Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bath tub fun

We had a little spelling lesson in the bath tub. And of course he was loving it. 

Getting our night night gown on. 
Sweet dreams pretty baby cakes b

Monday, April 28, 2014

Back porch sittin'

We spent the whole weekend together just our little family and had so much fun. This happy camper slept do good and woke up his normal happy self Sunday morning. Went to church with Mema and Joss and had fried chicken for lunch. Went grocery shopping while M slept in the truck with Wes. 
Spent some good quality time in the bumbo for the first time. He could actually do pretty good, sweet boy. We went on a nice long walk around the hood and then M took a 3 hr nap while we cleaned and cooked. 
We sat on the back porch most of the afternoon. 
He passes out...right before his long afternoon nap. 
Yummy no bake cookies. 
Wes found this little guy in the yard while watering, yikes. Keegan came over and was going to try to catch it but it got away too soon. Supposedly it's a garter snake and harmless, better hope so. 
Sad to see the weekend come to an end but had a great one. We had some pretty bad storms hit central AR yesterday late afternoon and through the night. Hit mayflower (close to LR) pretty hard. Prayers for everyone effected, so scary. Love spring time but it also comes with scary weather. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Happenings

We spent our whole day together as a family of three. Got up and out fairly early to take the boat back and then just drove around Fayetteville to see what was going on. Geese crossing by my school, so cute. I love how momma leads and daddy brings up the rear (real life stuff right there). 
After lunch at chick fil a and razorfest we came back to the house and went on a nice long walk. 
It was so hot outside today...loving this little man in his shades and floppy hat. 
Caught up with some neighbor/friends that have a little girl almost exactly 2 months older than M. They were staring at each just smiling and cooing. Sweetest thing ever. Glad we have them so close to watch them grow up together. ;))

Friday, April 25, 2014

11 weeks

I absolutely love this boy with all my soul
Hanging out on memas bed when I went to pick him up. 
Riding like a big boy in his stroller on our walk tonight. 
He is ready for the beach in his speedo. Cutest thing in the world. 
Love bath time!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My happy birthday

We went to dinner at mojitos to celebrate my 30th birthday!!! Good times

29 to 30

Went to bed as a 29 year old and bam
Woke up as a 30 year old. Crazy how that happens. 
Moms baby picture compared to Mavericks. They do look similar. 
This is hilarious and I immediately thought of Wes. The other day Paul was asking if Maverick still slept through the night or slept good at all. Wes was going on and on about how he sleeps so good and we have to wake him up in the mornings to eat. Ha Wes meant he sleeps really good and I get up to feed M. He snores right through it. 
Good morning boys
Cool cat is ready for the beach. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My twenties were good to me

My twenties have been the best decade of my life....so far! When I was 21 I went to NYC with my mom for spring break!!!
Got my first ever dog, Lyla for my 22nd birthday! Here we are swimming in the river. 
My 22nd birthday bash out on Dickson. (Waited a year so alllll of my friends could legally go). We rented a hummer and danced the night away! This was one of he first nights I hung out with Allison...now one oft best friends. These girls all went to HS together, love them all. 
Met Wes right before my birthday but we didn't start dating til that summer in June. Where it all started, my life. 
We got a Hemi together and he is the biggest mommas boy around. 
My 23rd birthday at red lobster and then we went out afterwards with a smaller crowd. We look so young ;)
Friends started getting married, Brittany was one of the firsts. 
Had a many of parties at our old college house, man I loved that place. I lived with Brittany and her cat Olivia, Kim for a little while the. Angela moved in, justin and his dog Bo, and Lyla and myself. 
24th birthday celebrated at Powerhouse with new college friends and old high school friends together. 
Fun backyard parties with bands. 
Took a trip to Kentucky with Allison and Bert. We went to the races and watched the razorbacks get beat by Kentucky. We stayed with Bert's good friends and had a hell of a time. Thanks for having us. 
25th birthday with Diana! This isn't our first bday we've shared. We also had our 15th (I think) together at my old house. 
Got engaged in March of 2009! Thought he would never ask. lol 
Took a 10 day long trip to mazatlan in May 2009. 
Turned 26 out at the farm. 
Wedding festivities began that year also. Here we are at our couples shower. 
Laci had baby girl Scarlett 
We got married may 22, 2010!!!
Our wedding was even featured in our local magazine. 
Josslyn was born in May 8, 2011
Mom married Paul on June 17, 2011
My 27th birthday celebrating at JJ's with family!
Bought our first house September 2011
28th surprise birthday cookout with friends
29th birthday celebrated at the casino with Allison and Bert. (Wes loved when I wore this romper) 
Went on a cruise with our neighbor friends. 
Found out we were pregnant in May 2013! 
At 12 weeks and 5 days we saw it was a BOY!!!
Baby shower hosted by friends. 
Maverick Lee Graham was born on February 7, 2014!!! Our lives are forever changed for the better!!!
Happy Easter 2014 with my perfect fam
Celebrating 30 years at moms last Sunday.