh...late sleeper! We had lots of errands to run today like return some shoes, hobby lobby, academy sports, I did a little damage at forever21, had a chick fil a snack, and then looked at houses.

Oh how I LOVE this neighborhood. It's PERFECT for raising children and it wouldn't be bad for me either. (they have a POOL)  And the house are too cute out there! I think/hope this is where we will end up one day very soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wes and I celebrated with small gifts and a large dinner with some friends.
We went to Crabby's with Allison and Bert to celebrate "lovers day" 

We had SO MUCH food...I mean we went aaaalllllllll out! We had spinach crab dip with chips, seafood chowder, salads, salmon, crab legs, lobster mashed potatoes, steaks, bread pudding, and a pitcher of sangria to top it all off. It was delicious! 
I made a few cookies for us to celebrate this weekend, so yummy! 
Wes got shoes...just what he needed. A new pair of tennis shoes and a new pair of dress shoes.

Happy VDay!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a GIRL

Mom and I went with Lynlea Saturday morning for her 3D ultrasound. Found out it was a GIRL...although we kinda already knew from her previous ultrasound but we wanted to verify that. Profile picture with her hands up by her mouth.
Her little, well actually LARGE crossed feet. She definitely has some BIG feet.  
Afterwards we went to Target to look at baby stuff and we ran to The Baby's Room to look at furniture and mom bought her this cute little outfit.  
And her name: Josslyn Paige

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

crazy snow day

I would have never imagined we would have gotten THIS much snow! This is absolutely crazy!!! I keep hearing that we have gotten around 20" of snow. This is the back porch early this morning and snow is STILL falling.
Our cars this morning when I looked out the window! Insane! 

Wes couldn't start shoveling fast enough.  He's crazy when it comes to getting rid of all the snow off the drive way. He cleared the dogs off a spot in the back yard where they could go pee. Hemi couldn't even get out the doggy door this morning, he was freaking out. 
Watching from inside the warm house. 
Just playing in the snow! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday

poor baby! Hemi freezes up as soon as his sweater goes on, it's pretty hilarious. I made him wear it last week when it was absolutely freezing, mean momma. He sat right there just like that until I had to pick him up to move him.
Just because he's cute. 
Oh...and he is terrified of the deer antlers. He watched me hang them up and didn't think twice about them until later when he was looking out the window and notcied them next to him. He jumped off the couch SO FAST and growled and barked at them. This is the only picture I could get both him and them in. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

dress time

Mom is planning her June wedding so you know what that means...DRESS SHOPPING has started! We've tried on quite a few dresses, all very different.  I love this gold dress!!! Such a party/wedding feeling!
You have to look past the length and the color on this one. 
Not my fav but in mom's top for sure! 
I loved this little one shoulder short dress WITHOUT that belt. I do love the belt but not with that dress.  
wooooo....I could totally see myself wearing this one. LOVE but doesn't look like mom really. 
In the running for sure but of course not in navy blue! 
We both REALLY liked this dress in ivory! 
LOVE the neck detail of this and the color...yes I think she could totally wear pink for the wedding. 
Black party dress? Oh it is her 50th Birthday too!!! 
I had a lot of favs but I'm not telling which one she picked! Lots of planning let to do!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

casino fun

As crazy as it sounds we went to the casino Friday night in the snow blizard. It was a birthday party and we had been stuck in all week so we HAD to get out.
Paul losing all of his money. 
Mom's favorite "Sex and the City" 
And she even won a little over $100 playing. 

We had a pretty good BUFFET dinner and hung out with all of our friends and then came home around midnight..ish. We had reservations for the nice sit down restuarant but they only had 1 server for the whole place and we had a party of 25! So we decided we would be better off hittin' up the buffet, and it wasn't bad at all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

craft fair

that's about what it looks like around my house! being stuck inside for a whole week brings out the creativity in me, ha. i made this cute little vday wreath.
love it! 
wes was off yesterday so we got OUT! we got our taxes done, went to walmart, hobby lobby (LOVE), and even had a lunch date at wendys. SO FUN
next project is making a diaper cake
oh i made myself a camera strap cover, love it! 
wes shoveled the drive way so hemi and lyla went out to play. 
lyla isn't a huge fan but she tolerates it. wes had to make her a little pee pad in the yard. i said it looked like a little cul de sac of grass, ha. 
i hung some new pictures and deer antlers. of course hemi was terrified so i found him here in his cage. it's his little comfort spot. (yes he has a monogrammed blanket with his name on it) 
i was so bored i even touched up the paint in the living room where i moved some stuff around.  
i made some burp cloths!
sewed some valentine onesies 
and cute some hearts out for my next project!