Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Roman

I don't know what's wrong with me...I haven't blogged since Wednesday!
Thursday I went to visit Lindsey & Baby Roman! He is soooo tiny and soooo sweet, he's perfect!

Other than that, Wes and I haven't done much! Friday night I got Kimberli and she stayed the night with us. We all went to eat with Westley's parents and headed home for the night. Saturday Kimberli and I cooked breakfast and watched cartoons. Then we took the dogs to the vet, ran to the mall & to Target. Afterwards we all took a quick nap and then Kimberli and I head to Hobby Lobby!
Craig, JH, & Reece came to town for the Razorback game so we all ate at Shogun's Saturday night for dinner. After church today Wes went to the farm with the boys and I stayed around the house. Then I took the dogs up to mom's house for a little and we met Allison and Bert for fajitas tonight for dinner. We have a busy week planned so I will try to get some more pics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

spending the day with B and L

This morning came sooooo early. I was at Lindsey and Clay's this morning at 6:30 so they could get to the hospital to have that baby. Bentley was up right after they left, just before 7 and then Logan was up at 7:20ish... They immediately found thier gifts their parents left them.
Good Morning Logan!
Here's B with his "prize" that's what he called it all day! And he was so excited about it, we watched that movie probably 5 times. (Don't worry, it was just on in the background while we played and colored. I didn't let him sit in front of the t.v. for 4 hours)
Logan with her prize and her bed head...hilarious! They both woke up in the best moods! (Minus Logan's killer poopy diaper...ha)
So we had bath time after we ate breakfast. They LOVE playing in the bath tub together and splashing everywhere. Logan wasn't thrilled with getting her hair washed but she managed.
And look at those cute pig tails!!! So stinking cute! We ventured out to Chik fil A for lunch with Wes and then back home.
These kids are sooo good and sweet. They BOTH listen to anything you ask them to. We made Roman a welcome home banner and colored on it, watched movies, ate snacks, built blocks, played with dump trucks, ate snacks, dumped all the toys out of the basket, read books, ate snacks, and read more books! They both laid right down during nap time and took great LONG naps. I can't wait to meet baby Roman. Maybe I will go see him tomorrow after work!

Wedding Invitations are COMPLETE

whoop whoop...look at this hard working team! Mom got fired b.c she couldn't figure out how to work the tape gun, ha! Laci taped the back, I taped the front, Allison stuffed, and mom addresses enveloped. Now all I have left to do is put stamps on them and stick them in the mail.
I'm soooo ahead of scheduel...feelin good!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet lil Ruby

Sweet lil Ruby came by to visit...she loves me (more than Nina) see her reaching for me. :)
This one is pretty cute!!
I would steal this little girl if Amiee would let me. I think she would pass for mine...don't you think? She is sooo full of spunk right now. Her new favorite saying is "too cute" and boy she is toooooo cute!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday fun day

whew...i'm worn out. we started off our day by picking kimberli up and headed to the boat show. she finally got to open her valentine's gift since i didn't see her last weekend.

can you tell that she liked it? she got candy, bubbles, candy, colors, candy, coloring book, candy, and more candy. don't worry i didn't let her eat all of it. i let her take it ALL home with her instead.
kimberli climed in every.single.boat. literally. after the show we headed to chik fil a for some lunch, and to let kimberli play on the playground.

this is the one she wants....
mom had a building garage shelves project for wes and the guys so kimberli came home to let her play. we drug out all the play dough and all the cookie cutters i had and she kept herself busy while i put more wedding invitations together. those are hearts if you can't tell. ha
then she got to try on her princess dress that she will be wearing in my wedding. she was sooooo excited she could hardly stand it. she just kept staring at herslef in the mirror and twirling around. here's a sneak of the dress. it is soooo stinkin cute i can hardly stand it either. now all she talks about is if she is going to the wedding today or tomorrow.
we met all the huffmaster clan minus heath, andrea, & luke at jim's pizza for dinner but i didn't take one single pic. when we were leaving kimberli told jack bye and gave him a big hug...he wasn't digging it either. he shrugged her off real fast, ha.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sneak Peak...Wedding Invitations

I'm soooo EXCITED!!! I got my wedding invitations in yesterday so tonight I started to assemble them. I started with the glue...I have to glue each little green crystal on each invitation. This is my kitchen table with probably about 1/5 of the invitations I have to do.
Wish me LUCK!!!
If anyone needs invitations or knows someone who does, I HIGHLY recommend Amy Nelson Hannon of Sincerely Yours Paper
She is soooo sweet, very girly, shabby chic, has great taste, does amazing work, and has a house to DIE FOR! Go check her out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

my lil sprout

the other night while i was sewing hemi came and laid right on top of me. he always needs attention...ha
so i put this little flower clip in his hair. he wasn't to thrilled. he immediately got up and went to wes so he could save him. but not before i snapped a little cute picture.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Bedding

When Wes and I went to register at Dillards in January we put this on our registry. Luckily we both REALLY liked this one and I LOVE it. Well...then it went on sale and it kicked it off our registry. Something like when something goes on clearance they wont let you put it on a registry...WEIRD, I know.
So Mom and I were out shopping last Saturday and they had one left and she went ahead and bought it for our wedding gift. I took it home and tried it on just to make sure it fit perfect and that I did really LOVE it.'s a keeper. I went this afternoon to get the neck roll pillow from Fay Dillards. Now it's all complete. I just have to give it all back to mom and wait for our shower.
This is what Lyla thought of the new bedding...she loved it. Nice and soft...she was pretty sure this was just for her. Man is she SPOILED! But I still love her.

