Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Ride

Wes and I went to the lake on Sunday afternoon. We decided to take Hemi and Lyla and I must say they LOVED it! Hemi really enjoys riding on the boat.

Hemi likes to drive the boat too!

Lyla drives some but she would rather sleep on the bench by me. I made her wear her life jacket because she gets a little restless.

Wes found these really cool sunglasses on the boat!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gifts Galore

Thanks to Laci and Davo for my dress!!! I LOVE IT, I have been wanting this dress for the past couple of weeks. It's sooo dang cute, now I can't wait to wear it! Diana got me a "birthday girl" wine glass (funny because this is what I almost got her), Brittany got us both some super cute flip flops from Warrens, Allison got me Mexico stuff: a cute bathing suit cover up, and frame. I love my pictures of Bentley & Logan too, thanks Lindsey! Andrea, Heath, & Luke got me a hilarious card and gift card to forever21 (good job guys, I love that place. I'm sure Heath and Luke did this all on their own) Lauren & the guys got me petunias in the cutest teacup flower pot. Adrienne and Kimberly got Diana & I initial necklaces. (Diana when she saw the initials) "Oh a g for graham and ..... a d for Diana) I love all my presents!!! Thanks soooo much to everyone for coming!

Oh My, all the puppies!!!

Hemi and Lyla had some friends over to hang out while we had our cookout! Diana brought her westie, Sebastian. Julie brought a little Bichon, Evie. Brittany brought over Sampson (Sampsonite) and Hemi and Lyla were there of course! Lyla didn't want anything to do with the dogs, she is very independent. Hemi on the other hand likes dogs but he wasn't sure about 3 dogs at once at his house. But he and Sebastian ended up being great friends. Sebastian couldn't quite keep up with Hemi (he's fast for a little fat boy). Sebastian would chase Hemi all over the yard, it was soooo cute.


Oh Westley!!!! So Wes decided we should rockband up outside on a movie screen for the cookout. I wasn't sure about this, but I must say it was a HUGE hit! I think everyone enjoyed rockband, as you can see from the pictures!! I think this might be David's favorite thing, he played ALL night! It's like pulling teeth for Laci trying to get him home. He always asks if he can stay the night. I wonder, if he did stay the night....would he really play all night long? Thanks to Wes for setting up all the equipment and taking it all down and putting it away! I love you!

Birthday Cookout

Diana and I decided to have a joint birthday cookout, yes just like we did in the 8th grade! We had sooo much fun, I was glad she got to come to town! She satyed with Julie this time since I went out Friday night to celebrate my birthday with my family. We ended up having a pretty big turn out for the cookout. I got lots of good gifts too, thanks everyone! We cooked burgers & hotdogs and had salsa (we'll Heath had salsa...HAHA), cheese dip, chips, potato salad, baked beans, and CUPCAKES!!! Funny story: I told Wes on Friday that I needed to go to Sams Saturday before the party to pick some stuff up. He was excited since he loves Sams. So we went on Saturday and I told him I was going to the bakery to get my cupcakes. He was like what cupcakes. So I told him I had ordered 30 for the party, hot pink with sprinkles on top!!! He said What? I ordered 30 cupcakes for the party that are hot pink with sprinkles!!! So let's just say we had PLENTY of cupcakes!!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!! I can't believe I'm soooo old, YUCK! I've done a lot of celebrating this weekend. On Thursday we had a luncheon at work. Kathy made some yummy soup and Jessica made Spanish Turkeys. I had never heard of them before but they were very good. Thanks Guys! Then on Friday after class Courtney, Brittany, Heather, & I went to eat sushi. Thanks for the cake and lunch guys, it was great! Friday night Wes and I went to eat with dad, Lynlea, Cindy, and Abra to Red Lobster. I have always loved that place. It was delicious!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bentley & Logan

Isn't this the CUTEST thing you have ever seen??? Logan didn't really care for her BIG headband but Bentley, a different story. It was hilarious... He found this headband in the front window and immediately put it on and NEVER took it off until it was time to go. I'm glad you guys came by to visit, you need to come by more often. And dinner was excellent Lindsey, thanks for going. I'll teach you to sew one night...haha!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Softball Opener

Tonight was the first night of Johnson softball! Oh boy...enough said! Well let's just say we need some practice. I thought we were in the 'easy' league, we are playing for fun. Well the two teams we played tonight are really good! I think they should be moved up to another league! And I don't think they are playing for fun. HAHA Buddy came to the game too, I fed him my ice. Some lady told Ashley he was aggressive...ha that's a good one! He is the sweetest dog ever. He is like a big, well HUGE baby! Candace brought the boys for the first game! I held Colt in his little swing thing. Those things are really neat. I think if I had a baby I would strap them on and tote them around everywhere. Colt is soooo sweet, he slept the whole time and he snores really loud for a baby. It was really cute though. Now were home, watching the hills then off to finish laundry from yesterday. 

