Tuesday, August 31, 2010

feelin crafty

Now I'm just waiting on my pictures so I can hang my frames up! I love the way they turned out...so excited!
While I was feeling crafty I made another frame for our bathroom! I had to show a picture of the shower curtain so you knew why I used what I did on my frame! It's actually window panels that I'm using for the shower curtain so it would cordinate the bed/bathrooms!
I took the ties backs from the "curtains" and made part of my bow! Already had this redish ribbon for the center and found a pretty brooch around the house to add to the middle of my bow!
I love how it turned out!!! It cost me about $10 for everything...YIPPIE!

Monday, August 30, 2010

swimming hole

Luke loves his little swimming hole...check out where the water comes from!
The nasty, green, slimy, fishy, dirty, stinky, scummy, filthy, grimy pond water... THANK YOU PAPA! He doesn't mind. He just pours it from one bottle to the bucket then back and forth.
The boys shot skeet after they fed all the cows!
For dinner Wes and I ran up to mom's to eat dinner with them. Look how far the shed has came along!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

group date night!

Saturday night we all had a group date night at Chili's! We were suppose to eat at Olive but it was a 1 1/2 hour wait...CRAZY! So Heath picked Chili's instead. We hadn't been there in forever but it was pretty good.
This is actually a pretty good picture of Wes and I...wow! (His eyes are OPEN and he has a decent smile) He usually has some goofy face and one eye closed...ha! (love you)
Luke enjoyed the cheese queso! He really just loved the queso...he would take a chip dip it in, lick it off, and re-dip! Glad he was sharing with his momma and daddy. He He He
I haven't seen Luke in about a month...he's grown (A TON) and has the cutest little haircut right now. Andrea spikes it up in the front, he looks like a little boy, not a baby anymore :(

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Steak Night

Lastnight Wes and I met up with some our friends to cook out and take a little swim. Scarlett and I getting ready to cook our steaks :)

Poor little girl...she was exhausted. She stayed awake all through dinner just chilled in her car seat so of course I had to get her back out. I rocked her right to sleep...sweet thing.
She looks so BIG here...but remember how little my legs are, ha! She was snoozing away, taking herself a little cat nap.
Everyone enjoying their steaks!
WOW...don't fall out when you see the pics below! Wes asked me to bring her to him. I KNOW...I KNOW...he volunteered to hold her. So there you have it Wes and Scarlett for the first time!!!
I was so proud...ha!
Groups shot in the hot tub!
A little mommy/daughter time before it was time to head home!
What a sweet little fam :)
Scarlett was in the best mood lastnight. I had her belly laughing out loud playing peek a boo with her. She was soooo sweet! We had a good time just hanging out and catching up with everyone. Now off to dinner to catch up with Heath and Andrea since he's home for a while!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


so my little project was painting these old picture frames i found in dad's storage building. i worked on these last wknd while the boys built their shed. they were so pretty gold (back in the day) and i remember they used to hang in our hall upstairs in our old house with family pics in them.
i was excited when i found them and decided i wanted to paint them black. and maybe distress them a bit.
here they are semi finished and i love how they turned out.
i still have to put a clear shiney coat on them and put some pics inside.
i'll post a final picture once i get them all done and hung in the living room/bedroom.
this week has flown by so far. i'm enjoying my new job so far and excited to see what this year has in store :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

the roof is on fire

And the fun continues!!! The roof has started.
All the boards are up and complete! Next up is the walls and singles!
Everything a man needs to build a great shed! HA
Hemi and I were the project managers! We watched and made sure they were hydrated!
Lyla dug in all the flower beds and got a little dirty.
Then we finished our hard working day off with a nice dinner...steak and potatoes!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pizza Night

Friday night is back...pizza night with the Huffmaster Clan! Wes and Hudson just wrestling while waiting on everyone to finish their dinner.
Scarlett in her sweet little cupcake onesie...looks familar!
We've had a busy weekend! Paul and mom decided to build a cute little shed in their back yard so Wes helped Paul build it! They first had to cut down a tree for the corner they wanted it to go in. Here is the floor after they leveled all the bricks and nailed all the wood together.
They got the first and hardest wall all nailed together and it's standing on it's on, ha. This wall will have a door with a window on each side so that was a little tricky to measure around.
Second and Third walls are UP!!! They start getting pretty fast before the sun sets.
LAST wall is standing!
Cutting all the wood in the HOT heat!
Then they came up with a great idea...make them a little shaded area with some tarp and that infamous rope that's been passed around.
We went back today to help finish putting the roof on and clean up until next time. I worked on a little project myself so I will have to show pics later!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy BDay Courtney

Wes and I went to dinner with Courtney and Michael tonight to celebrate Courtney's birthday! It was so good just to catch up with them (Courtney) and have a relaxing dinner just the 4 of us. (we missed you Britt and Chase) It was hilarious because Wes had told the waitress that we were celebrating her bday could they please sing and embarrass her? Courtney begged the lady not to but when we least expected it here she came with about 10 people behind her singing SO LOUD with cheesecake and a candle. SO FUN!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hugos Date Night

Saturday after open house at school Wes and I met Laci and Dave for a fish fry at their church...yum! Then the guys headed to the farm for the afternoon. I think they needed some guy time with their 4-wheelers, ha. Then we headed to date night with Allison and Bert and met some of their Joplins friends...Adam and Laura(en)...sorry I forgot! We hit up Hugos for some yummy burgers, I love that place!
We (Bert, Wes, and I) went along with the group so they could hit Dickson up for a little while. Here's Bert getting his dance on, too funny!
Here is "The Going Out Gang"
Wes and I along for the ride. It wasn't bad at all other than it being SUPER hot!!! We liked sitting and chatting with everyone. We hit a few other places up but all in all a fun night. We didn't stay out too long!
After church on Sunday Wes and I had a breakfast date at where??? Mimi's...that is Westley's absolute favorite breakfast place. It seems like we go there every other Sunday (atleast) after church. We had a little Sunday drive, a little Sunday nap, and a big Sunday dinner at mom's! Back to the swing of things on Monday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Cheeto Puff

Great excuse for a cook out and a good time...ha! It was cheeto's 3rd Birthday Cook Out Bash!!!
Everyone give your best "mean Che" impression...I think either Kristen or Allison took this one.
Oh Boy...the guest of honor. Allison is so ridiculous when it comes to her cat. She strolled him out in the living room for present time. (YES people brought that cat gifts)
Allison with one of many cards that he got...weirdo!
From his orange kitty friend ,Weezie!
He was NOT thrilled to be there.
Everyone had their kitty rings on!
I promise our husbands were there but they refused to participate so they all sat outside the whole time. We actually had a good time at the birthday bash. Cheeto only comes out for a few presents and then hides back under the bed. We had a ton of good food. Al and Bert had hot dogs and  brats with cheese dip. Adrienne made some really good bean salsa dip, Erin made some really good cream cheese with squash relish from her garden, and I made pizza dip that I love.

Friday, August 13, 2010

lake night

After work yesterday Wes and I headed out to the lake to meet up with some friends who have a boat and 2 jet skiis...FUN! We went for a late night boat ride, tubing, rode the jet skis, and swam. We saw lots of deer...momma's with their babies. And we saw a pretty young buck, he had little antlers.
They were all along the banks every where we looked...so cute. Some of them let us get really close to them.
Thanks for the invite...we must do it again!
We had a HUGE party we went to tonight...don't worry I have lots of pictures to post tomorrow :)