Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just play with it

Maverick always gets into my bathroom cabinet while I get ready in the mornings. I was in a hurry today to get to the dentist so I didn't care what entertained him. And yes that's a box of tampons he's playing with...whatever works for the second. (Literally the second) 
Someone Wes works with got this baby goat so I had to come visit and feed her milk. Isn't she so precious!!! 
The sweetest little face!!!
Then I went to visit bubby at memas during lunch. This is how I found him...passed out! He's looking so big these days and I don't love it. 

Monday, December 29, 2014


Pushing his car around Mimi's house. 
Go car go. 
Selfies after church. 
Ahhhh he's a wild one. 
And he's a loving one. Awwww
My little family. 
Bella came in to get some lovins 

Gator time

He loved riding in Joss gator at Mimi and Papas house. We had to borrow a hat from sis bc I didn't have one with me. Ha
Wrestling with Roxi. She is such. Good dog. She doesn't care what you do with or to her. 
We both love our new buffalo plaid!!!!
Giving papa some loves. 
He's a mover. Even in the bath. So we packed this thing up along with all the other baby stuff around the house and moved it to the attic. Such a sad day. No more baby! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Came

Digging into the presents

After church and dinner at moms it was present time. These two love each other
First present in the books. 
Joss loved her Molly doll from Wes and I 
Mav liked go climb ON the gifts ;)
This boy loves things that go sold course he loved his tractor 
Mema enjoying her picture book and papa opening another gift. Joss dressed Molly all by herself 
Playing with his farm from Mimi and papa 
Oh what could it be? 
Selfie with this boy 
He LOVES Mickey Mouse so much
It talks and sings and bubby dances 
He got walkie talkies. He and Joss will enjoy those bunches
Bath time after presents 
Story time from papa before bed 
Best Christmas ever in the books. It's so much fun enjoying all the memories and traditions with Maverick 

Candlelight service on Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gearing up for Christmas fun

Playing with his shaking cow from grandad. We stayed in out pjs all morning cleaning and getting everything ready for festivities to began. 
Saved this from when Joss was little. He loves it so much. 
Having some of grandads puppy chow that aunt Mae made and mailed to us. 
He got ahold of joss headband and I turned around to find this. So funny. He knew exactly what that was for and he wanted to wear it. 
Mexican food night with Mimi and papa and Allison and Bert. 
Allison had to come by to get her hands on flower.