Workin' Around The House

Lastnight Wes and I went to Laci and Dave's to help them move their big furniture and do some small things around the house. They painted the whole house and are about to get hardwood floors installed throughout their house.
Here is Wes being stupid while he changes out a light fixture. Laci had him a big "to do list" that kept him busy.
Here's Dave...just dancing away. :) He never works!
Laci and I...we moved everything we could into the kitchen and left the big stuff for the guys. Oh and we made them a good dinner. I brought chicken, baked potatoes, salad, bread, & dessert, yummm!
This was all that was left to sit on when we were done in the living room...pretty funny.
Laci and I oh and Hoss sitting on the floor.
Good Boys.,,,they got everything moved OUT and ready for the floors.
Can't wait to see it when they are all done and everything is back together. My couples shower is at their "new" house! FUN!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Scarlett

New preggo pic since Laci doesn't have a blog or never posts any pics on facebook. You can really tell that there is something special growing in there. Oh, have I told you...I CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy V~Day!!! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day.
Last night Wes and I went out with Allison and Bert to celebrate and eat sushi. That's Wes' favorite thing to eat these days. We went to Blu Fin on Dickson and it was very good!
Group photo shot since I left my camera in the truck during dinner, I know crazy thing for me to do.
After we ate we went to Allison and Bert's house to watch the Oympics and see all their new furniture, it's great! Ooooh...and I also got us cute little petit fors to take for dessert.
Another group shot. We were suppose to blow a kiss but Wes is too good, ha!
I love my new red sandles and I wore them lastnight for Valentine's! It was a little chilly but we weren't outside long so it was worth it. Mom and I shopped all day pedicures/manicures, ate lunch, shopped for shoes, I got my new bedding, found us something to wear for Valentine's, etc. We were ALL over the place.
Today we went to church and had lunch with mom at Market Place. Tonight I'm cooking dinner and we are staying in!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats

We celebrated Shelley's birthday yesterday at work so I made these pretty cupcakes for her. She loves chocolate and I topped them off with cream cheese icing...yummo!
Then I made Wes a little treat, brownie cupcakes on a stick with cute little sayings. They tasted sooo yummy and turned out too cute.
Have a great weekend! We may do something with Laci and Dave tonight. Tomorrow night we're celebrating Valentine's day early with Allison and Bert. On Sunday, actually Valentine's day we always go to church and do lunch with  my dad. So that night I think we're doing dinner at home...FUN!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 days until.... OUR WEDDING!!!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I wish it was sooner...I'm ready! But I have a few things left to do so I need the time!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "J" Girls

Jinjer and I know why Heidi stays by the door and watches for Jorja. Man...Jinjer is a mess. She was all over the place, dancing and flipping around. I babysat the 3 youngest girls lastnight while Brooke taught at class at the gym. I asked what they wanted for dinner...spaghettios, pizza rolls, grilled cheese, & chips. Oh with a coke to drink...WOW! So I made them pizza rolls for their appetizers, ha. And then on to the grilled cheese and spaghettios with chips, yummo!
Isn't she the cutest thing...EVER, I love her. She was in the best little mood. She was in her jumper thing bouncing off the walls then I looked over and she was out! So sweet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

shoes. shoes. shoes.

Wedding Dress: CHECK
Wedding Shoes: CHECK
Bridesmaid Dresses: CHECK
Bridesmaid Shoes: NOT SO MUCH
I can't figure out what shoes I like the best with the dresses. uuugh
I guess I will wait til the dreeses come in and then decide from there. I sent pictures to all the girls today and SURPRISINGLY...they all said they liked the same number! WOW You will have to wait and find out which ones we choose!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Who Dat won the super bowl??? Them Saints
Wes and I cheering on the Saints
Allison and Bert cheering for opposite teams. Bert was rooting on the Colts, what?
This is what Lyla thought of the super bowl
And Hemi too...not too exciting for them!
Allison and Bert came over to cheer on the Saints & Colts during the super bowl. We made all kinds of junk food...yummy! We ordered pizza, made cheese dip, jalapeno cream cheese poppers, I made brownies, and pretzels stuffed with peanut butter. We had a good time just the 4 of us. We usually have some big party to go to but this year it was nice staying at home in our sweats.