Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Feeding the ducks

After dinner we went to feed the ducks and let bub run wild and free. 

Sick day

Stayed home with Bubby again...he tested positive for strep again. Ahhhhh all the wanted to do was snuggle and rock and I didn't mind at all. We stayed in our Jammie's all day until we went to the doc. 
Sweet sleeping baby in my arms. 
Waiting on the Doctor to come in
I noticed we were opposite twinkles today. 
He fell asleep waiting on our test results. 
They were positive so doc put all three of us on antibiotics to see if we could kick this mess. If not we may have to go talk to an ear/nose/throat Doctor. Ugh 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy wknd

We slept in and daddy went to the deer woods on Sunday. But gave him a little birthday present early. He loved it. 
We made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies so bub took some to justin with a little note. 
It reads will trade cookies for now rides. 
Nighty night sweet pea 
Happy cheeser Monday 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's a circus around here.

Headed to pick up our circus tickets. His little expression... Hey girl hey!!! 
Played out! Visited the elephants and looked around the circus ring and tired out. On to the next errands. 
Eating guacamole by the spoonful. 
We looked at Halloween costumes, picked up some corn stalks, ate lunch on the patio at flying burrito, decorated the front door, trimmed the bushes out front, ate some cookies, wrestled in the floor and rested for the circus. 

Picked up Jojo and headed to the circus. Checking out the petting zoo. 
Bub loved watching the elephants. 
Sweet kiddos. Love their love that they have for each other. Bub wanted to hold jojos hand while walking in. ;)
Opening act
Standard poodles and they were amazing. 
Look at the air that boy got. 
Acrobatics. Scary and amazing. 
Intermission. Loving the circus. 
Oh hey Yall 
This family was incredible. Mom. Dad. Two boys probably 8-10 years old. Dad was holding the pole on his head and both kids climbed up and did a headstand on the top. Wowzers. 
Elephant act
We got picked to hold the umbrella. The. The clown went around and sprayed a water gun at people. 
That's THREE motorcycles in the cage. So scary. I could hardly watch. 
Funny costs 2 tickets which were 2.50 each to ride. I found two tickets on the ground by my chair ;) that's like finding $5.00 and Jojo got to ride the ponies. 

Friday, September 25, 2015


Feeding the birds with James at school 
Checked on him at nap. Little booty. 
Playing a little checkers after our dinner date to MarketPlace with the Clarks. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Love you so

Stop growing so fast. 

Doesn't help that you have a big boy haircut. Love you

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fun weekend

We cooked out Friday night to welcome papa back home from his week long trip. 
Driving momma around in the gator. He can finally reach the pedals. 
Back yard tailgating. Worked out perfectly for them to eat up there. 
Leaving for Kennett and telling my baby bye. 
He spent the wknd with daddy, Josslyn, and papa out at deer camp. 
Sleepy baby on the road. 
Nap time like a king 
They had so much fun. His first time go ride while sissy drove. Yikes. 
Both passed out on the way back home. 
Got to see mollies nursery, love that bedding so much. 
Jill painted this for Katie's nursery. Amazing job!!!!
Cute cake 
And cookies 
All the girls of the family. 
While the boys were holding down fort and having Mexican food. 
We had subway on the road home. 
Reunited at last. Missed that boy. 
Riding the giddy up at Walmart this morning.