Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Hump Day

Cooking up something special to serve momma. He needs a little house at home
Watching sissys every move
Concentrating on recipes 
Helping Pappa water around the farm. He's sitting in the trailer waiting while pappa waters the flowers. 
Back to the house they go. 
I love this outfit for the wedding. 
Kitty girl had babies in the neighbors yard Sunday morning (we think). Looks like she had 4 total. 
He talked me into this ball at Walmart on Tuesday afternoon. I caved and got it for him. Lol

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Farming it

Joss came home with us after church so we went out to visit the Masons and hang out at the farm. Joss loved some baby kitties, especially the tiny black one. 
She picked every single one up a dozen times. Ha 
Maverick checked out the tools and chased the chickens around the yard. 

Birthday Cookout

Maverick loved being the keeper of the balloons. Joss surprised me with balloons for the party. Ha
Playing with his wheeler at the farm. 
Selfies with my littlest babe
Having Cheetos and hotdogs with a side of fruit. 
Singing happy birthday. Maverick was taking this all in. 
He just wanted a ball the whole time. 
Yummy food, fun friends, birthday celebrations. 
Mom and I
JOSSLYN loved her chocolate cupcake. 
Laci and I
Selfie with Aiden. 
And one with big al 
Graham's and Clarks. 
Me and the boys. 
Oh and Keegan too
Having rocks for dessert. 
These girls had so much fun playing together. 
Dave showing us his handstand. 

Happy Birthday DAY to me

Woke up to this little nugget stealing my covers and pushing me off the bed. He woke up with a cough (again) so he snuck in our bed. 
Giving Lyla morning loves. She's not enjoying it nearly as much as he is. 
Looking all cute in his romper and chucks 
One of my parents made me this delicious lemon cake and brought it to school. I shared with all my kids at lunch. So yummy!
Went to JJ's for dinner that night to celebrate a little more. Maverick is crazy about his papa. Feelings mutual I think. 
Wes and I at his favorite dinner place. 
Cheering for the camera. 
Love this little babe
And this big one. 
Joss and I. 
Family selfie before bed time. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Last day to be 30!

Looking so cute yesterday morning. 
Blowing strawberries on his hand. Ha
Having fun outside at mimis house so momma could go to dinner with girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. 
First I had to take him on a ride in J's gator. 
Mom snapped this picture of him cleaning out the shop for Papa. 
Last day to be 30! Boo
Crazy boy is all over the place. We watched J for a little while tonight so MiMi could do to dinner with some girlfriends. 
He loves this dancing singing duck from Aunt Mae. And he really loves that he knows how to take it apart and take all the batteries out. 
Well've been an awesome year!