Sunday, September 25, 2016


Everyone was up and dressed CUTE for church. Man three is a game changer but we did it and made it. Ha
Had to get a picture of it too

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


My diaper babies all clean after their bath. 

Giggle baby

I finally got Mason giggling out loud on video. We were playing outside last night and I wiped a big off his face and he giggled so loud and so loud. Justin caught it on video for me. Yay

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Weekend

Saturday mornings are made for donuts!!! The boys ran to the donut store while Mason and I went to mom and Pauls to help with the garage sale. 
We had a long morning at the garage sale and a late lunch so bub passed out right in my floor. Poor baby! He helped so much at the sale and talked to everyone he saw. Made some new friends too. 
Big boy had to move up to his 6 month jammies and of course I needed a picture of it. Sweet baby is always so happy. 
Daddy put him up to running out in the rain. And of course he did it. 
Jumping in puddles just like peppa pig. 
Boys slept in late and then they went to lowes while Mason napped and I made lunch. Maverick came home with a new blower. His daddy cannot tell him no lately. I need to take Wes to the mall and see if that will work for me. Ha. Doubt it. 
These two melt my heart. Wes doesn't hold him very often and always says Mason doesn't like him. Whatever. Look at that big smile. Sweetie. 
Passed out on mommas shoulder for nap. 
Went out with bubba so he could show me how to work his new blower. 
He said "I wanna ding dong" and I immediately knew what he meant. Run to Justin's and beat on the door as he looks in the glass waiting on Justin. 
Rising his tricycle too. He's gotten good but a little to daring on this flimsy little thing. 
I nursed Mason to sleep tonight and put him down. So when I went to get in bed I looked over to check on him and found this. Little faker. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy whole week again

I've been bad about blogging lately. Oops. Endorsing papa for city council. 
Swinging Sunday afternoon with both my boys. 
Looking too big in his swing. Always happy and smiling. 
Daddy grilled is steaks and this little boy loved it!!!
Sweet dream angel baby!!!
Monday was pajama day at school! So handsome and cook even in his pjs. He thought that was so fun getting to wear them to school. Love my big boy! He has to have sunglasses on at all times. I think he owns over 8 pair. 
Oh daddy I'm too little! 
Joss came over for a little while to play so we got a group picture by the sign! 
Little buddy passed out watching the big kids ride the 4-wheeler. 
Tuesday was super hero day and this one is my super hero!!! 
Mason wanted to dress up too. 
Captain America votes PAUL HUGHES
Wednesday was pirates day. Ha not sure if he looks more like a pirate or Bret Michaels. Lol either way he's cute!
Picture from his teacher playing in the sensory tubs with his friends. 
Mason and I went to dinner with some girlfriends so dads took Maverick to the toy store and to eat pizza!!! He had so much fun and talked about it all night. Glad the boys can go have some one on one time together just the two of them. He picked two trash trucks that came with trash cans. 
Guys night out
Always wakes up happy!!!
Bubby stayed home with me Thursday since he's been coughing and lots of sickness at school going around. 
It happened to be trash day so his day was made!!!!
Little nugget turned 10 weeks old!!!
We helped Mimi this morning get ready for a garage sell and I thought he was going to fall asleep in the floor. But he didn't. Ha

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy weeks worth

Picture day was Thursday at school and this little dapper dude was nailing it. 
Playing cars with Scarlett 
Fun new things at gymnastics class. This boy is so wild the whole time...hates waiting his turn in line, all over the place, always wants to go get a drink, never hold onto the bars but he loves the trampoline, water fountain, stamps and vending machine so I guess it's worth $60 a month. Ha 
This little happy Doctor!!! Daddy says he gets held too much but he doesn't at all. 
He woke up hungry so I went to the bathroom and when I came back I found him passed back out. Guess he wasn't too hungry after all. Silly goose
He sits in this bouncer in the bathroom while momma gets ready in the mornings. 
Those long eyelashes, little button nose, full cheeks and those pouty lips are perfect!!!
Being sweet so I grabbed my phone to take a picture. 
We spent the whole day at moms while Wes did his gun class. Bubby and I riding the 4-wheeler. 
About to make smores. We cooked out and hung out late. 
Next ring bearer and flower girl for Austin and mckayla in June. 
He found an early Christmas present so Mimi told him he could take it home. 
Looking so sweet for church this morning. 
My littlest babe