Monday, January 30, 2012

fun dinner date

 Wes and I had a fun dinner date Friday night with some friends!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lunch Date

We've been super busy lately but I have been bad about taking pictures! We're still working on the house, especially the back yard. We've been laying sod like crazy and getting ready to plant some trees and start our garden. I'm soooo excited about the garden, I've always wanted one. I'm not very good about watering the plants (that's Wes' job). So we will see how this whole garden thing goes. 
Friday night we ate at my fav place Mojitos with KiKi & Justin and then played cards at our house. Saturday was a busy day...I spent the first half with mom, Lynlea, & Joss. We ate lunch at Market Place and then hit up the mall for a few hours. I saw lots of fun springs things that I "NEED." Then Saturday night a bunch of us ate Joe's Italian in Springdale and hung out at our house til the wee hours of the night/morning. I love getting a bunch of people together to play cards. KiKi & Justin went to church with us Sunday morning and then did sandwiches for lunch. Wes and I went to mom's that night for a big ham dinner. Monday night was the usual bachelor night...Keegan comes to watch it with me and Wes goes to hang out with Justin (good night). Allison and Bert came over last night for enchilada night and dessert. it's Wednesday! Happy Hump Day

Monday, January 23, 2012

Newest Member of the Family

Last weekend the 4 of us were out messing around and we decided to run into Puppy Paws "Just to look" well...look what mom came home with. We went in and she immediately fell in love but she talked herself out of her so we left. Ran errands all day long then Wes was driving us home and went back to Puppy Paws and she bought her. She is super sweet and oh so cute!
A little girl Maltese named...oh wait she doesn't have a name...STILL 
She has been called Lexi (and that stuck for a few days) then Lucy was in the talks, now she is being called Sadi but that hasn't stuck either. Poor baby needs a name! Roxi LOVES her. I mean is obsessed with her, checks on her constantly and the feelings are definitely mutual. I was a little bit worried since I remember how Lyla felt ab Hemi when we brought him home and I didn't think mom needed another dog but they were meant to be together. Call us crazy but we love our dogs! Mom has 4 to be exact so with our 2, we have 6 total when we go visit. (Mom has 2 that are outside only)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jdog & Lil' Sitty

Wes and I took Justin and KiKi to our favorite sushi place Blue Fin one night last week! They didn't know what they were missing. Justin just thought he didn't like sushi restaurants until he tried the fried rice, yum. Of course we had to decorate a fun! It says: Date Night with Westley & Haley featuring...
JDog & Lil' Sitty
Let me introduce you to Jdog aka Justin and Lil' Sitty aka Keegan or KiKi 
I gave her a new name KiKi...that's like Hemi and Lyla's aunt name they call her, ha!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

old school

Tonight we had our 1st "10 Year SHS Reunion meeting" and we broke out the old year book to bring back some good memories. I can't believe we have been out of HS for TEN WHOLE YEARS! Talking about it tonight only seems like I have been gone for maybe 5 years, craziness! So when I came home I was digging through all my old photos on my computer. I have TONS in a box that I would love to scan in and share (maybe another time).

It's so crazy to think about what we were like in HS and how different everyone is now. We've all grown up and I feel so old and I don't like it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

PJ Party

We always spend Christmas Eve night at mom's house and she gets us all matching pj's to wear. SO FUN, I think this is Wes' favorite part of Christmas!
This year we added a little weasle to the family fun, she had her Christmas pj's on from mimi too. 
these two make me smile 
Paul isn't sure what to think about Wes...the boys in their matching pj's.  
Mom and Paul 
We usually get our pj's on and play games and snack the rest of the night! 
Of course we had to get all the fur babies in a picture!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bachelor Recap

Oh the good ole Bachelor is back...I'm honestly kinda burnt out but I continue to watch! I love to see what everyone is wearing, the hair dos/dont's, nail polish :), etc! So Keegan and I watched it again, we missed Christine but she had homework to do.
Oh Benny, I kinda have mixed feelings about him. He's definitely not my favorite but I felt sorry for him last season with Ashley. I did not like her at all and WHY would she let him get on one knee and propose and then say NO. Shameless girl! So I hope he finds someone better this season.
What in the world was up with the group date "play" they put on. Ridiculous and so stupid is my opinion. Those girls are goofy... 
First one on one date with Kacie, I like her! She seems sweet, hometown girl, down to earth, genuine, nice girl. That's only after the 2nd show so things could obviously change, we shall see. He seemed to like her ok too, nothing to special but they did share a kiss.
Oh Courtney...she is kinda caddy. She is a model and that's great and all but not a fan. Ben is really into her so that makes it worse. I honestly don't see what she has but then again only the 2nd show. He talks her up a lot.
I like Lindzi...yeah yeah she rode in on a horse but hey she is cute and sweet.  
This poor girl...I want/NEED her blog. I'm so glad to see her go, to emotional for my liking! She seems insecure and gets so nervous while talking to him she sounds like a complete fool.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday celebration at OG

Last night we celebrated Austins 18th Birthday at Olive Garden with everyone. There is a bunch of us when we all get together. All the kids have an extra...husband(me), boyfriends, girlfriends, or baby. lol
Joss and I being silly at mimis house.
Again...Papa being silly in the background, she thought it was pretty funny.
Mimi and her little girl
Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate!
 Birthday boy with his girlfriend Makayla
Enjoying her first breadstick from OG, she had the whole shoved down her throat after a little while. She ate her fair share of Wes' mashed potatoes and all of her applesauce, hey this girl can eat!
Jordan & Melanie
Have your cake and eat it too
After dinner we all headed over to the house to enjoy some camo birthday cake and candles. BUT...we didn't even cut into the cake b/c we were all so full from OG.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night we had a Razorback watch party at Kyle & Christine's for the Cotton Bowl!!!
Just the pretties... 
My cookies I was so proud of! 
Now I'm not a professional but I thought they turned out pretty cute!
HOGS brought their A game last night and won the Cotton Bowl game against Kansas State. A few years ago Wes & I went to Dallas for the Cotton bowl with Laci & David...Man, we picked the wrong one to go to! We were FREEZING and we ended up loosing. This one was at the new Cowboys stadium (inside), the weather has been amazing, and we WON!!!
*I want to note that our weather has been kinda crazy, it kinda weirds me out. The whole global warming and stuff. It was 67 degrees yesterday January 6th which is crazy. It's in the high 50's today and supposed to be all week. SO WACKY

Friday, January 6, 2012

WPS...GO HOGS!!! Happy Birthday to Paul

Last night we celebrated Paul's birthday at JJ's with the family!!! He had a BIG surprise coming and had NO clue as to what it was! His cute Razorback cake, we are going to the Cotton Bowl you know!
He thought mom had already given him all his gifts...pullover & a shirt but he was in for it.
 Mom and Paul before everyone got to dinner! Wes and I went early to sneak in the cake!
 Opening up his gift after dinner! Wes had snuck out to the car to grab the present from mom's car. So the whole time it was sitting under the table he assumed it was our gift for him. This is his reaction....HUH? WHAT? WHAT IS THAT?'s cotton bowl tickets!!! wowzers!! He was shocked and soooo surprised!
 Little Miss was amazed by the band the entire night. They talked to her a lot so she was loving that attention!
 mess pot face!
 Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!!!
 Me and Westley
 Jordan & Melanie
I didn't get a pic of Austin & Makayla (sp) because they were so late, ha! We had a good time, dinner was good, Paul was completely surprised, they had a good band, so pretty good night! Now tonight we can't wait to call those hogs!!!