Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fair Fun

oh yeah. who doesn't love some good ole' fair time.
i just like to people watch. the most fun. he wanted me to hold one. no. thank. you.!!! 
scarlett basically begged to ride this. she kept pointed and running straight for it. she was pretty serious while she rode. laci scored it as a C- 
on to the good stuff. i had me a foot long corndog. hey why not? it was only $1 more than the small ones. wes had to help me finish it off.

closest i will get to a full grown cow. there was one who was loose running down the sidewalk. i jumped up on this ledge right out of it's way. this young little girl, probably like 10 was trying to lead it somewhere. ha. too big for her to handle.
scarlett wasn't too sure what to think of the cows. hey, i do not blame her. i do not/will not mess with a cow. it's always been one of those things that kind of terrify me. 
this little baby one was cute. but i wasn' t about to pet it. 
"ham bone" look a like. he was pretty cute but pretty stinky. 
now this little baby i got my hands on. he was tiny. so so sweet. just laid there and let whoever pet him.
fuzzy wuzzy was a bunny. 
lyla's cousin, ha. 
this little lady laid her a little egg. 
yuck and g.r.o.s.s. 
good time at the fair. we only go for the food and animals. i think was only goes for the food. it was good to finally get to hang out with laci, dave, and scarlett. we haven't seen them in like 3 weeks. geesh

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mess pot

Sweet sleeping babies...these are the best times! Wes and I got J for a little while on Sunday while Lynlea worked.
We had lunch at dad's. Here they are being so goofy! 
Doesn't this little face scream...MESS POT!!!
Well she definitely is one. We babysat Roxi a little bit while mom and Paul were on vaca. She only chewed up one spool of thread, one sharpie, and drug all the toys all over the house and backyard. (not too bad for her) 
Chewing up spools of thread wears a girl out. :) 

Friday, August 26, 2011


Last weekend the whole fam was out running errands and we noticed RHS Cheerleaders were having a car wash. hmmmm...wonder if my old friend Brittany is there? Yep, she was the one doing all the work. So I couldn't resist from letting her wash my car. All the cheerleaders just stood around while she washed all the cars, pretty funny.
Then of course I scooped this little thang up for some auntie time. She can almost hold her bottle all by herself. She's growing too fast!
Too much work holding her own bottle so she just gave it all up.
Wes and I saw this...whatever it is at Wally World so I snapped a quick photo.
Animal pileup at our house. I was taking the two smallest rug rats you see to a little girl at my school who wanted them. Hemi didn't get too far from the kitties the whole time, he's a little obsessed with cats.
Ole Ms. Jessica
I made these little bird nest them!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


so happy. smily. sweet girl.
talkin up a storm. sticking her tongue out a lot. 
then she can turn on the sad face. she has gotten really good and puckering that bottom lip out for a few seconds until the full blown fit comes. fit???yep, that's right. she will throw herself backwards and tense her body up. but...she's perfect.
she's already getting a top tooth so she has been running a little fever and has been a lot fussy. i kept her saturday but only for a few hours b/c she was so fussy. not fun. ;( she chews on everything (except her paci) constantly. she would grab her blanket or burp rag so she could stick it straight in her mouth. poor girl.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sneak peak

my buffet...minus the drawers. i love it already so i can't wait to see it all painted up!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

swap meet

Mom and I went to our first swap meet Saturday morning. we got up early and headed out so we could get the first picks...all the good stuff! So of the choices...

and our loot. i love this table with the cream base and black top DESTRESSED, of course. ;)
milk glass vases. these were $1 and i'm going to start a collection. hydrangeas from the garden. 
just a little of the accessories we picked up. 
it was fun. i really thought there would be TONS more to chose from but we did go home with a car load! i would go back!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

baby fashionista

Wes & I went with Mom & Paul shopping Saturday. The guys needed some new basic things so we hit up Old Navy. Wes was in charge & LOVING pushing Joss in her stroller.
She was loving all the shopping we did. 
We also had to hit up Dillards for some Polos & new swim shorts for their beach vaca. 
Joss loaded up for this fall. Here are a few of the cutest things we snagged up. I'm loving this leopard cardigan with the matching beanie.  

And this jacket is TOO CUTE!!! 
LOVE these biker boots 
And every little girl needs a sweater dress!

She is going to be looking too cute when it comes Fall/Winter!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheeto's Birthday Party

Oh Che Che celebrated his 4th birthday in style! "Meowma" wore her cat shirt with kitty ears, hilarious!
Bert wore the tail....such a sweet daddy. 
Family picture
Che was fit to be tied but Drew wanted to be in a pic. 
Coming out in the living room to open his gifts. 
Hello Kitty ORANGE cupcakes. 
They are retarded when it comes to their cat. They are obsessed with him! Just an excuse to have a bunch of people over and cook out.

Friday, August 5, 2011

double date night

We saw The Change Up tonight, haven't been to the movies in ages. We met Al & Bert for a double date. The movie is "OK" It wasn't really what I had imagined. Their language was a little 'bad' for me but there were some very hilarious parts.
Then we treated ourselves to Cold Stone...yummy!