Friends & Family

We went to church with Laci and David last Sunday because it was "friends and family day." We had a great time, it was packed!!! They made way past their goal. I think they said they had 450ish people in church on Sunday...WOW! We had an amazing lunch too, boy do they
church of christ know how to cook...HA! They always have the best food. We had to sit at the 'kids table' because there were soooo many people. Notice how SMALL our chairs are that we are sitting in. Even papa Huff made it up out of these. Luke passed out on Aunt Laci in the middle of lunch. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snake in the road

This is what we ran into on the way home from the farm! YUCK!!! It was a copperhead. Wes and I were leading the caravan so we all had to stop and take a closer look. Oh and of course David had his gun on him, how convenient. So he had to shoot it right in the head. And then Heath had to pick it up. A dead snake is the nest snake if you ask me!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Bring your own steak night at the farm was Saturday night. YUMMY.... all I can say! They were delicous, can't you tell by looking at them?The big one on the right is all Davo's!  Zack and Sarah really missed out! :) This picture of Linda and Terry is hilarious, she is soooo tough can't you see it in her smile? Luke sat up in his highchair for the first time during dinner. He did really well! He also tried some little snacks that dissolve in his mouth, pretty funny! He wasn't quite sure what to think about them but he couldn't stop eating them! ha His facial expressions looked like they tasted awful but I think he ended up liking them. He doesn't care as long as he is getting something to eat. After we ate dinner we all played Mad Gab, I think that's the name of it. So Laci, Terry, Andrea, Wes, and I were all on a team against Lauren, Dustin, Linda, Heath, and David. Wes and I had never played before so it was pretty funny. FYI: you don't want Wes on your team, he was a terrible player but I still love him. He didn't know any of the answers and the one he did know was for the other team and he shouted it out. Thanks Babe!!! Our team ended up kicking butt in the end thanks to Laci and Andrea. They really get into it, it was hilarious!!! We didn't end up riding 4-wheelers since it rained all afternoon. I can't remember the last time I rode :( Laci and I ran to the mall while the boys fixed the fence and let the cows out!

Opening Night

Wes and I went with Laci and David to the first Naturals home game Thursday night. We had the best seats EVER. Front row, home side dugout...Thanks Sean and Danielle! We ate burgers, hot dogs, m & m's, pretzels, you name it. It probably costs us $100, no not really. We had a great time, we even won!!! There was a great firework show after and they managed to somehow catch the grass on fire!

Birthday Cookout

I don't know why but this is the ONLY picture I got ALL NIGHT!!! 
Sorry, I know I was slacking on my job. We went to Allison and Bert's house Friday night to have a cookout with some friends to wrap up the birthday celebration for Bert. Bert (well technically Wes) cooked up hotdogs and burgers and they were yummy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bert (again)

On Bert's "Real" Birthday they came to our house so we cooked them dinner. We had pork chops, corn, salad, and rice!!! It was very good, hope you guys enjoyed! Bert celebrates like I do with as many birthday dinners and get together as possible. Friday, he's having another party. Allison comes home tomorrow from Vegas, we've missed her. She's going to miss the first home Naturals Game!!! I'll take plenty of pictures for you!
Lastnight was "Girls Night" at Powerhouse. I had fun girls, we'll have to do it again soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday BERT!!!! Last night Wes and I went to Allison and Bert's house to eat dinner. Bert got a new grill for his birthday so we wanted to test it out before the big party this weekend. (lucky us, we were the ginny pigs) They made us steaks and they were VERY good, props to you guys. FYI Allison and Bert DO NOT cook!!! So we hung out on a rainy Easter sunday night and had a great glass of wine, or whine as Angela says ;) Allison made Bert a confetti cake with different colored chips throughout, pretty cute!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guido's Night

Friday night we went to Guidos with our second family!  I was trying to get a picture of Luke's pants, Heath had them hiked way up just like papaw wears his. It was too cute! You can't tell by this picture but Luke has on the shirt I made him, too sweet. I can't believe how BIG he is, and how much he is starting to look like Heath. It cracks me up every time I see him, he acts just like Heath too. He's such a good baby, soooo laid back, go with the flow, no emotions. (Although he is beginning to smile a lot more and coo) Andrea and Heath are very fortunate to have such a great baby! Sorry, I didn't even get a picture of Heath and Andrea...just Wes and I and then Laci and David. 

Hoppy Easter

Kimberly wishes everyone a "HOPPY EASTER!" I made this shirt for her forever ago and have been patiently waiting for her to wear it! Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter even if it was rainy and cold. So much for me wearing my cute little Easter dress on this rainy Sunday. Instead I opted for my long maxi with leggings underneath...HA