Thursday, June 30, 2016

Little Firecrackers

We went down the street to pick out fireworks last night after dinner. Ran into Mimi and papa with Joss buying some too. Here is Bub making his selection. 
He's been talking about this gorilla alllll week and he finally got up enough courage to go up close to it last night. 
Our gang!!! 
Then we all came to our house to shoot fireworks and hang out together. Bubba learned how to help daddy light smoke bombs. 
Hilarious!!! Love these pictures so much. They were booking it back once they were lit. 
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. 
Watching daddy set off worms and snakes. 
First sparkler. He loved it. 
Josslyn finally got up some courage to do one on her own too. Lol
When they left we took quick baths and Bub was out like a light. Sweet baby. 

Mason Laine

Well Mason our check up yesterday you were measuring 40 weeks and 3 days so you can come on out NOW!!! Doctor wants me to come back next Wednesday bc I'm still only dilated to a 3 and no contractions yet. You are acting just like your brother and being stubborn. Right now I'm loving apples and cannot get enough blueberries. In fact I need to go back to Walmart to get more. I ate 3 pints in 2 days last wknd. ;)
I love apples with peanut butter, peanut butter and cheese crackers, cheese nips, cheeseburgers and ICE!!! Can't wait to meet you and see your cute little face! We know you look like big brother but will you have the same coloring or will you have dark hair and eyes? I kinda think you will be blonde and blue eyed just like big bro but never know.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Allllll BOY

Popping poopers 
Get em' baby
Then it was time for some baseball
Look at that arm on that boy. 
Got the stance down 

Fun days with momma

This little buddy didn't want to get up yesterday. He had a little bit of fever again  so I let him rest as long as I could. 
He wanted to hold Lyla first thing when he woke up. 
Wish he was this sweet all of the time. Ha went to the mall with Keegan and ate lunch and then went back with Mimi and Joss to get new tennis shoes. 
We got up early this morning to drop the dogs off at the groomer and then hit the pool. J swam with us for a little while and then went to memas house. Mimi laid out and floated with us too. He finally likes to wear his puddle jumper to get in the deep end. 
Sending daddy a quick message. 
After naps I told Bub I had to get some money to pick the dogs up and be got his $1 and said he would buy the dogs today. Sweetest baby ever!!! 
Came home to cut while momma cleaned the kitchen and unloaded groceries. We stopped by memas to take sissy some donuts too. 
I watered the garden and picked all these cucumbers. Yummy!
We're gonna grill out and hopefully go get some fireworks and eat watermelon. 

Monday, June 27, 2016


My sick little buddy. Woke up with a fever so he stayed in bed until 11:00 Sunday. 
Woke up feeling much better and hungry so went to Mimi's to swim and eat lunch. Playing with blocks here. 
He will finally wear his puddle jumper and can float and swim in the deep in with no help. He loves it. 
Watching paw patrol will all the pillow and his horsey. 
Him and daddy chasing each other on their rides. 
Our two neighbor goons. Ha. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday shenanigans

Mav and I went with daddy today to pick out a new mower so of course he wanted to sit on every tractor in the place. When i asked him where he was going he said to memas house. Ha
Just climbing, pushing all the buttons, starting, driving and sitting on them all. 
Passed out after lunch at chick fil a. 
Well....Mason missed the memo about today being his due date. I guess we will go pick a birthday on Wednesday. Silly boys always playing with momma. 
Bub kept saying he wanted to wrestle and then said no tackle football. So this is their tackling skills. 
He gets stuck in the pillows like a turtle on his back. Lol

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happiest Friday

Mimi called to take Bub out for donuts this morning with Jojo before she went to school. So I rode along too just to get out. They both wanted donut holes until Mav saw my chocolate donut. Ha
That knight is all Bub could talk about except he kept calling it an astronaut. Silly boy!!! Then when we said he could walk over to it he backed out real quick. 
Went by memas house on the way to school. Joss talked Mimi info just staying there so when Mav and I were leaving I slipped and fell down her steps outside. Caught myself with my knees and arm on the flower pot. OUCH!!! My arm actually hurt the worst of all and it's still burning. Bub was so worried about me, sweet baby. 
So we came home to lay around and rest my legs for a while. Bub put on a good concert for me singing this little light and Jesus loves me. Greatest Christian concert ive ever attended. 
He also helped me out together Mason's bassinet. I stuck it in our room for now, I'm sure it will be a "safe place" for us to put Mason and roll him wherever we want. Wes immediately started saying that was a waste bc he's not sleeping in our room. blah blah. Like he knows. 
Nap time with his friends. 
Sweet baby boy!!! I love our nap times together on my bed. 
Went to visit Mimi and papa for a little while this afternoon. Ate beans for dinner, maverick picked and then a late night ride on the 4-wheeler. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just a Thursday with friends

Friends today. Enemies 10 minutes later. Ha. I know they love each other and Maverick always asks if Jojo wants to come over but man they fight like cats and dogs. They are wild together, Maverick hits for no reason, Josslyn is jealous and acts like a baby, the list goes on and on. But today Jo stayed home from school to swim and we had Laci and the kids over to swim and eat lunch. 
Swimming wears this baby out every day! We swam from 9:15-12:00 today and Mav got to hold "baby miff" aka Smith. 
Ran some errands with Mimi and Joss and home blowing kisses to each other. 
Bub put all the goodies in our treat bags to take to the hospital for when we have Mason. He did so good. Now I just have to attach the tags. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mason check up and parade

Come on baby MASON!!! We're ready for you especially this momma. I was only dilated to a THREE today...a three. From a two in a half last week. Man oh man. You're as stubborn as Maverick was. I haven't been sleeping very well at night. Maybe it's just preparing me for your arrival but geeze. I sleep from 10:30-2ish and then again from 4-8. I usually get up and have a snack, toss and turn on the couch, read social media, watch fixer upper, then go back to bed. 
Mav and I had to make an exchange at Belk for daddy. He passed out right as I was pulling in the parking lot so I let him sleep in his stroller. Didn't last long though. Luckily we were just in and out. 
Home for lunch and naps but naps didn't happen. He laid in my bed for a hour but never fell asleep. So we joined Mema and Joss for the parade to kick off the rodeo. They shared some cotton candy and then had a Popsicle too. 
Love seeing our flags walk by. Special. 
Bub waved at everyone who drove by but especially loved Ronald. K
Then off to Mimi and Papas house for a swim to cool off and cook out. 
Bub out all the nurses thank you bags together for momma. He loves a good job and to feel like a helper. Love that baby! Even if he has been rotten to the core lately. Lol