Sunday, August 30, 2009

Armadillo Hunt

Laci and I getting ready to go on the hunt.....oh boy!
We sat in the back of the truck to get front row seats, in the action!
WOW...Dave looks serious, he aint messin' around! He's not pointing the gun at Wes, I know it looks that way. (And it wasn't loaded)
Wes got the first (and only) one. Terry had killed 6 or 9 the night before so we only saw one! So...I went on my first armadillo hunt last night at the farm. I go on a lot of "my first hunts" at the farm. I've been on a squirrel hunt, armadillo hunt, snake hunt, deer horn hunt, etc.


Check out that veil...(not me at all) but it was amazing!!!
This dress was amazing too, I loved the crumb catcher. This was in Dallas with Laci!
This is a dress Laci and I found while we were in Dallas. I think this was Laci's favorite!!!
I loved this dress, it was the first one I really like. But....everywhere I looked I saw this dress. Sooo many people have this dress and they told me it was their "best seller" so I thought twice.

This is a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. dress, I absolutely loved this one too!!!
This one was just ok, I knew it wasn't "THE ONE"
Mom really liked this dress, that brooch on it was amazing....
I probably tried on 100 dresses before I found the "right" one!!! I liked a lot of different styles and some styles I absolutely hated. I'm soooo happy and relieved I finally found my dress. I was getting a little stressed out and nervous, it takes them forever to ship in!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Stories

Wes, me, and Joey riding the trolley cart, yes "cart" up the mountain. It looked like a Wal-Mart shopping cart on ropes. We had just pulled in to our cabins, checked in, unpacked, and headed out to explore.

Here's Katie, Lynlea, and Uncle Roger on the other side riding up with us. The guys had all gone down to the boat dock to check things out so Lynlea, Katie, and I decided to go look. Well it takes about 10 minutes to get down on the trolley when you could walk it in 3. So we went down and picked up the guys. Technically you're only supposed to put 4 persons on at a time but we decided to be a little crazy and ride with all 6. Not such a good soon as we we're getting to the top the man who owned the place told us to pack our stuff and get out. YEP, that's right we got kicked out in the 15 minutes we had been there. Thank goodness for Aunt Tammy and Wes, they negotiated with the man for us to stay. (Well, she begged for us to stay) whooooo, that was a close one.
That night Katie and Joey thought we should try out "Freddy's Fish House" for dinner. Here is Aunt Tammy and Uncle Roger still talking about how we (good ole family we are) got kicked out.
Katie and Joey at dinner....the fish was yummy!

Wes and I waiting on our hush puppies.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Norfork Weekend

Here are a few pictures from this weekend! I'm busy unpacking and doing laundry but I will post more later. We had the BEST time....the "Pritchett Side" is soooooo FUN!!!
Waiting to ride the tolly down to the boat dock with Aunt Tammy! My cousin Chad and his not so little boy, Camden. (I can't believe he's in 1st grade)
Chad & Jill
Wes and I on the boat!
Uncle Roger and Aunt Tammy at the catfish shack. They have some GOOD fish.

Joey and Katie! Thanks for letting us use your boats.....
Jill, Katie, & Carrie
Doing the "Uncle Roger" he waves every time someone takes his picture, ha!
Camden riding with Uncle Dustin.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mellow Mushroom

Jack showing Hudson some brotherly love. As you can see Jack was really excited, poor Hudson didn't seem to care too much either way.
Papa T Huff's "manly pizza" he had to bum some meat pizza off someone else. This is what grandma gurdy ordered him for diner. But he has lost 35lbs.

Group Shot!!! It's always fun to get everyone together and go out to eat..."We need a table for 13 plus 3 highchairs" The waiters are probably fighting over who DOESN'T have to wait on us.
Sarah we have missed has Luke!

Monday, August 17, 2009

4-Wheeling Rides

Look how much this little guy has grown...He is the sweetest thing in the world! So chill and go with the flow all the time. I want a little clone for myself! haha

Jack is ALWAYS ready for a ride. This boy is a go-go-go...ER! He loves to ride on the tractor and the 4-wheeler. He always wants to push the button to make it start, pretty cute!

I'm not sure if this was Luke's first 4-wheeler ride or not...I'll just say it was since it was his 1st with me. He did soooo good, he wouldn't take his eyes off the 4-wheeler next to him.

Grandma Gurdy better get ready for a whild ride. Can't you tell these boys are CRAZY...Hagan & Wholly are passed out on the back behind her. (I think they are kinda spoiled, do you think)

All the other dogs had to run and Hossy about killed over from exhaustion. Look at that poor dogs face, he was panting soooo hard.
So we had to let him go for a little swim, sweet brothers.
Wholly decided he wanted to go for a swim too so he had to run all the way home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Date Night

Wes and I went on a "Date Night" last night. I know, I know....we sound like we are married with kids but we aren't. BUT we still need a date night too. We never hang out with just the two of us and go out to a nice restaurant. We love to hang out with our friends so that's usually who we surround ourselves with. So we (or I) decided we needed a night out just us. We tried Crabby's for the first time last night and it was really good. If you ever go you should get the Atlantic Salmon with roasted potatoes. And for dessert Banana Bread Pudding....I wanted the shortcake b.c I didn't think I would like bread pudding but it was really delicious.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Day at the Ballpark

We all went with dad to the Naturals game was "family day" with his work! It was fun, they passed out kazoos to everyone to try and break the world record. So here are a few pictures of everyone playing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

Dad couldn't figure out how to play his for the longest time! You have to hummmm to get it to make noise.
Wes a pro at playing his kazoo!!!
I just thought these 2 old men were funny with their "rowdy" hats on!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I couldn't get Wes to go home. All he wanted to do was fish....finally this is what he caught. Not soooo big I know, but he was very proud of it. We were the last ones there so Wes could do a little more fishing. Hey, whatever makes him happy. He doesn't do the whole layout thing so I'm glad he found something he did like so I could layout.
Dave decided to crash the "girls spot" on the front of the boat. He wouldn't get up, so Laci and I made ourselves comforable.

Laci and I on the boat while eveyone else was swimming. She couldn't get in because of her mouth surgery and I wanted to get some sun anyways.

I LOVE HIM....goodnight!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Treat Time

Aren't these soooo cute? Angela and I ran into the new dog store, Sugarbears last week. (Or Sugar Beards as Danielle would call it, ha) Everything in there is super cute but is mostly for little tiny dogs. I wish Lyla would wear clothes more often but she hates it and I know it's pretty ridiculous so I don't buy them. But I couldn't resist from getting them a treat. Hemi got the red lobster and Lyla got the pink martini glass.
Lyla wasn't sure what to think about her treat at first. She just wanted to lick all the icing off the top, just like a child. I broke it up for her and she pigged out.
We don't even have to ask about Hemi, you know he LOVED every minute of his treat. As soon as his was gone he was off to beg Lyla for some of hers.