Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bach Night

Every Monday night...Wes and I got to Al and Bert's to watch the Bach!!! We had frozen pizza, salad, and wine. HA
Can you tell Wes was thrilled to be there? The guys usually go watch something and Al and I take over the entire living room for our show!
Bert loves him some Allie...aka Allison!
Chee and his meowma!
The men tell all...pretty funny and point less. Just one more excuse to drag the show out even longer. I'm SO ready for the next season to start or the bachelor pad, I think that looks good. HA

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

goofy face

Kimberli went to church with Wes and I Sunday morning and then we headed to the country club for lunch with my dad. Kimberli was pretty much in a goofy mood all morning. I think she had a good nights sleep after swimming all day Sat. She slept from 9:30-8:30!
She wouldn't stand still long enough to get a good pic so this is the best I got of her and Wes!
After lunch she begged to stay another night but we had to take her home b/c Wes and I went to mom's to help get ready for a garage sale this weekend, fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010 over! over! friday night wes and i went over to allison and bert's house to cook and hang out. we made pork chops and drank wine. then allison and i went over to her neighbors to joing girls night out. 
sleep over time...kimberli came over and stayed the night saturday night with wes and i. we picked her up pretty early saturday morning to head to the farm. after lunch and a few quick errands it was pool time.
kimberli learned how to float on her back and 'semi' hold her breath when she goes under the water. this girl isn't scared of anything. she would jump off the edge all by herself and i threw her in a few times. we played for hours in the sun. i got myself a good little tan...yeah!
these animals have it soooo bad! HA
wes enjoyed himself saturday too. he has be dying to drive this mower since the day terry got it (about a year ago) so you know he was in heaven.
we stayed out and ate dinner at the farm too. linda got down a bunch of old dolls and clothes for kimberli to play with. she sat in the living room for hours folding all the clothes, changing the baby, packing the diaper bags, organizing, and entertaining herself.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

We had a birthday party extravaganza at work last week! We had lots of different vendors come in and show what they could offer for a kids birthday party. We had some great cupcakes from a new little place down town Fayetteville, Bliss. They were little miniture cupcakes that were about bite size...or two. 
Amiee brought Ruby by for a little play time. She wasn't quite sure about the balloon guy...she was pretty shy. And she definitely didn't want her photo taken. I mean, look at that face. hilarious!
Sweet advertisement for the kid headband...right? We look like we're about to go hit up Richard Simon's aerobics class, especially Amiee.
Lynn got her self a bear balloon!
And then there was the bachelorette...BLAH! Me and the dogs went to mom's house lastnight to stay and watch the bach...Wes was working late. I knew Frank was a FLAKE! I will admit I liked him at the beginning and thought he seemed sweet but now..seriously. AND how staged was his scene with Nicole. I swear this show is crazy and I can't get enough. Why is this? I thought and still think Ali really liked Frank so I'm guessing she doesn't pick either, Roberto or Chris in the end. Chris is super sweet and nice but I'm still not sure about him. Roberto is super good looking and sweet as well. I don't know about this season. I don't just LOVE anyone. I'm ready for the next one to start already!
PS: My husband is awesome!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Date DAY!!!

We've had the best Saturday ever!!! Wes and I got up this morning and headed to the farmer's market to start our day! It was packed and full of dogs too. I love dogs to death but why in the world do people want to bring their GIGANTIC dogs out there? I was  looking a few of them straight in the eye...they were taller than me! Loaded up on some fresh veggies and they had the prettiest flowers ever. I would have got some but I already have 3 bouquets around the house.
Then we headed down for some good breakfast at Common Grounds! I haven't eaten breakfast there in forever but it was yummo!
I've heard everyone talking about this we tried it out today!!
Self serve frozen yogurt! I LOVE me some TCBY but we don't have one around here but heard we are supposed to be getting another one. Orange Mango will give them a run for their money...DELICIOUS!!!
Pick a cup, fill it up, put your toppings on it, weigh it, pay for it, and eat it! Easy as 1.2.3.
I chose strawberry with fresh strawberries on top and  a little side of heath bar! (MY FAV)
Wes got vanilla (boring) with butterfinger on top. OH and a little cherry too!
After we ran a few errands, walked around down town Fayetteville, took a nap, & ate dinner we headed to the Naturals game. Lastnights game was rained out so they played a double header. We didn't really know that until after we showed up for the 1st game. AND the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders were there to cheer on the Naturals! Pretty dang fun! Daniel Faires threw out the first pitch of the game too. That was fun getting to see him.
Wes and I had a great Saturday just hanging out just the two of us. We usually always have something planned so it was nice just to do what we wanted! Tomorrow I think we will head out to the farm for a little much needed sun shine.

