Friday, July 31, 2015

Wrapping up KC

After he finally picked a shark for himself and a pink seahorse for sissy we headed to the mall for lunch. We hit up the crayola store for some coloring fun and I got a few Christmas gifts. 
These color sticks were so fun. 
We got panera bread to go and had a picnics outside by the fountains before we headed home. 
I sliced my foot open on the door leaving the aquarium so I had to go hunt up a bandaid. Ouch it's still sore. 

Aquarium in KC

Wednesday maverick and I got up early to have breakfast with daddy, packed up our stuff and headed to the aquarium. We got there right when it opened and were he only ones inside. It was soooo nice. I'm 

Shark egg. Certain shark that lays eggs. 

Driving the submarine. 
He loves the little play area. He was the only one in there. 

Decisions. Decisions. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Full day in KC

Started our morning downstairs with breakfast. He ate all of his pancake and bacon. Yum yum 
Insisted on yogurt so we brought it to our room. He finished the whole thing. 
We ventured out for a full day of shopping. Stopped at Barnes and Noble to let Mav play a while and get out of his stroller. 
Lunch time at PF Changs 
It was so yummy. 
Sweet baby took his nap while momma shopped. What a good boy. I know he looks so big. Tear. 
We changed rooms bc out air went out so bubby helped momma wve daddy was doing some work. 
Came back and went wild waiting on daddy. 
Little Oreo snack never hurt anyone. 
Going down to wait on daddy. 
Went driving around looking at city stuff. 
Too go snickers cheesecake. So good but so sweet. 
He got two pennies and couldn't wait to go throw them in the fountain of the lobby. 
His first fountain wish. 
Rub a dub no toys in this tub. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Which way to the pool ladies??? All the big kids had googles so he wanted some too. Lol. I took Mav and Joss to granny's house with Laci and her kiddos. 
I think they just go to the pool to snack. Ha. Chowing down on some watermelon. 
Practice his swimming in the bath tub. 
So fresh and so clean clean. 
Helping himself to his toy bin. 
MiMi got him a drum set. She ordered it online. It's so tiny but he loved it. 
Ha Just his size. 
Saying cheese while drumming 
He chose the big kid door at church on Sunday. He usually goes in the other one but ends up here but he decided he wanted to start here too. Straight for the vroom vrooms. 
Feeding Bella 
My family on Sunday at lunch 
After naps on Sunday we went to MiMis house to play and plant pumpkins. We also ran to target and made hodgepodge dinner: cheese sticks, meat balls, pizza and spaghetti. We picked it all out at target. Everyone picked something different. lol it was yummy too. Little camera hog!!!! MiMi had her phone out to take a pic of joss and I but got this instead. Ha 
TWINKIES!!!! We shopped in the junior section and found twinkie dresses. lol 
I got a size XL and she got a size xs. She thought this was sooooo neat. In the end I grabbed the bluish green one but we will have to wear them on the same day this fall. Ha can't wait. 
He stayed up way past his bed time. It was like 9:45 before he went down. 
He slept til 8:15 this morning. He was watching the neighbors yard get mowed. He stood in there a good 15 minutes while I got ready. Hung his little ball lights I picked up in the $1 section of target. So cute.