Saturday, June 27, 2015

This one

When we were in the car today I was asking Josslyn about memas boyfriend. She was telling me that Mema has a boyfriend but not a real boyfriend and he was coming to visit while we go to the beach. Uncle Wes asked what his name was. She replied "Johnnh Cash" omg!!! 
Then when we got home her and Wes were wrestling in the floor and he had her pinned down she immediately said "you're the best uncle ever" ha Wes always asks her who her favorite uncle is and she purposely says uncle Austin just to aggregate Wes. So funng

Friday, June 26, 2015

Date Night

We snuck away tonight to have date night at Mary Maestris with some friends. 
Some crazy friends but we love them. 
We all went to memas house to pick bubby up. Bert just had to pet Bella. Ha


My morning little drummer boy. He learns a new trick every single day. 
Let's kick off the last day of swim ranch. 
What a stud
Ready to get in. He can hardly wait. 
Riding the turtle in class today. 
Cheeeeeeese mom I passed and graduated. 
Right before the crumbled it up. Eeek
Lyla waiting for bubby to wake from nap 
Swimming wears a boy out 
Sweet little booty baby
He talked me into this truck at Walmart today. I sent it to Wes and his response "what a salesman" I can't help myself. That smile. That boy. My love. 
Wild child this afternoon. 
So excited for momma to take him to Mema's house for a while. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Swim day 4

Today was swim day #4 for this little man more baba today. The baba fairy came while he was napping and took them all away. He hasn't even asked for one. Little love. 
He's like a little fish now and loves the water. I'm so happy too. He swims right to the teachers and smiles and claps the whole time. Little love. 
He loved the big boy slide so much!!!! Little love (you see a pattern here?)
He could hardly wait long enough for his turn. 
Smiling all the way down. 
He went all the way under the second time but he didn't mind at all. 
After lessons we met up with Laci and the kiddos to swim at granny's and have a lunch picnic. He didn't want to get out of the water. 
After naps we went to moms and he went swimming with Joss and MiMi and then we stayed and played and ate tacos. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Manic Monday

Maverick started swim lessons today at Swim Ranch!!! He wasn't quiet sure what to think at the beginning of class. He enjoyed sitting on the edge splashing, momma holding him real close, running in our group circle, toy time at the end and the cookie jar. He didn't like wearing his buoy, swimming to the teachers or being the teacher helper. Ha
He watched the other swimmers in the first class and shook his head no. ;0
He loves playing in his tee pee
And he loves to rough house and be chased. 
Learning to play with trucks and drive them on the road rug. So precious. 
Ha. I had to snap a picture of maverick in this pink car. I'm going to paint it but I just got it today. 
Justin was mowing as maverick begged for a ride on his vroom vroom. Of course justin gave in and took him around the hood. Too funny. 
Then he went next door and hijacked the kids bmw right infront of them. Ha. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Maverick loves you so!!!!
My little family. Love them both. 
After church we cooked out at the farm and stayed to play allllll day. We did everything. You name it. 
Going to check on Papa and Austin in the boat out in the pond. 
Maverick is obsessed with riding the 4-wheeler. Every time we go over he runs to the shop and says 'vroooom' until someone will take him. Here is he riding with Austin. I took him a little later and he fell asleep in my arms. 
Melanie had to take her a nap too. 
Just the boys of the day
Papa and Austin on the boat. Lol
We had a fun day of playing hard! As soon as bubby got out of the bath he passed right out. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Family time

I took bub to get a haircut friday morning. 
Then he went to memas house go play with JOSSLYN while I shopped and lunched with mom. 
I was cleaning out my car and bub was trying to drive off. He can put the key in and turn it on. Smart little cookie. 
Friday night we ate sushi and went to Walmart. Big Friday night out. Daddy let him ride the pony TWICE on our way out. He loved it. So fun. 
Then we picked our garden and took some to the neighbors and aged outside with Emery for a little while before bed. 
We've had a big day today. Got up early to go to MiMis to pick the garden, ran all kinds of errands, ate lunch, had ice cream and went back to mimis house. My little Twinkie guys washing the veggies. 
First pickings of the day. 
Bubby loves to vaccum the house. 
4 deep on a ride. Us three all had on orange today. So funny. 
Little mess pot 
He loves attention. 
Riding on papas new mower. 
Second pickings of the day. This garden is growing like crazy!!!!!!