Friday, May 17, 2013

Grand Cayman

This was our favorite of the three places we visited! I want to go back here SO bad!!!

Sea turtle farm

Swimming with the sting rays...yes, we're crazy! I got in, took a few pictures, and got right back on the boat.
Our bus broke down on the way back to the ship. YIKES!!!!
They had to call the ship and have them wait on us. Thankfully they did. (We booked through Carnival so they couldn't leave us. Had we not then we would have to catch a flight to the next port)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


started the second day off right....hour massage and facial.
laying out on our first full day at sea. got ourselves a nice little sun burn too :(
lunch break
first formal night. check out that burn, yikes!

but not as bad as hers. she was seriously in so much pain. it was awful.

comedy club
nice. fancy. dinner.

unlimited amounts of ice cream/yogurt had by all. especially me when it was strawberry yogurt day. pretty sure i ate my weight in this while i was there.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Night ONE

Our first day was a success on the cruise! We got on the boat around 2:00 and we left exactly at 5:00. (One hour late because it was one hour late to arrive. They stopped in the middle of the ocean to pick up a stranded boat)
Headed down for dinner after we watched us take off!

Props to all the good food. Yes, I'm one of those that likes to photograph the plates :)

Entertainment on night one. Guess who had to go up on stage??? This girl right here!!!
I did get myself a pretty little 24karat gold ship trophy though :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

N'Orleans Bound

The drive down was not bad AT ALL! I mean I didn't drive or anything, just rode but it was totally "doable." We made it in no time. Checked into our hotel and headed out for dinner.
The whole "Super Hero" shirts thing was totally the guys idea and they were so proud. Luckily I already had this crazy batman shirt from something we did at school so Wes just had to go find himself one.
Flash and Captain America were at dinner with us too :)
We had mud bugs for dinner and they were delicious! I think it was Keegan's first time to have them. (If I'm remembering correctly)
Downtown New first visit!
Some really cool things to see and then some things that weren't so cool (scroll down)
One of many famous places to eat with you visit the city.
Well he/she is!
Really fancy bed and breakfast. I would like to stay there please

Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter and Birthdays!!!

Little Bunny Foo Foo came on Easter morning! Joss spent the night because Lynlea had to work and everyone was meeting us at church the next morning anyway. I think she loved what she was left from the Easter Bunny!

Easter lunch and egg hunt at Mimi and Pappa's house
Finally got to meet baby Silas! Laci went into secret labor, kept missing each other, then I was sick, then it was vacation time, but we finally met up. He's perfect!
One of my many birthday celebrations at Mojitos the night before my actual birthday!
She kept saying "Happy Cake" Aunt Haley! I'm pretty sure the only thing she could think about was CAKE!!!
And just a pretty picture before church last week! (this was the day of her party)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feb, March, and April

Valentine's Dinner Date with Jo Jo at the Mexican restaurant, of course! 
(Wes and I had a real Valentine's date at Crabby's with Hardin's and Sutton's)
This pretty much sums up the month of March. Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
Casino Royale fundraiser party for school.
Just some of the girls
Road trippin' to mema's house
Lovin on sweet sweet Finn
Mrs. Penn
 KINDA sums up our crazy lives! We're on the go non stop but I love it!