Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Everyone was up and dressed CUTE for church. Man three is a game changer but we did it and made it. Ha
Had to get a picture of it too

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


My diaper babies all clean after their bath. 

Giggle baby

I finally got Mason giggling out loud on video. We were playing outside last night and I wiped a big off his face and he giggled so loud and so loud. Justin caught it on video for me. Yay

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Weekend

Saturday mornings are made for donuts!!! The boys ran to the donut store while Mason and I went to mom and Pauls to help with the garage sale. 
We had a long morning at the garage sale and a late lunch so bub passed out right in my floor. Poor baby! He helped so much at the sale and talked to everyone he saw. Made some new friends too. 
Big boy had to move up to his 6 month jammies and of course I needed a picture of it. Sweet baby is always so happy. 
Daddy put him up to running out in the rain. And of course he did it. 
Jumping in puddles just like peppa pig. 
Boys slept in late and then they went to lowes while Mason napped and I made lunch. Maverick came home with a new blower. His daddy cannot tell him no lately. I need to take Wes to the mall and see if that will work for me. Ha. Doubt it. 
These two melt my heart. Wes doesn't hold him very often and always says Mason doesn't like him. Whatever. Look at that big smile. Sweetie. 
Passed out on mommas shoulder for nap. 
Went out with bubba so he could show me how to work his new blower. 
He said "I wanna ding dong" and I immediately knew what he meant. Run to Justin's and beat on the door as he looks in the glass waiting on Justin. 
Rising his tricycle too. He's gotten good but a little to daring on this flimsy little thing. 
I nursed Mason to sleep tonight and put him down. So when I went to get in bed I looked over to check on him and found this. Little faker.