Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Eve

Wearing our boo shirt for the last time. 
Begging for banana bread. 
Digging into their treat bags. 
Oh mom what did I get???
Oh thank you aunt Haley. 
Pretty kitty. 
Open up
Pumpkin love

Pumpkin Carving at Mimi's

Good Morning sunshine. He was still waking up. 
Looking so cute as a little sock monkey. 
After school we went to Mimi and Pappa's house. Have you ever seen a monkey riding a 4-wheeler?
Something bad came on and this girl was in concert mode. 
Carving pumpkins. 
Picking out our stencils. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superheroes to the rescue

This week is spirit week at school and today was superhero/princess day so I dressed bubby up to. He looks thrilled huh?
My baby cake
Superman and Captian America off to save the day!!! 


I love this baby more than anything else. My greatest achievement in life. ;) I stayed home today and got lots of snuggles in. 
Silly boy. 
Daddy brought home a very large pumpkin and of course we had to carve it. 
And out bubby in it. He was not impressed. 
Not at all. Poor baby. He couldn't put his arms down. 
And were officially a crawler tonight!!! He went all over the living room to get his hands on the remote control. Such a boy. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Sunday

They looked so sweet for church in their green and orange. 
They love each other
And I love them. 
Crazy about their Mema
Entertaining us and everyone during lunch
Falling asleep after full bellies. 
Play time at Mimi's house. 
Wild little monkey
Walking to the fall carnival at church. 
Slide was up first. 
David in the dunk tank (trash talker)
She won at ring toss. 
Picking a duck. 
Waiting on the cake walk
Snuggles with papa before the cookout. 

Halloween Party

This little lion passed out on the way to the party. 
Getting food man all ready 
Saloon girl Mimi.  
He wasn't thrilled about this but he put his game face on anyway. 
Follow the yellow brick road. Made Wes whole costume. 
Barrel of moonshine anyone? 
Scary decor

Slumber Party

Terrible I know but it kept him entertained while I helped get the party ready. Eeeek
Joss came home with me friday night and we played and hung out while Wes was gone with clay. This is our bed Saturday morning and bubby is watching me get ready. 
After breakfast we loaded up to go feed the ducks at the park and ran to target. 
Uncle Wes let her pick out sine fancy high heels and Elsa socks. 
Went by Mimi's for a wagon ride