Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lastnight was our annual hayride/bonfire/cookout/get together at the farm...SO FUN! Here is our Graham/Cherry sandwich...BFF's, ha!
Westley and I before everyone got there! Got out plaid flannels on...yippie!!!
Jack took this picture of us girls AND he did a really good job! 
Another Jack photo, ha! 
Three Amigos 
Luke was ready to GO 
Heath and Wes getting ready to pull a trailer full of kiddos...and adults. 
Hayride gang! 
It was too much fun for Luke! He passed out soon after we pulled out of the drive! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

date night

wes and i had date night friday night with our good friend allison and bert. they keep us laughing always!!! we decided to eat's been like 3 years since either of us have gone.
actually a decent pic of the two of them. bert is smiling, his eyes are open, he isn't making a goofy face, and his arm is around allison...that makes for a great pic of them! 
afterwards we went to their house to have dessert and the guys played some stupid new game on their iphones. so al and i watched dateline and football (always on at their house, ha)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!


We had our pumpkin carving party at mom's tonight!!! We numbered all the pumpkins and then drew numbers for who got which one. 
Mom and Paul about to dig in...literally! 
All the kiddos and mom...Where is Wes? 
Oh he is, playing solitaire! 
Our little happy family with our cute little pumpkin! 
Of course Hemi wanted to be in the middle of EVERYTHING!!! 
All the pumpkins (minus Melanie's) I love how they all turned out!
Lynlea, Austin, Mom, Chris, and Graham's!!! 
Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bon fire

Wont we make the cutest little family...some day! HA I love that little girl.
Dave, Heath, and Scarlett cheezing it up for the camera. 
Oh Boy...the kids were loving all these rides! 
Hudson's little cowboy outfit was sooo cute. Nana made that for Jake one year for Halloween. 

Hudson was begging Luke for some cheetos and then for a bite of his rice krispie treat. SO FUNNY 
Wes and I went with Laci and Dave to their church bon fire Sunday night. It's their annual outdoor service they do...cookout, hay ride, horse rides, 4-wheelers, etc. The kids were loving it! And the weather was perfect!

Monday, October 25, 2010

birthday celebrations

OH serious!
CRAZINESS....trying to get all 4 grand kids to sit still and smile for a pic...ha, yeah right! 
Look at little miss jazzy snazzy halloween girl. 
And then there is...little miss with her bows and daddy! We love to give T a hard time about Dolly. (oh did I mention...she has 3 legs, a kick stand, she's always in a bad mood, and she goes to work with him EVERY day.) 
Happy birthday Andrea and Granny!!! 
We celebrated Andrea and Granny's birthdays at the farm Saturday night. We had a yummy dinner...bacon wrapped pork tenderloins, corn casserole, rolls, green beans, salad, and mashed potatoes (of course...for Andrea), and brownie cake for dessert!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


How 'bout them hogs!!!! I love it...we beat Houston Nutt! Wes and I took mom and Paul up to Pratt Place Inn to watch the game and hang out on Saturday!
Paul and mom cheering on the hogs! 
Then we took ourselves on a walk during half time and right before the rain.... 
Aren't these horses pretty! 
And friendly too...they came right up to us! 
We walked around the Inn too, so pretty but so expen$ive. I really love the barn and the little white washed house but the Inn isn't really what it's worth if you ask me. Yeah, it's pretty and really nice but the rooms are just standard rooms. I mean...really nice BIG furniture and fire places but nothing else too special.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Bows!

Wes took the dogs to the groomer yesterday for me and let's just say they were WAY over do!!! Here is Lyla before she went. (she moved right when I was snapping the pic) She was shaggy maggy!!!
Here she is after!!! She is SO skinny and you can really tell when she has short hair. HA
I love her Halloween bow around her collar and the little bit of pink is SO CUTE! 
WOW...check out dirty bird Hemi! He gets so curly when his hair grows out, cutie!
He looks skinnier too...sweetie! And the even has a Halloween bow around his collar! 
SO excited to see momma when I got home from school!