Monday, May 17, 2010

sneak peak

here's a little sneak peak of what we have been doing to get ready for the big event this weekend! here are our fan programs we put together. i LOVE how they turned out, i'm soooo excited to use these!
here is some of our favors! so cute in person, i will try and get a better picture of a close up shot.
guest book, it's beautiful! i love the vintage look!
our sparklers came in this week so of course we had to try them out! they word really well and i'm glad i went with the longer length.
wes and i had to practice our heart making skills so jessica can catch it on camera saturday.
of course mom had to get in on the action! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brittany & Chase's Wedding!

Woweeee...we had a fun filled weekend! Friday night Wes and I went to Laci and Dave's house to grill pork chops and just hang out like old times (plus a baby now). We had a good time...this is the only picture of Scarlett I got the whole night. It's hard to get a pic when I hold her the whole time. She slept in her swing while we ate our dinner and that was the only photo chance I got. Wes hasn't held her yet but I think he will SOON! She is soooo precious, love her so much!
Saturday was a rainy we laid on the couch all morning and I swaddled Hemi...ha! He wasn't too sure what to think but I did it anyways. Then Allison and I ran errands all morning afternoon long. I had a few more things to pick up before our big day!
Brittany Lavy and Chase Priest's wedding was Saturday night at Central Methodist on Dickson Street. That church is sooo pretty and Brittany looked gorgeous (as always). Wes and I cleaned up pretty dang good too!
Courtney and I right after the ceremony. I can't believe that will be me 1 week from now!
Michael and Courtney...we're glad they came so we would have some good friends to hang with.
Here they come for their getaway car. Then they headed off to the reception at her parents house!
Happily Married Couple
They served appetizers and drinks around the pool first up at her parents house. Then we all headed for the tent for dinner, dancing, and drinks.
Inside their tent! I'm so happy it didn't rain that night b/c I don't think there was any way to fit everyone inside that huge tent! Her flowers were amazing (By Jules Designs).
The entertainment was provided by The Rockettes, they were amazing!!!
Daddy/Daughter dance, too sweet!
Photo Opt!
Courtney and I snuck in a picture with the stunning bride!
So happy for Chase and Brittany!!! They had an amazing wedding and reception...So nice of her family to open up their home to probably 400 guests!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Time

I had to go see Scarlett again's a hard life! She is always soooo out of it unless she's eating. I always say she's milk drunk. Heath met her lastnight for the first time b/c he's been out of town. He was sooo excited about meeting her.
I think she has changed SO much since last week. I can't believe she's already 1 week old, crazy. I think she is looking more like Dave and check out that hair line. I think she gets that from the Huffmaster side, ha! I know she will continue to change...I can't wait to see what she will look like in 3 months or when she's 3.
Luke did his own thing all night until he finally realized dad had something in his lap. So he crawled up there with him and just looked. He never touched her or anything he just took it all in. He's soooo sweet!
Tonight Wes and I are going out to Laci and Dave's to cook out. Wes has only seen Scarlett once/twice at the hospital. He's been out of town working this week and lastnight had to work late. I can't wait to see if he will actually hold her. I'll take lots of pictures, ha!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


like all my birdcages? I'm (well Keith is) going to incorporate all of these into my wedding decor and I just love them! I found them at Julie's house and they were hot pink and I really wanted to use them. So I decided I could bring them all home and paint them ivory.
Each one is different from the other one. I love that! I want all my tables decorated different so why not use these. You will have to wait to see the end result...I'm just getting started with them.
Hemi ran wild like a little mad man around the yard while I spray painted lastnight.
Lyla stays pretty close by...don't worry they are going to the groomer next Wednesday. I waited as long as I could and I wanted it to be close to the wedding.
Quick snap shot of my flowers that came back....yeah I'm so excited! Wes is the one who waters them every day, thanks babe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm going to get better

I promise....I'm going to get better at blogging. You would have thought I had a baby or something, ha! But really this week we haven't done anything exciting. I've just been busy finishing up wedding stuff and lastnight I went to visit Scarlett. Here she "milk drunk" passed our on the couch.
I've gotten all my loosed ends tied up this week by putting together my fan programs, filling my goody bags, got my sparklers ordered, my bridal portraits are ordered, making the dogs an appt, and paid for the final stuff. So I feel like I'm good to go! I've been watching the weather and it's supposed to be gorgeous...I just hope it stays that way.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend...Saturday we went to the park to celebrate Jeff's graduation. We let all the kiddos play while we all ate and caught up with each other. It was pretty chilly Saturday so we found Roman this hat to keep his head warm, hilarious. He is always sooo happy and soooo sweet!
Then Wes and I ran a few errands: we went and got plants and pots to plant Mother's day flowers in, picked up our 200 monogrammed napkins, went to Hobby Lobby, and then had a pizza party in Laci's room at the hospital.
Finally getting to hold precious!
We weren't quit ready for our photog in this one, thanks Wes.
She is the sweetest little thing! I can't wait to share so many memories with her.
Look how tiny she is...adorable!
I didn't get one picture from yesterday! shame on me...we were all cold so we all put on our sweats and messed around the house. Wes and I took his mom and dad to lunch after church and then headed to my mom's house. We watched movies, put together the rest of my fan programs, Wes took a nap, and fixed dinner.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

for this child i have prayed.....

Laci went in about 8:30 yesterday morning to be induced! She got right to her room, setteled in, got her iv's, started her on potocin. And then the waiting game began. Here is Laci waiting out the day! She had just had her epidural so we were feeling good!
Nana texting everyone all the updates! She started to move pretty quickly along and then we kind slowed down for a while.
Me and Laci just waiting for her to get checked again. Every time someone would come in she wanted them to check her, ha! She was a little anxious!
Cherry clan visiting!
Huffmaster caln minus Andrea...she was on her way! We thought Laci would have the baby by 6 but it was a little later!
The new family!!! So sweet! She finally made her debut at 7:50 weighing 8lbs 4 oz. She has redish/blonde curly hair, 2 BIG dimples, & a clef chin (like me).
She looks like both Laci and Dave! She definitely has her dad's coloring (hair & skin), mom's eyes & dimples. She's PERFECT!!!
Proud daddy...he was soooo excited to finally see her!
Proud momma....good work!
She had to get taken down to the nursery for a bath!
There she goes....
See you in a you!
From early in the morning after she had been cleaned up and fed. One little happy camper! Isn't she beautiful...I'm a little biased! I can't wait to go see her this afternoon and hold her!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Al

Yesterday was Allison's birthday so we celebrated in style at Powerhouse! And of course Bert had to get her a chetto puff cake...NICE! If you know Al, you know all she wanted was an orange bright cat on her bday cake.
Pretty funny actually...everyone likes to give her a hard time about the cat thing so this fit perfectly! We had some good dinner with a horrible waitress. I mean I don't ever complain but she was HORRIBLE. It was like we put her out of her way every time we would ask for something. She would just roll her eyes and march off. She was a complete "ugly face person" But we still had a good time and they continued the birthday festivities on Dickson Street.
I couldn't sleep in today...of course that would happen on my day off. I think it's because I know I will get to meet Scarlett this afternoon. So I'm up getting my chores done so I can run to the hospital this afternoon.