Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farm Sledding

Wes and I met everyone out at the farm yesterday afternoon for some fun in the snow! It snows quit a bit here, usually 2-4 times a year but we never really play in it. So yesterday we had SOOO much fun. Laci and I all bundled up!
I think this was Luke's first time out sledding. He wasn't sure at first...he was hard for him to stand and walk around in the snow. But as soon as he saw the 4-wheelers he was good to go.
Carhart twins...too cute!
Laci and David before Dave about died.
Nana with her boys!
Jack was ready to GO!!! He loved riding the 4-wheeler too!
Nana and Papa with all their boys!!! Cute picture of all of them!
WOW...Look at Daves beard. He got rolled a few times, ha!
Heath when he about died because Dave took him on a ride for his life!
Dustin after his ride
Heath skiing on water skis...
Laci thought she had a great idea. Sledding in tupperwear containers. Didn't work so well.
Andrea and Luke taking a turn.
I think this is Heath...
David threw Heath off.
David was trying to "get air" down the big hill!
Here is the result...not the best air.
Jack still going....
Getting Heath all set to go!
Lauren takes Hudson on a ride.
WE HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! We stayed out a few hours and then had to go in to get warmed up. Wes and I went to dinner at Caraba's and then to Allison and Bert's house to hang out. Allison has been gone all week traveling for work so we went to say hi.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Wedding DRESS is IN!!!!!

YIPPIE...I'm SOOOO EXCITED. They called yesterday and my dress had came in, I can't wait to go see it. I couldn't go yesterday b/c the bad weather was coming in and today it's pretty bad. So hopefully I can get by there next week. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  The bridesmaids dresses should be in next and then we are set!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Midnight Snack

Lastnight Lindsey texted me to see if I wanted to go to Common Grounds with her to have dessert. UMMMM....yeah, I had to think real hard about that one, ha! Wes and I and the dogs had been at mom's moving furniture and picking up and new chair for our living room. We had just got home around 9:30 and she text. So Lindsey picked me up and we headed out for dessert. I had some REALLY yummy oreo cheesecake and she had Apple Pie. We had sooo much fun just talking and catching up. She is about to have her 3rd, it's  a boy so her life will be so BUSY! I can't wait to meet him!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flower Girl Dress

I started on my flower girl dresses today!!! I finally found the right color of tulle so I was soooo excited to get started on it. It's going to turn out soooo cute!!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy Day

Lastnight we had dinner at Noodles with Allison and Bert...and also had some fab birthday cake, ha! Afterwards we all came to the house to play games and have a drink. Instead we ended up watching Dateline and Disappeared until 12:30, with our wine of course.
This morning I had my massage appointment, it was WONDERFUL. I had a really good girl (I don't know her name though...OR I would ask for her again) Not too deep not too light...Just Right!  Then we had breakfast at mom's and picked up Joslin for the afternoon.
Isn't she the cutest baby EVER??? I had to dress her up in the little hat I made for Scarlett just to take a picture. (Surprise Laci & Dave) We hung out at mom's and the house to watch the Razorbacks get killed by Kentucky. It was such a nasty day out...rain rain go away! I did make it to Hobby Lobby tonight and they FINALLY got the right color of tulle in for my dresses. Then Wes and I ate dinner at Market Place.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Massage Envy

OH YEAH....look what I got. A hour long massage!! I need this really bad so I'm very excited. I was cooking dinner and Wes brought me home this little him! I'm going first thing Saturday morning, I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This boy is a MONKEY!

Luke came over lastnight for a couple of hours while Andrea and Heath went to dinner. We had SOOOO much fun. We started the night off with a dance party! (You know I love those)

Luke has some MOVES....he is hilarious to watch!

He was cracking himself up. He would swing those arms back and fourth and do a little jig with his legs.

After the dance party Luke went around the whole house to see what he could climb in, over, through, whatever. This boy is a MONKEY! He was trying to get in his alligator toy (it's half the size of a shoebox) I don't think he realizes how small it was!

Here is the after picture....not gonna happen! He was a little confused but he really didn't care.

So now he's on to his Dora car. He knows he has to open it up first and then....

climb on in. This one will hold him a little better but it's still not BIG enough.

So he's on to the next..... The laundry basket.

That's better. Fits him perfect! Now what else could he need? Snacks? Check
Hemi wouldn't leave his side all night, I was a little worried at first but then he realized Luke has snacks.

And Luke figured out the puppy likes his snacks. They were quit a pair...these two boys!

Luke can come over anytime and have a dance party!!! He is SOOOOO good and entertains himself the whole time. Doesn't make one fuss about anything! Love this little boy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wes and his new toy!

When we went out to the farm on Sunday to help pack meat Wes brought his new toy to try it out. He was able to sight in his riffle with a little help.

Wes has been SO EXCITED about his new Christmas present so I'm really glad he got to try it out. Now maybe this wont be ALL he talks about.

I had said on the way out that I was going to shoot it but gosh it's SOOOO loud and it kicks pretty hard too. So I changed my mind...ha! (Wes probably didn't want me to shoot his new gun anyway)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Honeymoon is BOOKED!!!!

Our honeymoon is BOOKED!!!!!! 
Lastnight when we got home we were just looking at different flight options and we found a great deal so we booked it! I'm soooo excited, I can't wait. Only 124 days until our wedding and then MEXICO!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Grind.....

Today after lunch and church we went to the farm so Wes could shoot his gun and grind up deer meat. I wasn't too "into" the grinding part, so my job was to write on ALL the baggies.

Heath cut up all the fat, Terry grinded all the meat, and Wes packed the grinder!

Bethany & Dustin measured it all out in cups while Laci, Dave, and Andrea packed all the meat into bags.

There were like 8 LARGE bowls of meat that got packed. 160 bags = approximately 275 pounds of deer meat! YUMMY!!!

Here is a picture of a very small portion of the finished product!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cafe Rue Orleans...

We finally had our work Christmas party lastnight at Cafe Rue Orleans. We had to put it off sooo long b/c we get sooo busy during the holidays! Almost everyone made it so we had a great time. (Just ask Lynn, ha)

She was a LITTLE late to work today but we wont say why. This will be my last Christmas party at PY...tear!