Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family fun at amazeum

All set to pick Jojo up for the amazeum. 
His favorite thing there is the big truck you can play in. So much fun. 
Pulley chair. Joss could pull herself up. 
Sliding fun
Gathering the eggs from the chickens. 
He walked around with his hands full of eggs while Jojo picked apples from the tree. 
He didn't want to put them in a basket. 
Milking the cow. 
Maverick wasn't sure about the dinosaurs. Joss didn't mind to get a picture with them. 
Playing in a boat. 
Digging for fossils 
Quick trip to SAMs for lunch AND ice cream. 
Yummy in his tummy. 
Passed smooth out on the way home. 
After some naps we played outside in the beautiful January weather. It was 70 degrees today so we rode 4-wheelers and ate snacks outside. Mom and Paul came over to play for a while and then we went to their house to eat steaks. Good happy Saturday full of family fun!!

Pizza night

Ms. Ruth sent me this picture Wednesday. Reading books in a box. 
Daddy took him out for pizza Wednesday night after school so momma could go to dinner with Chelsey and Jessica. 
He helped himself to some ranch. lol 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Early days are good for the two of us.

Looking so cute this morning. Even if his sweater needed to be pulled down, lol. 
Sneaking on play rug to dig in the sand. 
Where's Waldo. I mean Maverick. 
Waited his turn to play with the saw. 
I ran a few errands after school so bub could take his nap and then came home to play outside. It was in the mid 60's today so we rode the 4-wheeler all around the neighborhood. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cutting play do

Cutting....his new favorite thing to do!!! He's constantly asking cut cut. So play do and play do scissors come in handy. He will sit in his chair for about twenty minutes playing. He always wants me to make a snake so he can cut it up. 

Tuesday for the taking

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Monday

My favorite Valentine love bug. 
Telling him to show me his teeth. Ha
Building houses for his animals. 
Sweetest fave I've ever seen. 
Renee sent some snow dough home with him today so he immediately wanted to play and cut. So here we are. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Full weekend

Saturday night shopping and dinner at SAMs club. Getting all his party food and tasting all the samples. 
Passed out on the way home. Sweetest 
Sunday strawberry snack after a quick nap. 
Did a little shopping at cabelas and bubby test drove all the toys. 

Entertained with a cookie while momma ran in and did a little shopping. 

First birthday of a school friend

Happy Birthday to Ava! She had her party at Imagine, such a fun little place for small kiddos. Maverick loved climbing in the train and he pushed the mower around everywhere he went. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy Pizza Friday

Pizza day. His favorite day of the week. 
Looking so big walking to class. 
I was gonna have this apple on the way home but someone snatched it. At least he enjoyed the whole thing. Ha. 
Maverick went to memas house and stayed the night so Wes and I had a date night with Allison and Bert. We are at Table Mesa. Yummy. 
Pictures on the amazeum website. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kitchen help

Helping momma make scrambled eggs for dinner. 
Chocolate chip pancakes are yummy. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Tuesday

Little mess pot! I was slicking his hair down on the kitchen counter at school. 

Sweet face in suspenders. ;))
Feeding the birds with Ms. Ruth 
Hard to get a picture from my room. 
Nap time. 
Looks like we're headed back to school today i was hoping for a snow day but it didn't do anything. Boo