Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I really want some of these pumpkins for my house...BUT I wasn't about to pay $60-100 each for them!
They were SO cute but they don't look that hard to make! 
Her very own adirondack chair! It was soooo cute and it even had a little brown owl painted on the back of it! 
OH...two sweet CLEAN babies tonight! Hemi had on his Harley shirt for Bikes Blues and Lyla was sporting her Halloween Shirt! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

chilly willy

Yesterday was chilly willy so I made a big pot of chili and headed to mom's house for dinner!
Mom and Hemi cuddled up while it cooked.
OH...this was hilarious! Paul (hypercondriac) was in SO MUCH pain from a little splinter in his hand and he was determined to get it out. So this is what he used for his glasses (a LARGE  magnifying glass leaned against his face) in order to see it. He still couldn't get it out so I had to pull it out for him, ha.
Austin "tucked" Lyla in for bed. She laid there until it was time to go home! 
Hemi is spoiled! 
ooohhh...I made a delicious pumpkin cobbler! I learned at SDC in our cooking class. 
And it was the perfect day for some good ole chili!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Laci and Dave

We celebrated Laci and Dave's birthdays at the farm Saturday night since they have back to back birthdays! Wes wasn't working the camera good enough to catch Scarlett's attention. She looked down the entire time...ole well!
funny face 
Down by the pond we made a bond fire. It got COLD Saturday night and freezing cold Sunday, ha! 
Sweet little picture:Wes was takin his friend on a ride until this little boy found out. Luke loves to ride! 
Papa and his boys! They were all fighting over papa that night, especially Luke. 
Scarlett and Wes 
HA...still fighting over papa
Scarlett is like what in the world is going on! (Her face is priceless) Jack was pumped about helping blow out the candles.
Family picture! 

Friday, September 24, 2010


Should be a VERY good game tomorrow...GO HOGS!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My favorite time of year!

I LOVE FALL!!! It's that favorite time of the year. I love all things FALL: decor, food, football, weather, clothing, trees, boots, chili, pumpkins, candles, baking. I could go on and on! I love the smell of a fall candle burning!
I love all the small pumpkins and gourds! So colorful and fun! 
ooohhh and a little fall wreath on the front door! 
And of course pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling...SO GOOD!!! 
Now if the weather will cool off so I can break out some boots and cute jackets!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SDC day!

While we were at SDC most of us went to a cooking class/show together. It was pretty fun and she made some delicious food, yum!
Debbie and Gma during the show.
The kitchen was sooo pretty!
Linda and Lauren
Vicki and Caitlin
After SDC we hit up the Landing to do some shopping and then we all ate pizza together. Here is our half of the table.
The other half of the table!
This pizza was SO GOOD!!!
Sunday morning Laci, Scarlett, and I ran to do some quick outlet mall shopping and then headed home. I'm glad we got up early and on the rode fairly early. That means I had my afternoon at home with my fam :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls Weekend

We had a girls weekend in Branson! Laci's whole family full of girls always does a girl wknd trip and I tagged along this year. Linda and I gettin' all ready to hit up Silver Dollar City!
They had the best fall decor all over the pretty!
Laci and Scarlett in front of the scarecrows and pumpkins. S had just woke up from her morning nap.
She slept through the ride to and walk up to the park, so sweet!
Later that night they had a little "Words with friends" competition...hilarious!
Scarlett is READY for bed. She stayed up WAY past her bed time. She was sooo sweet the whole trip! And slept ALL night long...thank you sweet girl! (I shared a room with Laci and S)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gone fishin'

Fred's Seafood House has the BEST catfish...yummo! Wes and I always eat there when we go to the lake!
Mom and Paul
Catfish bait...poor little goldfish. I couldn't bring myself to use them but Wes caught a gar with one.
Mom and Paul trying to get thier fish on! HA
Wes and I are the fishing champs, HA