Friday, July 16, 2010

the good life.

oh the good life. lyla and hemi went to the groomer this week to get all fancied up. they look and smell SO much better, thanks paula. and i love the hair bows. hemi still has his in, can't believe wes hasn't cut it out yet.
pretty. i got flowers at work this week. wes suprised me and brought 2 doz roses and took me to lunch this week. how sweet.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

fried. green. tomatoes.

check out this hydrangea bush. isn't it awesome. i love going and picking flowers off of this huge bush.
yes. this is a self taken picture. isn't it lovely. i know. but i was proud of my hudrangea arrangement.
after dinner we went to feed the little cows down the road. we gave them buns. they loved them.
then tonight i made fried green tomatoes. yum. here is the before.
and here is the during.
i forgot to take a after picture. they were really good. and all were eaten. i got me a green tomato out of the garden. wes had never had fried green tomatoes until tonight. i'm not sure if he loved them but he ate them. ha. i thought they were very good. lastnight was the bach night at al and bert's like every monday night. we had frozen pizzas and salad...yumo. i felt so sorry for kirk going home. i think he really like ali but his dad freaked her out with all those hanging dead animals. chris really grew on me lastnight. i haven't really liked him until lastnight. and frank went quick in last place in my book. i love love love roberto, he's my fav. then chris then frank. i have a feeling frank leaves on his own next week. he's either gay or still in love. (story of everyone's life) i bet it will be down to roberto and chris. and my vote is roberto. we shall see.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Luau Cookout

Lastnight Wes and I went to a luau cookout with Laci and Dave at the Cobb's house! Scarlett wore my onesie I made cute!
Heath, Andrea, and Luke have been gone for a month with Heath's work so it was good to see them lastnight! Heath missed little Scarlett!
Oh big boy Luke...he's so stinkin cute!
The kids enjoyed the slip n slide and so did some of the adults. Luke wasn't too sure at first but after he did it once (BY HIMSELF) then he was good to go for the night. He enjoyed the bottom little pool of soapy water the most. He just stood down there stomping, sliding, and drinking the water...ugh
The big boys played some game. I don't know what it's called but it looked pretty fun!
Me and Hudson "cheesed" for the camera!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last night Allison, Bert, Wes, and I went to eat sushi on Dickson street. We haven't had sushi in a while...we go through phases where we eat it ALL the time. I think we might be back on our "phase."
After dinner and people watching from the windows we headed to Common Grounds for drinks and dessert. I had a oreo sandwich milkshake that was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Wes ate apple pie with ice cream and it was gone within about 10 minutes. I think he may have liked it! We stayed down for a while, walked around some, and headed to our house.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Wes and I at the country club getting ready to watch the firework show!!!
They must have put on a good show...HA
Westley was amazed!!
It's hard to take pictures of fireworks! They are too fast and too bright!
We had a pretty low key 4th of July! None of our friends did very much so Wes and I sat on the balcony at the club and watched the show just the two of us!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White, Boom

Yesterday we farmed it all day! All the rain kinda threw off our whole day but we made the best out of it. We had planned on having a big cookout, swim, fish, ride 4-wheelers, etc. Instead... we still cooked out but stayed inside the rest of the day. Scarlett and I snuggeled up on the couch and took us a little cat nap.
Then it was time for the Naturals game. Dave got to throw out the first pitch.
LOOK...Wes finally held Scarlett! HA This is the only way he will hold her right now, she's too little.
She was one hot little girl during the game.
Westley and I about to watch Dave throw it in the dirt, ha.
Linda and you see where Hudson gets his "cheese" from? Look at Nana and her cheese! cute is he?
He actually threw a really good pitch...GO DAVE!
Jack wasn't as into the camera as his little brother. He even missed Dave throw the first pitch. He was too busy eating popcorn and worrying where Strike was. (Not a big fan of that big hairy beast)
Group shot!
They always have a really good firework show after the games!
Hope everyone has a great 4th!!!