Monday, February 15, 2016

Monkeys riding a horse

Have you ever seen two monkeys riding a horse??? Jojo came over to hang out and eat with us tonight so Mimi and Papa could go to dinner! These two can be so fun together and play so nicely...of course other times not so fun. Lol

Johnny Cash

He loves his new Johnny cash shirt from Mimi bc it has a guitar on it. 
We opened the amazeum up this morning, it was so nice bc no one was there. I'll be taking advantage of it all summer long. 
He begged to see the dinosaurs first. 

He carried that silly fish around the whole market for the entire time we were there. 

Laci and the kiddos met us and we went to lunch afterwards at chick fil a. It was so crazy busy but we finally got a seat and had or lunch. Ha
As soon as we got home bubba was passed out. 
After nap time snack of ice cream. 
Playing in the playroom with my favorite little lawn guy. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mr. Cool

Playing it cool during nap time yesterday while momma and daddy ran some errands. 
Mom had 6 ducks in her pond. 
Last night the kiddos stayed the night with Mema so Wes and I went to The New Schools big dinner and auction. We didn't get one single picture ;( but it was freezing cold in he venue and I didn't take my coat off all night long. We met at Mimi's this morning for donuts and valentine exchanges...they got the kids these cool swim animals for the pool. 
They had so much fun playing on them all afternoon. 
Bubba vacuumed for Mimi and then we ran some errands. 
He napped in the car again today 
And so did sissy. 
We grabbed a late lunch at Jason's deli and my little Valentine enjoyed his ice cream!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ice cream PARTAY!!!

Giving Ms. Ruth her Valentine gift. He loves to give gifts out. 
Resting up before the big party. 
Ice cream party time in class with all of his friends. They all brought valentines to pass out and decorated bags, so fun!!!
My boy!!!
Those squinty eyes!!! 

Mr. Cupid

Happy Thursday from school!!!
Being silly running down the hall to his classroom. 
We ran to target for bars and bubby picked out some glasses 
And this shirt since it had a guitar on it. 
Had our quick 2 year old check up at the doctor. Wouldn't take those glasses off for anything in the world. ;))
He weighed 32# (80%) and is 34.25" tall (50%). Perfect if you ask me. 
Didn't even cry when he got his ONE shot or the flu mist up his nose. Yeah for bubba!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's LOVE week

Sweetie pie. Gotta wear every love shirt we have this week!!! 
I went to the doctor Monday for my 20 week appointment. Everything is good and Mason is still a Mason. Ha
I've gained 12lbs though ;0
Mav looked so cute yesterday in his MOM shirt and jogging suit. 
It was bring a friend day to dance so M went with Jojo. He didn't last long, but he sure loved watching her. We all went out for pizza afterwards. He loved that for sure. 

Monday, February 8, 2016


Momma will always be yours baby!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Build a bear

Wrapping up our birthday celebrations at Build A Bear. Justin and Keegan gave him a gift card for his bday so we took sissy with us. 
Fluffing his dinosaur up 
Washing them and getting the hair dryer ready. 
She was proud of her bear. 
Blowing the last two candles of the night. 
Waiting patiently. 
He loves to blow out candles. 

Hey Batter

Birthday lunch!!!
We picked pizza up for lunch after church. His favorite!!!
Ok one more cake picture and candles. He only turns two once!!!
Sweet boys!!!
Melt my heart
And this smile
Blowing hard
Opening his last gifts 
Oh he got a mixer.  Yay
She didn't want anything to do with the tee but I snapped a quick picture. 
Hey batter batter batter. Swing! 
Baseball in the house. Oh whatever. He only turns two once. Ha.