Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

After getting our feel for the boat and laying out the rest of the afternoon we all got ready for dinner. We missed our "reserved nightly seating time" but we opted for another restaurant and then everyone went out!

Our first stop was the karaoke bar, which was "ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT"  
Carrie and Tara sang Vanilla Ice and rocked the stage. That kinda set the tone for the rest of the was wild to say the least. We went to a comedy club and then hit up the dance club until weee hours of the morning.
This little guy was waiting on our bed when we got back, so cute. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

let the fun begin

There she is...our enormous cruise ship
We met up with the rest of our family as soon as we pulled up to board. So the fun gets started.
Just a few of the gang 

Part of the water park  on our boat
We hit up the line dancing fun as soon as we got on.  
How low can you go??? 
Jake was already worn OOOUUUTTTT 
Camden hitting up the water slides 

Monday, March 28, 2011

the landing

After Joe's crab shack we all went down to the Landing downtown to hang out for a little while. It was kinda crazy b/c they were having a free country concert and EVERY single teenager was out and about. I have never seen so many booty shorts and cowgirl boots on girls that looked like they were 12-16 years old. It was crazy bad....

We decided we would take a ferry ride over to friendship fountain and try to get away from all the kids running wild.  
So we waited and waited and waited 
After about 30 minutes of waiting we decided to call it a night and head home. (We had drove all the night before so we were exhausted tired) and so were the kiddos. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We're baaaccckkkkk!!!!!

wowzers, what a week we have had!!! We headed out last Thursday after work and arrived in Jacksonville around lunch time Friday and immediately hit up the beach. The weather was amazing our entire vaca, we got really lucky. Friday night we stayed right on the beach to hang out with Westley's family.
Mom and Paul couldn't wait to get on the beach! 
Friday Stephanie, Wes' little sister came over to the hotel and brought her boys to swim and hang out. 
Wes and Christopher played in the sand all afternoon until dinner time, so cute! 
Then we all met up at Joe's crab shack for dinner. (All 28 of us total) 
Mom and Paul gettin' ready to get crackin' 
Wes and Stephanie! 
Chris and Westley's older sister Courteny. 
"The Gang" 
Teddy, Westley's older brother had to get up on a table and do the chicken dance, hilarious!!! 
It was so nice to finally meet everyone and Wes had a great time catching up with his siblings. Luckily we caught our cruise ship where they all live!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

sail away...

We're headed on our cruise TODAY!!! I can't wait to get on the boat and lay out and relax all week long. Oh and see all the beaches in the BAHAMAS!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

random pictures

I don't think the dogs EVER get out of the window all day long...they are here when I leave in the mornings and still here when I come home in the afternoons. same spot every.single.time.
Lyla will mix it She likes to lay on top of the couch. (this was prior to their baths) 
I.Love.This.Car. So fast and oh so nice and pretty dang good looking too. 
This picture of Roxi cracks me up. She looks like a little old lady with her cigarette hanging out of her mouth, hilarious. 
I got a quick picture of Lynlea the other night too. This is 9 weeks out from meeting Joss!!! 
Josslyn's first bathing suit!!! so sweet and so tiny. 
I just had to post this. I asked Wes to hold this dress up while I sent a pic to mom the other night and he thought he would strike a little pose to go with. 

Monday, March 14, 2011


what a saturday. wes, his dad, and bert got up really early to go fishing. they ended up staying all morning and half the afternoon. so allison and i headed out to run some errands. we went to old navy, target, khols, tj maxx, lunch at jasons deli, and then headed to the mall. we seriously left my house at 10:30 and didn't get home until 3:30...weeeew! afterwards the dogs and i ran with wes to his office and then back home to get ready for our fun night out. us 4 all went to the casino for a nice dinner and to hang out and listen to a really good band.
bertle and westley all dressed up!!!
bert wanted "senior pics" re-taken so this is the best i could do, hilarious!
after dinner we did a small amount of gambling. i played wheel of fortune with allison and wes played sex and the city, yes he did!
we stayed for a few hours and then headed home since we lost a hour of sleep that night.
voyager was the band that good.
*funny hemi story: while we were at the office hemi was running around the parking lot and pretty close to the pasture where the horses are (he didn't notice they were out there). then right when we were getting ready to leave he noticed a horse walking towards him...oh my! he started growling, kicking grass everywhere, and acting a fool. he ran as fast as he could back to the truck BUT stopped about 5 times to look behind him to make sure it wasn't following him. that dog is such a MESS!