Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's the weekend. Time to have a little fun.

Founders Day assembly at school Friday afternoon was a hit. Mr. Troy dressed up like Mr. Bill from the 70's and did a little skit. It was pretty funny. 
My class was even involved! We all made tie dyed tshirts to wear and run across stage for the skit. 
We had a school wide picnic from 4-6 with all kinds of fun stuff! Maverick was the first customer for the balloon lady. He chose an orange spider and loved every minute of it. 
Up next a quick game of bag hole. 
Chasing bubbles with a frisbee. Lol
When we got home I finished hanging all of Mason's clothes and Bub checked out all the paci's. Oh my!!! We met Mimi and Papa for pizza and then back home. I got s bunch of diapers unpacked and put away and Mason's closet pretty much done and organized. Yay!!!!
This morning we dropped my car off for an oil change and headed for donuts! 
The weekend wouldn't be complete with this boy getting to go to " work " aka Lowes!!! He always tells us he works at lowes in the mowers. Ha 
Found himself a real life shovel just his size. 
Quick nap after lunch and played outside most of the afternoon.   
I made myself a floral crown for maternity pictures in Thursday. Pretty cute how it turned out. 
Keegan brought me out couples shower invitation for Mister Mason!!! 
Bubba enjoying his puzzle time before we go to bed. Wes is still outside talking to Mr. Tom...its 9:30. Ha he worked more on his shed today, I ran to Walmart, we stayed home and cooked dinner, did some laundry and cleaned our bathroom really good.  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Busy Thursday

Yesterday was a fun filled busy day!!! I left school at 1:30 to go get a mani/pedi. I used my gift card from Mason and choose a blue color!!! Ran back to school go take Evie to play gator golf and eat ice scream!!! 
Mom picked M up from school and I met them at Lowes to pick him up. Instead he cried to stay so he went back home with them so Wes and I had a dinner date at Olive  Garden by ourselves. 
Mom sent me this saying they were too busy playing to come in and eat. Ha

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Shower for Mason

Work had a little shower today for baby Mason!!! 
Group photo!!!
It won't be long now!!!!
Love his little hashtag board. Ha 
Thanks to this girl for putting it all together!!! Mason is loved already, got some good stuff!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy Tuesday

"Look mommy. I mow like daddy."
Helping daddy water all the flowers. 
This is where the magic happens. Cute little dish towel from Chelsea for my birthday. Snapped a picture with those nice warm cookies ;)
Saying his prayer over his cookie. What a sweet sweet baby. 
Now a drink from the water hose. 
Nice bubble bath to clean up this dirty dirty boy. 
Daddy dressed him for me this morning and fixed his hair. He got lots of compliments on that crazy hair. Lol

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to me

My birthday weekend continues. Since today was the actual day after church we ate Market Place for lunch. Quick selfie with my favorite little boy. 
Now both my favorite little boy and my favorite big boy. About to add my favorite tiny boy to this gang!!!
While gang minus Paul. Somehow I didn't get the pic the waiter took. 
Josslyns wanted in on our picture. 
Bubba knew exactly what to do when they brought that candle out. He blew it right out. Lol
Digging into the chocolate mess. 
We didn't get one good picture of the three of us. Too hard with wiggle worm. 
Home for naps before playing outside. 
I sat by the pool at moms while it filled with water. 
Bub played in the dirt pile all afternoon. 
These two were full of dirt. 
We had a picnic dinner outside of leftover chicken and then a Quick bath in Mimi's sink before we headed home. 

Birthday Cookout

We celebrated my birthday cooking out at mom and Pauls house with all of our friends. Bub and I took a selfie with his mouth full of food. 
Chewing down on Jordan's spinach dip he made. 
This is how they lit the candles. Blow torch anyone. Ha 
My pretty pink cake. Bub kept saying he wanted to get momma a pink cake. Love it. Thanks boys. 
My family. 
Game time in the hard. 
Playing in the dirt pile loving life. 
Boys and their toys. 
These two goodballs. 
Everyone was so excited about turning on the water to fill the pool. 
Getting a little braver climbing towards the top. 
Made it all the way and wanted everyone to see. Love this little dirt devil. 
We've been friends for nearly 20 years. That's so crazy to me. Does that make us old? We've been friends since the 8th grade and now both having baby boys in the next two months. 
Some of the girls 
Boys will always be boys. It took like 15 shots to get this decent one. Lol
All the girls jumped into this one. 
Allison photo bombed us 
And then she got photo bombed. Ha
So much fun!!! Wes grilled tons of chicken for everyone and everyone brought sides.