Monday, April 26, 2010

just putting around

lastnight wes and i went to dad's house to grill burgers for my birthday. we can't ever leave without having a little putting competition. ha
lyla girl would chase down EVERY single ball and mess us all up. she would carry them off in her mouth and run to the next one. she was having soooo much fun.
hemi just followed me around to each hole. he didn't steal any balls, he just watched.
wes was getting into the game until lyla through him off by stealing his balls.
so we had some good burgers and a good round of put put and that made our night.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME

Well yesterday, on my actual birthday Wes and I ran around all day! We ran a few errands, helped mom move some furniture she bought, went to Brittany's lingerie shower, went to the mall, ate lunch, and ate dinner at Red Lobster (MY FAV) with mom and Paul.
Today we ate lunch with dad at Soul after church and went to Sams. That's like our annual Sunday run to Sams! Now we're doing laundry and about to head to dad's to eat burgers for dinner!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crawfish/Shrimp Boil

Lastnight was our annual crawfish/shrimp boil out at the farm. This year it just happened to land on my birthday weekend!!! OH YEAH!
Take a look at ALL that food! We had crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, garlic, boiled eggs, & sausage. They go ALL OUT when it comes to a party! Wes enjoyed the crawfish & sausage the best and I loved the shrimp, potatoes, and eggs! It was all really good but those are my favorite.

They just dump it all out and we dig in! Here is the amazing cook with his lovely Gurdy! Look at that mound of already eaten crawfish! WOW....
The boys "took turns" (fighting) over who rode in the car. Jack was first and he thought it died so he was done with it. Well Luke and Hudson don't really care if it's dead or not. They (Luke) just like climbing in and out and in and out about 100 times! Look at Huds face...he's like ummmm excuse me could you please help me get in that thing.
Look at that little monkey, he is seriously something else! All he wants to do is climb on ANYTHING. And if he can't get on it the first time he wont stop trying. It's like a challenge for the boy...
Jack helped me blow out my "tandles." First thing he said when I got there was "I wanna eat some icing off of your birthday cake" well I didn't even know I had one, but it was delicious! HA Then after dinner it was time...Jack asked "I wanna help you blow out your tandles." So I asked what he was going to give me if I let him help me. He replied, A 'tard' aka CARD! It was the funniest thing EVER. He was dead serious and right!
Wes got me a 'farm' cookie cake with a cowgirl hat and boots on it! It was very cute and tasted amazing!
Now this is the life! No wonder animals just "happen" upon the farm and then never want to leave. Man if I was that cat I wouldn't leave either, ha.
Now on to the funny farm! This is the pet chicken, Penny. She has a hurt, deformed leg so she stays in a pen on the back porch and even goes inside the house. WHAT? She is really gross if you ask me and isn't afraid of anything. You can kinda tell how one leg is completely turned out the wrong way. Now I wouldn't want to eat telling what else is wrong with her.
I had a great birthday party at the farm. I will post more pics tomorrow of what we did today, on my actual birthday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me and Jennifer

Today at work we celebrated mine and Jennifer's birthdays! Lynn brought us this fancy little cake and sand us a fancy little song, ha!
Here we are: The birthday girls! Jennifer was a little surprised since her birthday was like 2 weeks ago. Ooopps, sorry Jennifer!
We were laughing at Lynn singing us our Happy Birthday song all by herself!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More from the shower

I thought I would post more pictures from my bridal shower! Here I am with Jake getting ready to go! Isn't he the sweetest little man? In about 2 weeks we will have him a little girlfriend, Scarlett!
Look at Jake looking at his Aunt Katie...he's like where am I? I'm surrounded by girls....ha
I never heard him cry the WHOLE time he was here. So good!
Aunt Tammy cuddling baby Jake! Jill looks amazing for having a 1 month old! Can you believe it? I pray I look that good...please please! She is a milf (don't tell her to her face, she will cry. Some guy told her Friday night while we were out, ha)
The hostesses did an amazing job on the food table and LOVE the floral arrangement!
Getting ready to dig into my mound of gifts! Thanks to everyone who came and sent gifts...SO SWEET!
At the house before the shower! Pretty sisters!!!
Me and my momma right before my wedding shower! (She didn't even Or I didn't see it if she did)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

gone fishing...

First: My bridal portraits went amazing!!! If you need a photographer for anything you need Jessica Ritchie!! She did an awesome job and she's soooo fun! We went to the farm to do some photos all over the place, I can't wait to share. Laci and Linda tagged along too and I'm glad they did. They really helped with my dress, flowers, hair, shoes, etc. Thanks Ya'll!!!
Now: On to fishing! Sunday afternoon we went to the farm and did a little fishin'
Wes taught me how to cast a reel and from then on out I dominated!!! This is the huge bass that Wes caught. Yes, he caught the first fish of the day.
This is how I started my day...with this big ole catfish! Dave is holding it because I wasn't about to, ha!
This is the little bass I caught at the end of the day. I didn't mind holding this one!
Poor Laci! The only thing she caught all day was a tree bass! She tried her hardest but no luck today!
Wes, Dave, and I caught like crazy all day! Here is our group shot to end the day off right.
Look at my little white baby! He was farming it up on Sunday and he loved EVERY minute of it. I had to give him a bath before we could head home but it was well worth it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My bridal portraits are today!

I'm soooo excited my bridal portraits are today!
I have a million errands to run so gotta get but I love these pictures below! I've got to get my hair did, run and pick up my bouquet, and pick up my dress. YIKES!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bridal Shower

Getting all ready to head to the shower with all my family!
Mom and I all dolled up for my shower!
Mom and I with the hostesses. They did a great job...THANK YOU!
Diana, Me, and Brittany! Still good friends from way back when! Diana: YOU ARE NEXT!
Mom with Jake. He has to be the BEST baby ever! He got passed around all weekend, sweet thing!
Me with Brooke and the girls. Jorja was getting ready for prom!
Aunt Tammy before they had to hit the road!
I had a GREAT shower...lots of friends and family came! Thanks to Timi for having us all at her gorgeous new house! And to all the hostesses who helped pull off a hit. They had GREAT food and the best punch ever. I got TONS of great gifts, I was soooo excited to go through it all lastnight and show Wes what we got. He was amazed....HA

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower

We had SOOO much fun this weekend! Friday night we had a bunch of girls meet to eat dinner at Noodles and then head out on the town. Here we are waiting on our table.
Laci, Brittany, & Allison!
Baby Jake got to come!!! Jill, Aunt Tammy, and Jake all surprised me by coming to town for my party and shower. SO glad they came!
Diana came to town too!!! whoop whoop
Dessert time! That was yummy!
Pretty girls getting ready to hit the town! d.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s.
Our 1st stop on Dickson street! They made me wear this ridiculous thing on my head!
We had the best time! (I can't believe Lynlea is old enough to go out)