Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 of 2009!!!

I can't believe it's NEW YEARS EVE...2010 seems sooo werid! It will take me a while to get used to writing that. I put a little list of top 10 things that happened this year...ENJOY!
#10. Ice Storm of 2009 : Crazy ice storm. People lost all their power for LONG periods of time. Luckily for us we lost power for 2 days so we packed up and went to mom's house. She never lost power during the storm. Lynlea had to come stay with her and Allison and Bert with their cat all had to come stay with us. The farm was out of power for 2 weeks. The clean up took FOREVER!!! Hope that never happens again!

#9 Labor Day Weekend : Wes, me, Laci, & David all loaded up and went to Lake Norfork for the weekend. We went and stayed with my cousin Katie and Joey at his cabin. We had the best weekend...just laid out on the boat, fished, cooked out, played games, made bon fires, etc.

#8 Laci and David find out they are PREGNANT!!!! I was soooooo excited for them, I can't wait to be an Aunt, HA! They have been trying for a little while and they deserve this SO much. They will be great parents and I'm so excited to see this baby. God is soooo good!

#7 Mazatlan, Mexico Wes and I went on a little vaca (or a long vaca.) We were gone for 11 days and had the best time. I missed my dogs a little though. This was Westley's first REAL VACATION so I was sooo glad he got to spend it with me!!!! I can't wait to go back SOON!

#6 My 25th I feel old. I celebrated with Diana (yes like we did in the 8th grade) We had a cookout at mom's in the backyard and played rock band all night long. GREAT TIMES with GOOD FRIENDS!

#5 Wes turns 30!!!! WOW....Here he is with his new flat screen t.v. at the farm. We stayed the night out there so the guys could go hunting. That night we celebrated with a bunch of friends at Shoguns and went to Rock-n- Bowl.

#4 I got to start trying on wedding dresses. OH MAN...enough said. This was a REALLY HARD process for me. I hear people all the time say "You will just know when you have on THE ONE" Well I probably tried on 100 dresses until I found THE ONE!!! Luckily I have my dress ordered and I can't wait to wear it. The countdown officially begins!!!

#3 IT'S A GIRL!!!! We found out Laci and Dave are having a about excitement! I got to go with her to her ultrasound...thanks Laci! I was jumping up and down, clapping, screaming....SO EXCITED! I can't wait to spoil this little girl.

#2 I did it....GRADUATED from the U of A!!! It may have take a little longer than expected but at least I did it. Now I have to start looking for a job.

#1 You probably could have guessed what NUMBER ONE is...We're engaged!!!! I was soooo excited and happy and emotional and shaky and surprised. I couldn't believe he FINALLY (just kidding) did it. I found my ring around Hemi's neck and was shaking sooo bad I couldn't get it off. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO May 22, 2010 is the day!!!

Hope everyone had a great 2009 and a better 2010. Be safe and have fun!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Night

After eating dinner with memaw we loaded up and went to Aunt Tammy & Uncle Roger's house to play games with the rest of the fam.

We started with Catch Phrase! Camden REALLY gets into it!

Me and Katie

Kerrie, me, & Katie

All the girls of the family

Monday, December 28, 2009

Over the hills and through the woods....

to grandmothers house we go! Christmas morning we got up and drove to memaw's house which is 6 hours away through the ice and snow. It took us 2 hours just to get to the Little Rock exit which normally takes 35 minutes. YIKES But we finally made it safe and sound with the dogs in tow.
Here Hemi and Wes happy to have arrived!

Me and Lyla smile for the camera!

Can't forget about Hemi...

Can't forget about picture

Memaw taught me how to knit...interesting.

I wasn't that good but I got the hang of it. I'm making a flower to put on a headband!

White Christmas

Christmas Eve night while we were getting a white Christmas we opened presents at moms house.
Hemi wearing my bow from my gift...he looks thrilled.

Lynlea got a new purse that she wanted. I love the color...eggplant!

Wes wanted money to go towards his gun. Don't worry he has already gone and ordered it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jingle Jammies

Every Christmas Eve we all go to mom's and stay the night with her and she buys everyone "Jingle Jammies" Here are some pictures from this Christmas, every year they get better and better. HA

Wes gets really excited about his pj's each year. This is one of his favorite things to look forward to!

Wes just being Wes....

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve night we go to dad's to eat dinner but first we made a pit stop at mom's to get a few pictures.

Hemi and Lyla on their favorite bed at mimi's, the leopard fuzzy blanket. Hemi isn't too thrilled about wearing his Christmas sweater in this picture but he looks soooo cute.

Then we were off to dad's to eat dinner and open presents. We usually go over to his house on Christmas day but this year we went out of town. We had baked honey ham (was the best we have had yet) that dad cooked, sweat potato caserole, green beans, and mashed potatoes. We don't do the typical "Christmas dinner" like others do. I think we get too tires of eating turkey & dressing at Thanksgiving so we spiced things up. Peach cobler was for dessert...yummo!

Sisters picture

Group shot with dad (minus Wes)

Dad and Lynlea being goofy on the couch!

After dads we headed over to mom's house to spend the night and open more gifts!!!

Happy 21st Birthday Lynlea

Last week Lynlea celebrated her 21st BIRTHDAY!!! WOW  I can't belive it. I remember when I turned 21 and it seems like yesterday. For Lynlea's we had a "girls night" at Wasabi on Dickson Street.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Last Saturday we all loaded up and headed to Little Rock for the day to celebrate Christmas early. Luckily Craig, Tanesha, Reese, Jack Henry, & Molly all live a lot close now so we can see them a lot more.
Notice below...Lynlea sat at the "kids table" with the boys. Jack Henry is such a ladies man!

We also celebrated Lynlea's 21st Birthday while we were there since it was the very next day! This was her make shift birthday cake from Jack Henry and Reese.

Happy 21st Lynlea!!! Molly was eyeing this cake from a mile away. Don't worry, she got her fair share.

Lynlea with Molly enjoying her birthday cake.

Wes decided to play some game with Molly. She is SOOOO lovable! She will go to whoever wants her and love on whoever. She is the sweetest little girl EVER!

Jack Henry ripping all of his gifts open as fast as he could.

Molly loving on her new stuffed animal. I told you she was lovable.

You are supposed to pull the dog with the lease but she couldn't figure it out! Instead she wore the dog as a necklace.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

After dinner at Powerhouse Friday night we decided to go to the square and check out all the Christmas lights. Boy....they go ALL OUT!!!

We got a few group shots and a few couple shots before we had to leave. It was too COLD for Angela and Kevin. They are too used to 80 degree weather in December.

Maybe next time they will bring heavier coats and their gloves.

I love Christmas so much! I love to decorate my house and put up my Christmas tree with all of our ornaments. I really love to wrap all my gifts, and they have to match and coordinate with each other, ha!

Wes and I posing with the Razorback...gotta love some hogs!