Thursday, January 29, 2015

Outside kinda days

The past two days have been in the high 60's and we've taken advantage of them. We've gone on long wagon walks and played in the backyard both afternoons and Mav is a big fan!!! 
Crazy hair don't care. So fun mom!!!!
Peeping around at no telling what. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine Lovies

Looking so handsome in his new Valentine shirt. He doesn't look to thrilled for Sunday school but he always has a good time. Love the little puppy dog.  
Pile up for nap time...perfect view on a Sunday after lunch at mema's house. 
Joss came by and look what she had on. 
Best photo I could get with both of them!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Saturday

Love the weekends spent with this boy!!! 
Bananas and breakfast bar for breakfast as dad peaks around the corner. 
Dog pile in the bed. Favorite Wrestling with daddy. 
Look cute in his first of many Valentines shirts. 
Loving on Bella
Loving on flower. 
Oh he loves that kitty so much. 
Great day for a ride around the farm. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Plotting against Lyla

He spotted Lyla sleepibg peacefully on the ottoman and the plot was on. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dinner Dates

Just a swinging

Happy Bday to Angela 1-6

Angela was in town for her birthday so all of us went out to celebrate. So fun with old friends!!! This is our old roommate picture. Love these girls. 
The whole gang. Been friends since way back when. 
Angela and Adrienne. 
Mav was so good during dinner and loved everyone loving on him. 

Happy 11 months 1-7

At ELEVEN months you:
*wear 18 month clothes
*ive gotta get new pjs bc 12 month are snug 
*wear size 4 diapers 
*weight: 24# 
*height: not sure...
*love your momma and daddy
*love blueberries, blueberry puffs, yogurt bites, strawberries WITH sugar, jelly on toast, scrambled eggs, bananas, and anything sweet 
*favorite baby foods: macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes and corn, any fruits, yogurt 
*love to play the piano
*loving your talking Mickey  
*you can say momma, dadda, bye bye, mmmm, dog, Bella, Lyla, Pappa but you love to SHOUT Bella alllllll the time. 
*just started saying "sit" and it sounds like something else. 
*love bath time 
*love to steal the show and get attention 
*love to give out hugs 
*love to be chased around the ottoman and to chase the dogs 
*can pull up and walk from ottoman to couch and will take a few steps to me
*crawl all over the place
*favorite toys are Scout, Mickey, push toy, stand up music station, jewelry 
*people watcher
*still love to nurse 
*love to get in our bed in the mornings and cuddle. 
*likes when daddy sings abc to you
*good sleeper 
*love when daddy raps to you
*mommas boy
Ahhhhhh, one baby month left and then you will be grown. Not really but I really wish time would slow down. You are so pleasant to be around and we can take you anywhere and you are so good and people always talk to you. You love your momma and Mema and we crack up at your crazy dance moves when daddy raps to you. It's seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen. If any music is on you bend and pop your knees and booty to dance. I love when you get raly excited and flap your arms like a bird and give the cheesiest smile you can get out. I love you more than words can say. I can't wait to soak up this last month before you turn ONE!!!

JJ's celebration 1-8

We all went out to JJ's to celebrate Paul and Austin's birthday!!! A turned the BIG 21!!!! And it worked out perfectly because Foxxy was playing. So fun. Maverick danced, of course and flirted with some ladies. 

Mommy Bubby Night 1-9

Just bubby and I tonight since daddy went out with the guys. So I made myself a sandwich for dinner and of course he had to have his own piece of bread. That boy, ha. 
I chased him around the ottoman, he loves that game so much. 
Played in the bath tub. Really working on staying sitting down in the tub. Geeze
When he sits down I say thank you. If he keeps getting up after I help him sit down then I just get him out. He's getting better   
Chased the dogs around the house. They both get up on the highest part of all the furniture. Hilarious 


Mav is so fun right now. Always always on the go and keeps us moving. He loves bath time and he loves to stand up in the bath tub (living on the edge). 
Still loves to be chased and loves to chase the dogs. 
Hello??? Bella? Are you there??? Bella is still is favorite thing to say. Says it when he goes to sleep and always the first word in the morning. 
He loves to sit at memas in the jungle room and watch the squirrels and birds. Today he learned to say "Bird" and this weekend he took a few steps multiple times on his own. As soon as he saw me walk in memas this afternoon he took off after me. Like 5 steps. Sweet baby is growing up. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sad faces

We were both unsure of momma going back to school. I missed him sooooo. 


Sweet baby snuggles in our last day together before momma goes back to school.