Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our week so far

Color week at school...we all had to wear red on Monday!!! 
Getting some snuggles in while brother is playing at school. 
So cute in his hog shirt from Mimi!!!
Orange you glad you love school!!! I'm so proud of this boy for wearing big big underwear and he's doing so great!!!!
Playing with wooden people in class. 
Just a swinging. This baby went to the dentist with me today. I fed him good and he napped for the most part of my visit. Then....he woke up and I had to nurse him while I got my teeth cleaned. ;0
Playing so good together waiting for grandad and the gang to come eat. 

Mason's Baptism

This little angel baby had a BIG day Sunday getting baptized. 
He was so excited and Wes said he looks like an Amish baby. lol 
Big brother looks 15
My family. Best we could get. 
Passed out after church and lunch. 
Look at all the love for our baby. Love these people so. 
He's looking at the pastor like..."so you're the one who tried to drown me" 
So special. Thankful for moments like this. Mason did so great getting the water poured over his head. 
My little family. Make me so happy. 
Precious children of God!!! Smith, maverick, joss, Mason and Scarlett. Just missing Silas, he stayed with nana. lol 
The whole gang came to support us and witness Mason's baptism. 
Then we all went to lunch together where I had to drag a chair in the bathroom to nurse Mason...good times. And ate cake and cookies. Such a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Morning time snuggles in momma and daddy's bed, it's the best time of the day. 
Went to mimi and papas house and everyone fell asleep. 
Look at this sweet boy after we ate lunch. 
Mason woke up to keep me company for a little while. 
Hooky made the sweetest cookies for Mason's baptism tomorrow. 
I mean how does she do soooo good. 
My hands are full and so is my heart. Maverick is getting so big and too fast. 
Grilled out dogs and went on a night swim to wrap up our Saturday. 

Friday, August 26, 2016


Friday morning donut run before we went to school. Love this baby boy. He has worn his big boy underwear all week to school with minimal accidents. No turning back now. ;)
My my chunky angel. 
Happy as can be. 
He and brother look so different. 
I mean look at them side by side. Same outfit but months apart. Mason wearing it at 7 weeks and maverick at 6 months. 
Wes stayed at work late working on stuff so it was just me and the boys. We made pizza and cookies and played all night outside. 
Look at this serious rider of mine. 


Two tired boys in the bed Thursday morning. I let them both sleep in before we got up and ready for school. 
Just in time for his favorite part of the day, music class with Mr. Troy. He was clapping and tapping his foot. 
We went mall walking in his pjs. Lol only cute little babies can get away with it. 
Home just in time for smiles and then daddy picked us up to run to church. 
Tired all over again. Ha
Looked so cute in this little outfit. I remember when maverick wore it. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy hump day

My Walmart shopping buddy on Tuesday after I dropped Bub off at school. We also got to have lunch with daddy. 
Mavericks favorite part of the day is music class with Mr. Troy. He's up front and ready to sing. 
They also made play dough 
Riding 4-wheelers after dinner. The weather has been so nice in the afternoons so we spend lots of time outside. 
He loves the outdoors as much as brother does. 
Dropping big boy off Thursday morning. 
This big happy baby is seven weeks old today!!!! He brings me so much joy!!! Love this sweetie so much. 

Hard to see maverick on the left wearing the same shirt as Mason wore today but two years ago. Insert crying face. Babies don't keep!
We grilled burgers tonight and dad and Lisa came over to hang and eat. Jose even got to come and see granddad. 

Monday, August 22, 2016