Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Part 2

I found a few more Halloween party pictures so I had to share them! Mom and I before the party got started!
 Just the two of us again
 Some of the food before everyone got there and brought TONS more. I made 4 dozen ham rolls and they were all GONE before the night was over. (They are always a big hit)
 Pumpkin spice cookies with eyeballs on top of them. Grape caramel "apples"
We went all out on the decor, I love the way the house turned out.

I know I talked bad about Jordan's outfit but had to get a picture with him before the night ended.
Hostest with the Mostest

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween PARTAY

Mom and Paul hosted a Halloween party last night...SO MUCH FUN! Everyone that attended went way out with their costumes. The pirates stole the show fo sho! There were seriously a dozen pirates at the party.
Wes and I before the party got started!!!
 Full shot! I've wanted to be pirates for a few years now but we haven't ever done anything special for halloween so there hasn't been a reason to buy expensive costumes and go all out. UNTIL this year.
 Duck commander Bert and Allison the duck. These were the funniest costumes!!!
 Ganster Justin and Flapper Keegan
 The party hostesses themselves, Vampires!
 Trying to get a girl shot
 80's rocker Jordan and Melanie. I could barely look at him all night. He would raise his arms, fling his hair back, expose his arm pit hair, and then his shirt would go up to his nipples.
 Westley and Bert. Wes might be Willie's biggest fan, ha.
 Pirate women
 Paul hissed at everyone all night
 OBGYN doctors, lol
 Dawn and Michael, pirates again
 Paul and his worlock buddy
 Pirate people Tim and Carol. Tim won the best halloween costume for males!
 more.....PIRATES. Shauna won best female halloween costumes
 ALLLLLLLLL the pirate women
 Everyone scattered as they went on the scavanger hunt around the neighborhood
 And their off
We had so much fun with all of our friends and all of mom and Paul's friends. We partied the night away.


Just some random pictures of JoJo!!! This was on the bench outside of church one morning! She begged to ride with me and Wes to mom's for lunch. You think she got her way? YES MA'AM!!!
 I picked her up from school on Monday since Lynlea had a hair appt. I cooked breakfast for dinner and she was hamming it up for the camera.
 Trying on her new school t-shirt. I think she likes it!

Friday, October 26, 2012

punkin' patchin'

Two weekends ago the family loaded up and headed to Farmland Adventures for some family fun! Lynlea had to work that Saturday so Wes and I kept Joss and we had already decided we wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch so Mom and Paul came along too. The weather was nice except it was pretty windy but we didn't let that ruin our fun. First up the Pony Rides...she wasn't too sure what she thought about those "big dogs" but she was a good sport. Remember the fair wasn't a huge success, she is kind of a chicken when it comes to those kinda things. She wanted to cry so bad but we kept cheering for her every time she would go around so it kept her going.
 These pictures aren't in order at all but you can see in her hands two little white pumpkins. Those were her prize possessions the whole day, did not put them down one time.
 Just us girls minus one.
 Feeding the baby goat, she was only a few weeks old. So precious!!!

 The whole gang
 Josslyn at the end of the day checking out with all of our pumpkins. Still has her pumpkins in her hands.
 "Look what Uncle Wes got me"
 Loaded up on the trailer for our hay ride to feed the cows. She was loving this!!! They took us out in the middle of a cow pasture where we got to feed cows tortillas. They came right up to the trailer and ate out of our hands. One even licked Joss on the forehead.
 Being all big and stuff out in the pumpkin patch
 Uncle Wes took her to feed more goats!
They also had pig races that were pretty funny, corn cobb sensory tubs for the kids, a HUGE corn maze, mini corn maze, bales of hay to climb on, tons of animals, and more. We had such a fun filled day, we ended up staying for hours

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i heart pigtails

We spent our Saturday afternoon out at the farm so I wanted to snap a few pictures of J in her oh so cute outfit. :)

 this is what my view looks like...hold me!