Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Someone didn't want to get up this morning!!!! Snuggled down in mommas bed and went back to sleep. 
Feeding all the animals at memas house. 
Dance party with momma this afternoon. I'm officially done at school for the whole summer. Whoop Whoop

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Rise and shine boys...it's our last day off together. 
Playing the arcade while Mimi and papa did some furniture shopping. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happiest Sunday. First Pool Party

We stayed home all morning while dads painted the shed. Bub and I had a quick trip to Walmart and then picnic on our deck for lunch. 
The boys watering all the flowers in the backyard. 
I spy a baby waaaayyyyy out there watering. This boy is such an outside baby. 
Getting a quick drink from the hose!!!!
Came in to lay with bubba so we could go swim at Mimi and Papas. 
Took him a whole two minutes to pass out. 
Caught a little frog by the pool. They wanted to see it up close and touch it so bad but as soon as it jumped they freaked out. 
Sporting a speedo bc he HATES when his swim shorts are wet against his legs. 
Watermelon in the pool makes an easy cheese picture!!! 
Such a fun day with friends and family cooking out and swimming. And Bub even warmed up and was the last one out of the pool today. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Last day of school

Happy last day of school to bubba!!! I can't believe we're done in Ms. Ruth's class forever. So sad!!! He's had such a fun year with all of his new friends. 
Playing with a motorcycle this morning. 
Look how much this baby has grown!!! 
Mav got a big brother gift from Ava in his class. She's a big cardinals fan too. 
Telling her thanks with a big hug!!!! 
My little pizza lunch date. I snuck down and ate this them for the last day of school. 
Opening his Yadi. We put it up on his shelf to stay safe. 
Climbed up for a quick nap this afternoon before dinner time. I guess the last day did him in good. 
Met Allison and Bert at shoguns for dinner and then daddy wanted a smoothie. He offered a sip to M and he never got it back. Ha and he always takes his shoes off in the car. Ugh. 
Stopped by the patio to say hi to Mimi and Papa and their friends. Bub had a melt down when he saw this motorcycle so we let him on it when we were leaving. Not the biggest fan after all. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Thursday y'all

That means only one more day of school left!!!! 
Helping momma paint and finish teacher gifts!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy hump day

Headed to school for our last Wednesday of the year. Kinda crazy how this semester has flown by. 
One of our last walks down the hall to Ms. Ruth's class. Momma is in denial. 
We took water bottles for all of our friends for the last week of school before summer break. 
Saying cheese with some friends. 
Too busy to look at momma. 
Mimi and Jojo picked up and hit harps to get food for their picnic. M was loving the kid size shopping carts. What a sweet face. Can't wait to take him to do this. 
Little dare devil going across the monkey bars. 
Wes and I went bowling with my school for our end of school party. 
Had to get a pic with Jose to send to M. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Anni to us

We celebrated 6 years of marriage in Sunday!!! We really celebrated Saturday night with dinner on the square. 
After church we had the first swim at Mimi and papas house of the summer!!! Bub wasn't the biggest fan but I know he will warm up. 
Fresher baked chocolate chip cookies and strawberry banana smoothies for snack!!! 
The three of us had dinner at Olive Garden and the. Ice cream at cold stone. Wes and I love our little tag along date!!! 
Maverick had his end of school party at school with all of his friends. This monkey has loved his fort year of school with these awesome teachers!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Saturday

Farmers Market but first Alchemy for a birthday cake macaroon from Adrienne. 
New wooden polarized shades for this cool cat. 
We were gone most of the day but came home to play outside. 
Climbing daddy's ladder like a monkey. 
Wes and I ate at Table Mesa to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary and wrapped it up with bananas fosters. Yummy!!!!
Love this building and so true. 
Can't wait to meet this baby boy!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Busy Friday

He and Connor were dressed alike today. So cute and they thought that was so fun. 
Watching the squirrels and rabbits out the window at school. 
Went to Jojos graduation tonight. She did so good. 
Bubba loved watching and cheering for her. 
smith was born this afternoon around 1:30 weighing in at 7.4. Looks just like a cherry baby to me.