Saturday, May 31, 2014

Florida Georgia Line/Nelly Concert

We, Laci and David, and mom and Paul all went to the FLG concert lastnight. Laci had the box and invited us out, so much fun. Date night!!!
VIP parking y'all. 
Mom and Paul ready to boogie 
They've missed each other. Lol
We had pretty good seats and had a really good time. 
Us girls. 
Photo bombed by...those two!
Old friends. 
Now it's Paul's turn to photo bomb. 
My love
These two had fun playing with each other. 
I think nelly was my favorite part of the concert. We got dooooown 

Long weekend

One eyed bandit!!! 
Sporting his monogram at the vintage flea market with momma and Mimi. He loves when I wear him now, so funny. I think he thinks he's big stuff. 
Had rice cereal for the first time. Couldn't get enough, ha. Little ham
Looking all dapper in his seersucker for Memorial Day shrimp boil. 
Just the two of us
Stinkerpotous had to get in on one too 
We brought fresh shrimp home from Florida and had a shrimp boil at moms. 
Then the rain poured in and tore up the tent. Poor guys. It was still really yummy. 
Back at it. Thankfully it was already Tuesday. Didn't want to leave my little guy after spending a whole week together on the beach. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Journey Home

This little nugget did amazing all the way home! I would take him anywhere, so well behaved. Ha.
 He was asleep before we got out of the drive way. 
So all day he slept on and off and we stopped quite a few times to let him stretch and eat. We got home around midnight and we went straight to bed after nursing and slept til 7am. This is what we woke up to the next morning, sweet faced baby boy!
So glad we had a long weekend to catch up on everything and Wes wasn't feeling so hot. His allergies are bad and so are little mans. Makes me sad. 

Last day on the beach

We were very busy the last day of our vacation. Maverick thought it was a great idea to wake up at 5:30 so we headed for a walk in the beach. Spotted this baby opposum on our walk, so tiny. 
Was this Tim's house??? That's what we were told. Lol
It was huge and oh so nice. Loved the pool except you could get any sun by it. 
We walked and walked up and down the beach that morning. Only like 3 other people out that early. Ha. So nice and relaxing. 
He was loving the breeze through his hair. 
Came up and had breakfast on the balcony together. Mimi was the next one up around 7:30. 
Then it was time for his morning nap. Right out on the balcony while momma ate breakfast. 
Headed to the beach where he took MORE naps. 
The guys hanging out in the shade. 
Getting some daddy time. 
We all went to eat at the Crab Trap in our last night. It was yummy and sat right next to the water. 

After dinner we took some beach photos

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our anniversary spent at the beach

Thursday Wes and I celebrated 4 years of marriage! We woke up early and hit "Pickles" for breakfast with mom and Paul and did a little sightseeing. Nice little view from a restaurant we peeked at. 
This place was pretty fun and cute, right in seaside. Good people watching place too. 
Just the two of us. M was asleep. 
The boys napped and played inside while I got some sun by our pool. 
Then we all loaded up and headed for another day at the beach. 
We had a date night that night. So we took off to find somewhere to eat that sS out on the water just the two of us. 
Mom and Paul kept little man. 
Selfie at dinner. 
We ended up eating at AJ's out on the water. Very interesting watching all the fishermen and everyone getting off the sunset cruises, ha. Afterwards we walked around the boardwalk, hit up the outlet mall but they closed in 7 min, drove back and had orange leaf and listened to mystics in our hood. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


Early morning out on the balcony having breakfast. He looks so different in this little gown and beanie but oh so cute. 
Another day spent at the beach. He was such a good baby. Just go with the flow. Mimi got him this bath sling and it worked out perfect for him to lay in or sleep in too. 
Tim McGraw and Faith Hills beach house
Future wave rider. Loved his little swim trunks each day but he never got in the water. Ha. 
Beaches out. What a good little napping buddy. Nothing sweeter. 
Another nap in the sling. 
Wes caught some crabs and gave them to the little kids playing next to us. 
Loving Austin giving him attention. 
Happy family going for a stroll in our cute little neighborhood community at seacrest. 
Found a cute little Mexican patio. 
Paul and mom went with is because all the kids went on their date night to eat at AJ's.