Saturday, May 30, 2015

Schools out for the SUMMER!!!

I said goodbye to all my kiddos today! It was a tough year but I'll miss some of them. Lol the ice cream truck came to help us celebrate the last day of class. 
Sweet Santiago brought me flowers. 
And then there's Claire Monroe. I'll miss this sweet little face. 
Wes brought Mav up with lunch and to hang out a while with my class. 
We had a surprise going away party for Jessica. She was so shocked. She didn't think we did anything for her. So funny. 
I'm gonna miss my suit mate. ;(
Party props with the kiddos. 
We went for pizza last night. Tried to go to JJs but it was too busy. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Party day at school

It's almost summer time!!!!
Jessica got recognized for LEAVING... don't go. I'll miss you. 
They were happy to see each other. They came up to school to our cookout. 
Riding that tow truck all night. 
Digging in daddys tool bag
Love that diaper baby so much!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tow truck

Maverick absolutely loves his new battery powered tow truck. I ran to Walmart last night after M went to bed to get good deals on diapers and I couldn't help myself. First thing this morning he spotted it and jumped right on. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just a tuesday

He looked so cute today in his blue boat
Got a new water table and loved playing with it. Sis even came by to play. 
Begging MiMi for some M&M's
Riding in J's pink car
Riding on the ball. Crazy silly boy. 

The whole gang

We had such a great time in Kennett hanging with our family!!!! Here is Mr. And Miss. America!!! Red. White. BOOM. 
Going on a golf cart ride. Thy drive this thing all over the place. 
They rented a blow up slide for all the kids to play on. So much fun. Maverick wasn't a huge huge fan but he was a good sport and went down a couple times. 
The boys napping in the yard. 
Bub and sis have matching sandals. 
Sharing the car
Precious little people. 
Selfie with my babe
Break time for milk 
Love this big boy too. 
Ate lots of popscicles 
Loved having Jake to drive him around the yard in the police car. 
All the little cousins loving each other. Another girl is on the way for Joss. 
The whole gang!!! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Saturday with family

We made it to kennett late Friday night and stayed up till after midnight talking with everyone. Saturdy morning we slept in and Tammy fixed us a big breakfast. Kiddos headed out to play in their pjs. Police roaming the streets in their jammies. Makes since right?
He learned to ride this little 4-wheeler all by himself and he loved if. Just his size. 
He loves this little car too. Full of new and cool toys. 
Napping in sissys bed. 
We ran to the dollar store and be passed plumb out. 
Daddy soaks up every minute of this time with him. 

Happy Memorial Day

We went to mom and Pauls this afternoon to play outside and cookout with our family and some friends. 
Selfies with my baby
These boys and that girl. Just in the boat in the front yard pond. 
Here they go backing it down. 
That didn't Austin had to get out and shove it in. 
His favorite thing to do at the farm. 
Riding his own 4-wheeler at the farm. 
Second ride of the day