Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Funday

Fun after church just the three of us. We went down to Dickson street to Slide the City to see what it was all about. Eating lunch at Hog Haus first. Mavericks first time in a booster seat...they were out of high chairs. He did great at first but the end wasn't so pretty. Ha 
Looking all cute in his bow tie. Love him. 
Taking it all in with the best seat in the house. 
Slide the City. It was like a big water park while everyone walked around in the swimsuits carrying their tubs. Then us in our church wear. Ha 
The line was sooooo long. We even saw Dr. Cunningham go down his his son. Lol
We had our fun. Say cheese. 
Love some boys in plaid. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Low key

Playroom fun after school on Friday! We've had a low key weekend and it's been nice. Friday we stayed home and I cooked. 
The boys mowed the yard and we played outside all night. 
Such a big helper. 
Good morning Saturday!!!! We all slept til 8:00 and while I was in the shower I heard the boys laughing so hard bc of this!!! Maverick dug my lipstick out of my purse and helped himself. He always runs to hide under the dining room table when he had something he isn't supposed to have. Ha
After making a quick trip to cabelas and target this morning we had dad and Lisa over for lunch since they are heading back home on Monday. We've stayed home ever since they left. Got the garage cleaned out and garage sell stuff ready for this wknd. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Crazy hair don't care. Orange day

Bub was still supporting TNS even at memas house today wearing his orange. 
Quick snack this morning before time to leave. 
Wheel Barrel riding
Kisses for momma with Popsicle on the side. 
Playing baggo tonight with the big boys. 
Sweet baby

Happy RED Monday

Playing in mommas tools first thing before class. Love this little nugget. 
It was red day so we had to support. 
Feeding the birds with Ms. Ruth
Playing away when I went to check on him. No tears. Only a bye bye and kisses. 
Helped himself to toys by dragging his chair over. 
Loves when he hears daddy open the back door. Wrestle mania time. 
The ice cream truck was driving around and as soon as he heard the song he got so excited. We passed since we hadn't eaten yet but I had a treat for him. Sweetie. 
Not sure who enjoys this the most. Lol

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I dislike Monday's

Saturday morning shenanigans with this boy!!! We all slept til 7:30, so nice. 
We decided to get out and go to the farm co-op and stopped by memas house. Her and Joss were still in their jammies at 10:00. lol Josslyn always wants to be in her jammies. Came home for an early nap so we could go eat lunch with Mimi and Papa at mojitos. 
It was crazy busy since it was bid day wknd at the college. Went to hobby lobby and the tool store and back home to play. Got a new mattress and stayed home the rest of the day. 
After church this morning we had lunch at memas house and naps at home. Afterwards we went to Mimi and papas house to play. This boy played outside in the shop all afternoon with the big boys. 
He loves driving anything that has a vroom vroom and is already a pro at driving this new mower. 4-wheeler is getting worked on but he doesn't mind. 
Mom and I went to grocery shop and home for dinner. We forgot buns diaper bag and shirt so after dinner and bath we ran back over for a quick play-do date and chocolate chip cookies. 
Love spending my weekends with my boys. #boymom
Wes went to Justin's to watch walking dead so bub and I rocked ourselves to sleep together. Loved every minute of it. Here's to a fun FAST week so I can spend more time with family. 

Friday, August 21, 2015


Heading to his class with bunny in tow. 
Playing trains first thing in the mornings. He kissed me and told me bye bye. 
Sent from another teacher loving on him. 
Pizza for lunch. He cleaned his plate. 
Giving Scarlett some sweet hugs. 
Tired boy today. 
Booty up for nap time 

Just a Thursday

Picture from Mema. He was brushing Nikki's hair. Lol
Hitched a ride on daddys shoulders while he was mowing the grass. He even flagged justin down to hitch a quick ride after he mowed his grass. 
This boy!!! He loves vroom vrooms so much! And to get in bed with momma and daddy (1:00am). He passed out on daddys lap last night. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy school boy

He is loving school so much!!!! We go in Mommas room first to drop our stuff off and he loves to dig in the art supplies. 
Digging for 3-d sticks 
Say cheese with momma. 
Lover boy!!! He loves and hugs and kisses on all the little girls in class.