Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Birthday daddy

Helping mom make daddy's favorite banana pudding this morning while eating a banana. 
Ooooh what fun. Loving his new swing. Daddy built a swing in the back yard so bub tested the new swing. 
All things boys today....cabelas. 
Headed to dinner now so I'll get a family pic. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Stared turkey day with pancakes for breakfast. He loves to feed himself so I made him a small one just his size. 
Went to Mimi's house and he tried to escape out the front door. Pappa was out there hanging Christmas lights and he wanted to help. 
Smoked turkey by Pappa. 
Family picture eating snacks before the big meal. 
After lunch this tired turkey passed out. He slept for 2 1/2 so I put Mimi's tree up and got the lights on it. 
Caught them talking #selfies 
This boy is crazy about his Mema. 
He lives pushing Joss pink stroller around the house. And it drives Joss crazy. 
#selfies. Speaking of those. Lol
Family photo and we got photo bombed by little girl. She's such a mess. 
Of course she didn't photo bomb them. She refused to be in their pic. 
She's crazy about her favorite uncle Wes. 
My little family. 
Nighty Night my favorite little turkey. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tired Turkey day 3

Today wore him OUT!!!! He napped for over two hours. We started the morning at target and then went to moms to wrap some gifts and hang out. He passed out before we got out of the drive. 
Then I wrapped all my gifts while he slept and did all the laundry. Daddy came home early and we ran some errands and had a dance party. 

Vaca day 2

I finished decorating Brooke's house while Mema watched Mav man. 
Then Mav and I came home and made chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies from scratch before we went to eat at Mojitos with friends. Us girls, I miss Ange. 
My little family. Love my boys. 
Angela met Mav for the first time. She's home for thanksgiving. I think he liked her. Lol
Night Night Mav

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mommas little elf helper

Looking so handsome for church. 
Curling Mimi's hair. 
We came home and decorated for Christmas. My little helper in the fishing line. 
Mav's tree in his room with woodland animals. 

Day 1 fun

First day of vacation with momma. We went to walmart this morning to get groceries for thanksgiving and daddy's birthday goodies. He neeeeeeeded that ball. 
Enjoying our banana bread 
Mom and I shopped today while M hung out with Mema and tonight we went to Allison's house for a boutique truck party. 
Playing in memas rollers 

Turkey by day. Elf by night.

Friday we had an early day at school and I was out by 11. Just in time to head to J's school performance. Bubby waiting on her to take stage. 
Pictures didn't come out so good but she knew her stuff. Loved it. They served us a big thanksgiving dinner afterwards. 
One tired little turkey. 
Wake up sleepy head
Headed to the square tonight to watch the parade and the lighting of the square. Bubby was taking it all in. 
Just waiting. 
Let there be light. 
Loves to ride on daddy's shoulders. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Busy body

I did a little decorating for Brooke. Fun girls living room mantel. 
Just looking cute before bedtime. 
He loves to look at miss kitty out the window. Getting so brave letting go with one hand. 
Having a cookie at memas house. 
That hair. Wowzers. 
I just thought I was going to the bathroom. No more privacy. 
Looking so big playing in the floor. 
Snack time. 
Hanging out watching tv. 
Getting into everything these days. 
Pulling up on everything. 
Chasing after everything. 
I'm ine busy momma ;) love this sweet boy so much