Monday, September 28, 2009

Laci & David are having a BABY!!!!!

Laci and David are having a baby....May 17!!! (Yes that is 5 days before my wedding, and YES she is my matron of honor) But hey....we'll figure it out as we go. I'm sure that little baby will be here before the wedding and if so he/she will be a little flower girl or ring bearer. Wes and I are SOOOOOOO excited for them. They deserve it so much and will be GREAT parents. I think Laci was a little stressed to tell me that she was having a baby so close to my wedding but I think it's wonderful and everything will work out just fine. She will get to plan wedding things while I get to plan baby things for her. CONGRATS guys!!!

Guess who spent the night.....And Bridal Fair

Kimberli spent the night on Saturday night!!! Wes and I picked her up Saturday morning and headed to Chick fil A for some lunch. (As you know this is Westley's favorite spot and Kimberli's too) I traded her toy in for an ice cream cone while she was playing. WELL...she caught me so I had to hand it over and let her finish it. Then we headed to run our errands and to Bikes, Blues, & BBQ for just a little while. We wanted her to see all the bikes and get some kettle corn. (MY favorite) We ate dinner at the new La Huerta (not as good as the original in Fayetteville) and home to watch a movie. She slept from 9:00 to 8:00 in the morning...WOW! She went to church with us and then we took her home.
Just a little taste of some of the flower arrangements that will be center pieces at the reception. Aren't these BEAUTIFUL....hydrangeas are my favorite!

Mom and I went to the bridal fair on Sunday afternoon, I didn't find out about it until Saturday but we still decided to go. I wasn't sure if it was for me or not...I really didn't know what to expect. It ended up being a GREAT resource for LOTS of vendors. I don't have a lot left to do but I still wanted to check it out. I still need a videographer (if I end up using one) it's not a HUGE priority but I would like one. I have been talking to a few different people about cakes and invitations and I finally got to meet them at the bridal fair. Other than those few things, I think I'm on a roll.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bikes, Blues, & BBQ

Twinkies...and Sarah thought they planned this, ha!
Dinner with friends at Olive Garden and then headed to B, B, & BBQ!!!
There wasn't too much exceitment this year, or maybe I just didn't see it.
This guy was hilarious...such a poser too!
Wes and I down on Dickson. I think it's been since last years B, B, & BBQ since we have been here. (We're old now)
Laci and David enjoying ALL those bikes.
Oh what fun we had! We stood and watched for a while, walked around, and then headed home. It doesn't take much for us!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Laci

Happy Birthday To YOU, Happy Birthday To YOU, Happy Birthday Dear Laci, Happy Birthday To YOU!!!!
HAHAHA...this was last year during Halloween when we were trying to find a wig!

Carving pumpkins together at the farm EVERY year!

Back in the day! This was Laci and David's rehearsal dinner at Cool Water.

Getting my bridesmaid dress fitted for her wedding!

Last year's party in the backyard with Foxxy playing. Armadilla hunt at the farm.
Happy New Years! Cotton bowl in Dallas. Personally Yours Open House!!!
TCBY in Dallas with Ashley!
laying out reading at the farm pool.
OH YEAH, look at that concentration!
Camping Trip last year!
Happy Birthday Laci, hope you don't hate me too much for some of these pictures. HA!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Davo!!!

Happy 27th Birthday David!!! I thought you would enjoy a few pictures from the past....If you can't tell tell Dave will pretty much do whatever you tell him too. HAHA!!! He will dress up like a hispanic man to join Westley's fiesta, go on armidilla hunts, dress up like hippies with me and go to the movies, make cherry sandwiches with me in the middle...I was soooo warm, fish (of course), and bathe naked in the freezing river while camping in the middle of no where. Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Jack went shopping with Laci and I most of the day on Saturday, whoooo weeeee. That should be enough said, that boy has energy. Laci and I needed naps when we got to the farm. This is what he picked out at Forever 21, ha! Laci and I took turns shopping. I would take him outside and let her look around and then we would switch!
Jack and Hudson ready to call those HOGS, we! Better luck next time guys!
Luke all ready for bed! He had a long day...shopped with the girls, played at the farm, ate birthday cake, called the hogs, and ready for bed!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Laci & David's Birthdays!!!

We went out to the farm Saturday night to celebrate the September birthdays...Laci and David back to back. Here they are getting ready to blow out candles. Jack was really excited about it, Luke wasn't quit sure what to think. He loved him some icing afterwards, yummy!
Laci and David with their cards that Jack made them! He was soooo cute, he went to the bedroom and told Laci she couldn't come in because it was a surprise.
Wes and I chillin on the couch after a big dinner and some yummy cake. We had burgers, beans, chips, potatoes, macaroni, jello, and the best cake ever! Soon after Wes was off to the barn to do some fishing. Yes, he is STILL obsessed.
Tonight we went to Bert and Allison's for dinner and the boys already made fishing plans for the week. My goodness, Wes is going crazy for some fishing. (I guess it could be worse, ha)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Wes and I had a little date night lastnight....We went to watch the Naturals play. We had a lot of fun even though we lost 9-7, boo! I didn't get a pic so I had to use an older one!

Now I'm off to taste wedding cake flavors with mom, yummy! Then run errands with Laci and off to the farm to celebrate some birthdays!!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo PIG SOOIE!!!! Today is the first home game for the Razorbacks, they play Georgia!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play Ball

Wes pitching, I think this was right before the guy on the other team broke his ankle. oouch!!!
Lyla and Hemi watching dad play ball! Lyla doens't take her eyes off of him...can you say "Daddy's Girl"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeding The Cows

Meet Stretch & Brutus.....they are the 2 bulls on the farm!
Jack really wanted them to eat out of his hands but they wouldn't get close enough. They will eat from papa and Granny Caroline hands, but they are used to them!
Jack and David ready to go feed the others...
Hudson's first ride to feed the cows.
Jack decided he wanted to ride with Laci and David!

Sorry Hossy, you have to stay behind!