Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Angel face

I got to wake up to this sweet face two weeks in a row!!!

Full of friends

Busy day yesterday visiting friends that were in town for the holidays. Dasha and her two boys from nyc and Kim from little rock. We just went to Brittany and Ryan's to eat breakfast snacks and visit while the kiddos played. This picture sums up our lives these days... 5 friends with 5 kids and one on the way. ;)
The boys were not into getting their picture taken. Ha

Infamous Olivia the cat from our college years. 
Home for a super quick nap before going to see Mollie Harper. 
He wakes right in and to the baby. I'm so happy he loves babies so much. 
Always wanting to give her a paci. 
Baby hog. He didn't want anyone to take her from him ever!!!! When he was done he would let you know. 
Loving on Mollie. Good thing she's a good sport. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Baby number two is a ....

BOY!!!! Of course right? If you need me I'll be sitting on a bleacher somewhere for the next twenty years. Ha 
Look at that little profile, reminds me a lot of Mavericks in the womb. Can't wait to see what he looks like. 
I was honestly shocked when I saw this! I just knew it was a girl with the way I've been feeling. I was nauseous all day every day the first 8ish weeks, tired all the time, always hungry etc. When I was pregnant with maverick I felt totoally fine. 
After the scan we ran and got balloons for the kids since maverick was at Mimi and Papas house with Jojo. 
Everyone thought it was a girl so what a surprise!!! Lol
My life....BOYS!!!
Josslyn may always be the only little girl. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jump jump

We had a great Christmas!!! I've got toget my pictures off my old phone, Wes got me the newest iPhone. Santa brought the kids a trampoline and bub finally loved it. 
Of course Wes had to get in on the action. Dog pile. 
Nap time with her dolly. 
Bub scored so many tools it's not even funny. And he loves every single one of them. 
Opening his sock at Mimi and papas house. 
This playroom is out of control. I've got to clean this mess out and pack sway some baby toys for later. 
Sweet baby napping on the couch with momma today while it rained all day long. 
Going to Moomas house while momma and daddy go shopping. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Making cookies

We made cookies at Mimi's house tonight for Santa Claus!!! Bub loves to help and get involved but he lasts a whole three minutes. Sissy sticks with it a little longer, she made lots of cookies. 

Christmas spirit

He loves these silly glasses from his first birthday. He has two pairs and wears them everyday. Look at these faces. Love

Walking snoopy. Aka nooopy
Well hello baby bump!!! It just popped out all the sudden. I'm ok with it but it's so different from the first go round. 

We made candy with Mimi and little boy loved these white chocolate covered pretzels. 
Pulled his stool over to help himself. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First day just us

Napping on the couch watching Wizard of Oz. 
We stayed home most of the day yesterday just playing and cleaning up the house. I looked back to see this coming out of the playroom. So funny. 
And he's off. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa visit

We went to visit Santa at the mall yesterday. Maverick actually did really good and went right up to talk to him. 
He didn't want to sit on his lap but he was willing to stand beside him and smile. I'll take it. 
Had pizza on the square and then drove out to Wyman road to see all the excitement. 
This house is crazy fun. 

First Christmas

We went to LR today to celebrate Christmas with Aunt Mavis and craig and his family. They did so good riding in the car. Watched their movies and played with each other. 
Jojo and I. Love her. 
Digging into the first present. 
She loved her baby alive named Sarah from Aunt M. 
Playing catch with a wad of paper. 
Loves his construction truck with play-do. 
A new Dora movie for the car from granddad. 
He loved opening gifts and then watching everyone else open theirs. 
We were in the car a whole 5 minutes until I looked back and saw this. Lol
10 minutes later this... Worn out!!!