Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

I'm so sad this is my last day of spring break but thankful for a week off spent with my baby plus Joss ;) this morning they got ready in my bathroom while I got ready for Palm Sunday ;)
After church we went by to see MiMi and pappa and the dogs were so excited to see the kids. 
They brought Mav back a Moroccan from Mexico. He loved it, it makes lots of noises. He was chasing the dogs with it. 

We spent the afternoon outside planting flowers and playing in the dirt. 
My little helper...playing hide and seek. 
He had to have a quick snack and nap. 
Went and cooked out at MiMi and Pappa's house. The kids ended the night with a dance party. Now we're home getting ready for bed. Back to schk for me tomorrow. Only 9 more weeks of school til summer ;)))

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday shenanigans

This morning we slept in until mom called us at 8:45. Mav woke up at 6 and got in bed with us and fell back asleep. We all needed the rest I guess. Then we ran a few errands and picked j up from memas. We played outside allllllll day long. 
A little sidewalk chalk art. 
Just keeping up with the big girl. 
He's learned to get up by himself without having to crawl over to pull up on something. He's been doing this for about a week now. 
Daddy did mulch afternoon while we played. 
Just a swing in' 
This boy loves tools especially a hammer. 
He and joss hammered away on some wood pieces and a little on Pappa's trailer. 
We were filthy so we cleaned up a little to go eat Mexican food. They both are pretty good. 
so we finished dinner off with some Cheetos 
The four of us went on a nightly walk
Joss wanted to pull bubby home so we let her. She wiped completely out one time but jumped up pretty quick. She didn't get hurt either. 
Dog pile before bath time all around. 
Good night hugs. Maverick has loved having Joss here this week. She would boss him a while and then he would boss her a little and then they would love each other. 
Goodnight pose

Fantastic Friday

We all got up early so I could drop the kiddos off at memas their jammies. Josslyn said they were having a Jammie party. Ha
Sweet then sour...these two. 
Mav wanted to feed Bella SO he did ;))
I got a massage, so nice and relaxing. Went to target, picked Wes up for sushi lunch, grocery shopped at Walmart, did done house chores tgen went back for 1 of 2 kiddos. 
Mema sent me this picture of them. Sweeties. 
Being farm kids and playing with penny. 
He liked her for a minute and then he was done. Ha
Mema and I had to chase this one. Bad girk. Chicken dumplings anyone???
Bubby passed out on the way home so we had some cuddle time. Favorite!!!
Made my first ever strawberry pie, another favorite. 
We went to eat with the neighbors at our new foghorns and called it a night. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Since Josslyn stayed the night at memas last night Maverick and I picked them up early and went "junkin" around town. This is my new neice Madeline...don't ask. She changed her name a dozen times today and she kept saying "Mema what did I say my name was" because she couldn't even remember. What a mess. 
Since I found some new fabric for my ottoman yesterday Mema came over today to start on it for me. Look at her two assistants, aren't they sweet. 
"Ahhck Ahhck get down" now if he would only listen to his own words. He sure does like to boss people and DOGS around. But he doesn't like to be bossed. 
Running away with the yard stick and pen. Oh boy I'm in for it this summer. Can't wait!!!!
Dancing to his singing duck. 
They played and wrestled under the table while Mema and I cut and measured in the table. 
She kept saying "now aunt Haley when I say you can't take my picture do it anyway" she loves to tell you what she wants you to say. 
Mema packed up and went home after we looked everywhere for her blame keys to the house. Ugggh they were between her console and seat in the truck. We went over to moms to check on all the girls and they were soooooo excited to see us. Playing with the fly swatters while I made BBQ sandwiches. 
After dinner we all loaded up and fed the ducks at the park. 
Bub thought that was the funniest thing he has ever seen. 
Loving tortillas. 
She loves to chase the ducks to the water. 
Quick trip thru sonic and home to eat our M&M blizzards. 
Mmmmmmmm.  He loves to say that now. Pretty good day today. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We're wacky on Wednesdays.

Maverick got so tickeled this morning when sissy walked out of her room. He had forgotten she spent the night. He immediately gave her the biggest hug. We made cheesy eggs, cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. 
Loving on his rabbit from last easter. 
He loves car and truck noises so this book is perfect. One you push the button to hear what they vehicle sounds like. When you ask bub what does daddy's truck say he replies "vrooooom" 
We picked Mema up and headed to the fabric store. Bub got out of his stroller and was on the loose. 
Roaming the store like a champ. 
Mema carried him to the car and he crawled in his seat by himself. Big boy 
Went to the mall for lunch so we could all get something different. Miss priss applying her powder after lunch. 
Waiting patiently for a French fry. 
Don't forget your lips 
Oh yes. Looking so sassy 
We also went to TJ maxx to look around and then dropped sis and Mema off. She decided she wanted to stay at memas tonight. Bub took a short nap and then we headed outside. 
This boy loves the outdoors. 
Look at him in his little shorts. Such a hunk 
Waiting out the storms/tornadoes with his shades on. 
Giving daddy open mouthed kisses. Daddys favorite.