Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jack's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday JACK!!! We went to Chuckee Cheese Sunday to celebrate Jack's birthday! He had a BIG time, lots of friends and family came out to join the fun! That kid got TONS, I mean TONS of gifts. Man to be 2 again. Don't you just love Jack and Hudson's t shirts???? Thanks, I did them all myself. Luke has one as well, so I want a picture of all 3 boys to put on my blog. The Birthday banner was my gift to Jack. I figured I would do something creative since he has sooo many toys already. All you do is add a candle each year. He's soooo sweet, he calls me "Hay-E"

He asked....And I said YES!!!

We're getting married....OMG!!! I'm sooooo excited! I don't think it has really set in yet. It happened Saturday night!!! He had gone to Tulsa with my dad a few weekends ago. (I guess that is when he got the RING!) Apparently he received it in the mail on Friday and couldn't wait any longer. As you know, were going to Mexico in May and he had big plans to do it there. Well plans change, he was so excited he gave it to me early. He put the ring on Hemi's collar
and waited patiently until I FINALLY found it at
about 7:00 that night. He put it on him about noon...
When I found the ring, I was so excited and nervous all at once. I couldn't get it off the dog fast enough. The first thing I said was "Is this for me" (thinking, hell yeah Haley it is...don't ask why I asked that.) I didn't know what to think. So I ran and jumped on him after I got the darn thing off Hemi. And the rest...well it's just beginning!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

Westley & I with our GREEN Margaritas...Hey, we were celebrating St. Patty's Day at the game! They were also a BIG hit. I made Laci and I matching shirts...red for Razorbacks with green HOGS on them. They were sooo cute and we got lots of compliments. If you can tell: not only do we have on the same t-shirt but with jeans and matching shoes. Yep, that's right! When you have good style you pass it along and share with friends. We cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. I brought
fruit and green fruit dip as well. I love to go hang out with all my friends and eat junk food all night.

Zoo Animals

I took Kimberli to the zoo last weekend. We had SO much fun! She
loves all the animals so much, especially the goats.
Can you tell...ha ha She tried picking him up because he got out of the pin. We got to see lions, tigers, bears, alligators, hippo, rhino, prairie dogs (my fave), zebras, buffalo, deer, monkeys, and MORE! We even got to hold a baby monkey, Chloe. She was very sweet but Kimberli wanted nothing to do with her. She was a little hyper, to say the least.

She wasn't afraid of feeding them at all. They would come right up to the window and she would give them a piece of bread. I don't know why but she was obsessed with the ducks...don't ask!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baking Cookies with Anna Kate

Anna Kate decided to take advantage of Hayden taking a nap so we decided we would bake and decorate cookies at Nina's house! All she could talk about during lunch was that pink icing she was going to get to use after we baked our cookies. She has such a personality, little drama queen, girly girl, tom boy, and soooo sweet!
So here is our 'finished' product. They didn't taste very good but they sure looked pretty. AK enjoyed them so much I packed them up and sent them home with her.


Lynn and I babysat Hayden and Anna Kate (Lynn's grandkids) this past week. Well, technically I babysat the kids while Lynn watched and did a little work around us. Their daycare had lots of sick kids so we got to keep them while Sarah and Nick worked. There were 2 days that Lynn couldn't watch them so I went to their house and played. Anna Kate and I played play dough, dress up, watched a movie and helped get ready to go to the farm.

Happy Easter

I made this onesie for Ruby... She is going to wear it for her Easter pictures with bunnies. She will be soooo cute! I also had to make Anna Kate and Kimberli one. Hayden got a camo bunny instead, very manly. His dad should love it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Next week is Spring Break and I'm soooo ready! I need a nice little short break off. Wes and I are staying around here. Well we may go to Eureka or Branson for the day, just to get away. We're going to Mexico for 12 days in May....WHOOOOO HOOOOO! I can't wait, and neither can Wes. Westley hasn't ever been on a vacation before, can you believe it? me either. So that makes it more exciting that we get to go together on his first vacation. He's been to the beach before, he's from Florida. But an actually vacation, nope NEVER! He hates taking off work, traveling, packing, unpacking (BLAH), etc. All it takes to get ready but we will have the best time EVER! The picture above is one I took last year when we went to Mazatlan. It's so incredibly beautiful there, I would move there if I could.

Dancing With The Stars Premiere

I'm so excited that Dancing with the stars is BACK!
Monday night is the only night I will actually sit down and watch t.v. and DWTS is my favorite show, yes over the Bachelor. (stupid guy) So I have to say I'm rooting for Melissa all the way, poor girl! And I must say she did amazing for the first night and with only 2 days of practice, you go girl! I missed the first few since it was 'mexican food night' with Bob and Sandy...mmmm I love some Mexican food!

I taught my 4 year olds today, last week was 3 year olds. Kalisha and I switch off weeks, and I love it! We read "Planting A Rainbow" and we planted flowers outside. The kids loved planting, the wanted to do more and more... I let them plant a few in small pots to take home and we kept some at school so we can watch as the grow!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Flower Girl

So after the soccer game Kimberli and I ran a few errands and had to get ready for her big brothers Chuckee Cheese birthday party. Well, apparently I wore her OUT!!! She loved that we could take the top off the car, she kept saying "more Haley, take that off!"
We made it to the party just in time for fun, games, pizza, and cake! Boy did she love Chuckee, she followed him around everywhere spanking his butt. It was hilarious!

Sexy Legs

What you have all waited for....Westley wearing shorts HAHAHA! As you know, Wes refuses to wear shorts, so his first soccer game he decided he would wear pants. Well, I noticed him and the ref were talking it up. But I just thought Wes was making a new friend like he always does. Come to find out....he was informing Wes that he couldn't wear pants, he had to wear shorts. So, our last weekend consisted of running around everywhere tring to find the longest pair of shorts on earth. Finally, we found them!!! Kimberli loves to watch Wes play soccer, the whole time she yells "Go Wes" it's toooo cute! Adriel loves to watch and yell for her daddy. Kimberli and Adriel have become the best of soccer friends and quite the little pep squad.

Farm Day

So Saturday Wes and I went to the farm to hang out with our 2nd family! We went to celebrate Lauren's birthday, lots of friends and family came out to eat, Linda made the BEST lasagna ever mmmm! Laci, David, Heath, and us went on a 4-wheeler ride to the river. Man was it grown up and limbs everywhere of course, no one has cleaned that out for us. Shame on them! We had lots of fun especially playing with all the new babies that are in the family. If you know Wes, he refuses to hold them. He is afraid of breaking them...HA! The only baby I have ever seen him hold is Kimberli, he loves her sooooo much. This is me with Luke and Laci with Hudson. My have they GROWN!!!
Notice how many dogs are in the barn because we didn't want to mess with them all the way to the river! Hoss, Duke, Dodger, & Sammy. Hagen, Whollie, Charlie, and Sandy were at the house...so many dogs! If you don't know who that is riding behind Davo, it's Laci. Thanks Heath for letting her borrow your goggles, too funny! (love you girl) My favorite dog at the farm, Whollie!